The Good Dr

This guy is the bomb… warning… he does cuss… however, the vids have excellent info. He is doing daily updates… so might want to keep up with him. Maybe.

Stay safe out there…

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Hehe, well THAT makes me want to watch even more. I’m of the firm belief @anon84779643 that cussing/cursing is NOT due to a lack of vocabulary, but a very intentional, and deliberate use of said words, for emphasis !!!


He knows… he gets it and us… even tho he is a weight loss surgeon, it is part of his training to know the human body… and if you notice, he wont get political, and he wont dip into the race pool. Perfect. He is getting the messages out about this nasty bug that is going to wreck some mf havoc here if we are not careful!

I know folks are so tired of the politics and the virus talk… but at least take it serious. Its about to get really bad here in the states, despite the wild tales and who is to blame… think of your momma and yor granny… <3

now go wash your hands :stuck_out_tongue:


The first video I shared with him, where he talked about the pneumonia was like your pimp holding your head under water sold it to me :rofl:


I decided to give him his own thread here, so he wont get buried in the muck…
I think it deserves that much…

what kills me is he is echoing my own brother…

if you smoke and are overweight, you are double fucked. His words… and as far as vaping, I get it… we still are putting something into our lungs to make them get the nic, to add chemicals… we are still lumped wiht the smokers… and still screwed!!!


The economy already is. Are you talking about virus counts?

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Im talking the dead bodies…

this disease doubles every 4 days… they are putting dead bodies into 18 wheelers in NY now, the morgues are packed. dig up the news Phil… its fact.

every two weeks… twenty percent of those critical, are dying…


Thing is, you’ve become our official scaremonger. It’s not easy to listen to your constant shock posts! :wink:



Hun… if this does not scare you… I dont know what will.
It’s not me… but I do think everyone needs to know.

Id rather scare you than have you die out there… think hard Phil…
even going to the grocery store right now, you are playing roulette…

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That data is pretty weird as far as I can tell - it actually looks like smokers are underrepresented in some numbers from around the world?! Weird.


it is… and I have heard so much on wear a mask/dont wear one…
and if you glove up… or dont…

Masks can only do so much, but once the virus has a way to open sores, eyes, nose, mouth… not to mention the spread on it goes from 6ft, to twenty7 lol… damn key board button… ugg…

the whole virus is weird… now its coming after the small kids too, while anyone over 51, overweight, heart or lung issues, diabetes or lupus?? its like the perfect bio weapon…

Plus too… for all the nerds on this forum… this should be right up everyone’s alley


I was just thinking the same thing @daath. Why IS that ?


@anon84779643 from what I’ve been told (visiting family member in the hospital a lot lately), is that masks cut BOTH ways, and for a large majority of the UN-informed public, could make things worse. Biggest concerns being incorrect sizing, and handling, i.e. if mask IS contaminated, and handled/removed/re-installed incorrectly, can actually transfer the virus to you.

I’m not trying to scare people OFF of masks, but if you DO use a mask, make sure it’s correctly sized, AND, research on how to handle/remove/re-use the mask, or you MAY make things worse.


I am surprised they are allowing you to visit… here, there are no visitors allowed.


totally agree… and keep in mind it won’t stop all, but it will help. Better than no protection.


Well, I don’t like to go into personal details, but Hospice.

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I understand… but here… no visitors at all.
My son can not even finish his intern, not a clue what his next step is but they have him doing online learning, which is not helping matters at all.

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There’s alot of information out there on social media and the MSM. Not sure what to believe anymore.


Warnings are helpful and thank you for that…it doesn’t need to be a constant barrage, at this point most know how serious this is.

Not like we cannot find news outside of ELR, I come here for an escape as I am sure others do as well. Stress needs to be lessened, escapes need to be available and I personally would love it if every other thread didn’t involve this terrible virus.

We are taking it seriously Smoky but at the same time we can’t think about it 24/7 while we are cooped up at home.

I am not going to comment on this after this post, you can have the last word. It would just be nice if ELR wasn’t so consumed with politics and virus talk so we could have a refuge to reset our minds for a bit.


This section was created so that those that want to post and read, can… I think we need more fun threads on elr, especially in the pub… will work on that… unless you want to, mjag, but I do agree with ya :wink:

I know this is on everyone’s mind… and what to or not to believe…

Balance is needed, as we can not all live in fear twenty four seven… yeah my #two button comes and goes right now… will be upgrading my laptop soon… :stuck_out_tongue: