The Flavour Concentrate Company (TFCC)

Hi, Can anyone tell me what percentages I should use for these to make a 30ml batch of each to flavour test each separately? All bought from make my vape

  • : 10ml Tobacco Classic Virginia - TFCC
  • : 10ml Mentholated Tobacco Medium - TFCC
  • : 10ml Strawberry Sweet - TFCC
  • : 10ml Blackberry- TFCC
  • : 10ml Florida Orange - TFCC

All by The Flavour Concentrate Company

Thanks, I appreciate any and all advice. New to all this but have the above I’d like to sample individually to start with.


You will have to single flavour test them @JimJust I have no experience with these flavours at all

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That’s a new one by me as well.

I wonder if they are a “relabel”, or if yet another has cropped up out of the woodwork?


You’re making 30ml test batches? Or did I not read that right?
Maybe go small at first…like 5-10ml. For percentages, if the Mfr doesn’t have a recommendation I would start at 5% then adjust up or down based on your preference.


Thanks guys. And sorry for posting in the wrong place :blush:


I believe this video was in a Flavorah thread, but I think it’s pretty applicable here and for any flavor testing:

Using drops is not the ultimate way of measuring, but it can sure help you when you’re testing new flavors, no matter what brand you’re using.


Sent them a message last night. Outta curiosity !! @JimJust I believe there’s other vendors in the UK that would broaden your horizons a bit more. As far as there P & B & TFCC brands, I can’t seem to find anything much of anything.

Hi Paul,

We have normal brands which are Capella, The Flavour Apprentice and Flavour West.

Our own brands are Pope and Brewers and The Flavour Concentrate Company.

We do have more information on our website about these brands -

Kind Regards,

Katy – Sales Team Leader


Thanks Paul. I think I’ll experiment with the lower percentages and work up. And I’ll take a look at the other known brands in the future too. Not great when a company has little to no knowledge of their own brands?!


Thanks Suomynona, I’ll take a look at that!

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Hey TorturedZen, Yeah I think your right, after all the great feedback I’m going to start with 10ml test batches with low percentages to get started. Thanks.


Yeah, that doesn’t sound intentionally vague at all. :roll_eyes:

Anytime I hear/read that I think “yep, it’s either a relabel, or a ‘house blend’ they’ve concocted out of other manufacturers flavors”.

I could be wrong of course. But that’s the impression it leaves me with.