The Naming of E-Liquid Recipes

Hey Everyone!!! Just me here. I hope you all are doing well on this 4th of July …

Today, I wanted to discuss the naming of recipes on the site. I often see recipes with a name that is totally irrelevant to the flavor profile and I wonder “why” … I understand the whole freedom of whatever stuff and ok … but …

Example: DEEZNUTZ -
blackberry and blueberry candy? … What The … “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” ???

As an artist I always try to come up with a creative and nifty name but relevance is taken into consideration on each and every attempt. If nothing acceptable comes to mind, I will then go generic with a name such as “Chocolate Banana” … lol … but it is at the least relevant!

Often times, I am drawn to an unfamiliar recipe by it’s name or artist that created it. Even if the recipe looks good, if the name is not relevant, witty or creative, I will simply move on with little consideration.

Is it just me or do the names of recipes affect your interest in them also?

BTW … Happy 4th to you all … have a safe one!!!


It doesn’t bother me. If the ingredients look good or its a popular recipe, I make it. I just think of it a creative expression. I name some recipes weird names and some describe the ingredients. It all depends on my mood at the time. Some people use words heard in their environment.


it’s funny you posted this…I too think WHY …and yes it’s fun to give silly names but I mostly stick w/ what it is in the description (name ) helps me and helps others concisely choose what they want to look at. I wish there was a subcategory that you could click when posting a fruit say strawberry banana that way you’d know what profile your looking at when you decided to click on the recipe.


I do understand what you mean by a subcategory. You don’t have to open a recipe to see what’s in it. I just click on Info sign and it will show you. It’s kinda weird that some people are concerned about the name of a recipe. The eliquid industry hardly ever name their product by what’s in it. Should there be a different standard here? It’s like telling someone what to name their child. If that was the case 75% of the recipes would be named "Strawberry & _____ " or ______ & Cream. Me personally… I think it shows creativity and arouse curiosity.


personally people can name their juices what ever they choose but my point was that if the flavor profile does not have any relevance to it’s name, I will look over it much quicker than if the name had relevance. Thats all … i am not very good with words and i apologize if i came off sounding like an a-hole.


Yea I get your point that’s why I wish there was a sub category Bc I don’t want to filter through 9000 strawberries and cream lol. I myself do some odd naming but mostly I stick w/ what I’ve made mainly for me Bc I’ve been known to make 10-15 batches in a week I can’t keep up w/ what I’ve made let alone someone else lol.


You had me laughing with that one.

[quote=“Amy2, post:6, topic:22587”]
that’s why I wish there was a sub category Bc I don’t want to filter through 9000 strawberries and cream lol[/quote]

If I make something besides my own… it’s a clone or something posted on the forum. Like you say… it’s hard filtering though all those recipes.


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No apology necessary here. I do get your point. It’s just sometimes if a person make something special, then they may want it to stand out from the crowd. Please don’t feel as if you need to apologize. I’m the one that’s usually on the other side of the fence here at ELR forum trying to spark up a friendly debate. Most people just look over me.


The one way I get others to stand out is me including their name in the title. Out of my 139 I really prob have 5 other ppl’s recipe prob not even 5. I browse and look but don’t make too many of them all that often unless they talk about it here. I just made David’s BB cz cake woozer it’s good. The cz cake bam hits you late late give it a go since I know we both love BB !

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I have that one in my to do list. I’ve been trying to tackle my Showcase list.

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Then you’ll need the rest of the week off !

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Hey @Mourning_Glory . Haven’t heard much out of you since the floods. Hope all is well.

I was just thinking about this subject today. I have so many recipes with similar ingredients it’s tough to keep up if I just called something Strawberries and Cream. Holy cow do I love that combination, and strawberry is my absolute favorite thing to mix.

But I got to thinking about it. As a person who mixes liquids, this hobby is a form of artistic expression most of the time. Creativity is at the core and since people are tapping into their creative side to think of new blends and so forth, that creativity doesn’t always stop at the mix alone. This is especially true for those either selling their liquids or thinking about it, which I’m sure a ton of DIY people think about all the time. I know I do.

I’ve imagined all sorts of things. But one thing I’ve heard and felt like is sage advice is, if you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people. Take Five Pawns for example. It’s all about brand awareness for them. You need only catch a glimpse of those tubes on a shelf to know it’s a Five Pawns product. And the names…where the heck do they get them and what do they mean? And since you’re in the SC Midlands, check out Planet Vapor. All their in-house juices have some kind of space theme, like…Universal Milk, Space Rift, Quasar Cookie. It’s neat. It sells.

Personally I have thought long and hard about how I might market my wares. And I do enjoy my Celtic heritage. So I’ve thought many times about what type of marketing hook I may have and I always come back to something Celtic. Because of my

And while I have certainly thought a lot about this, I haven’t incorporated much into naming my blends. Well, except for Dhá Gorm which means Two Blue. There happens to be two types of blueberry. Not the most creative I know, but I thought it looked cool.

Anyway, there are only so many ways you can say Strawberry and _______. But I tell you I love that guy who named his juice I suck at naming things. Just ask my kids… :slight_smile:


I don’t personally have a problem with people naming their liquids whatever they want. Look at Unicorn Milk. There are no Unicorns as far as I know. Unicorn Vomit. Why would anyone try that?

Inspiration for a name may be as simple as something your child was doing when you created the recipe. Something that has nothing to do with the flavors in the recipe at all. Choo Choo Puff. Tonka Toke. These are just names popping into my head as I watch him play.

Another important thing in my life is my love of creating my own music for the guitar. I may some day create a theme for my flavors based on Chord names in my songs or something. Who knows. A name may not mean anything to you. But to the creator it may be something very special.

And maybe with some of these names it started out as someone creating flavors for themselves. So the names weren’t created with the thought of marketing in mind. Then a friend tries it and tells others how good it is. I don’t think a person should rename a juice just because others like it.

To me, it’s just a name.


That’s funny… I was in a quandry today about naming an adaptation of Unicorn Milk. I am so sick of that name, so I just named it ‘One-Horned Horse’s Milk’ and was done with it. lol
I do both… name things by the flavor profile and name things just randomly.
I have a whole line of recipes named after Presidential candidates. ie: Cruzberry Cool, Hilary’s Excuse, and Carson’s Lemon Custard
I have a whole line of recipes named after Star Trek Uhura’s Bane, Riker, and Spock’s Reserve

It’s fun to think them up sometimes.


That’s awesome. Big Trekkie here from way, way, way, (damn I’m old) back. We had the entire VHS collection of the original series as soon as it came out because my Mother worked for Columbia house. They used to have these big employee sales and people lined up for blocks to get into them. I always took my paper route money and bought the newest episodes.

I think if I ever got to a point of selling liquid to my friends it would all have some kind of theme to it. And more than likely you would have to read the description to know what it is.


Agreed, I’ve already started this with my juices. Naturally in the process its Apple Pie V1 V2 etc but when I find the right one ill come up with something creative.
The way I come up with names is by thinking of the main flavor or flavors, then come up with something that reflects it.
But also have liked the idea of using the themed line of juices. One thing ill consider when I have some good recipes in the line up.

I’m not sure where I stand with this topic though, my opinion would be a name should mean something. But it took me months to decide my daughters name, luckily I had 9. Aaliyah Lucine~ Some of the names are reasons for not even looking at your recipe. I may be looking for blueberry muffins but when you named your juice blueballs it made me think "well…thats something I DON’T want"
I don’t care what the names are as long as they’re not just ignorant titles… Just my opinion of course

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Sorry I haven’t been on much lately. The floods didn’t slow me down nearly as much as my job has. I am a commercial roofer and travel a lot.

I know what you mean about the creativity it takes to name juices that are not only relevant but also witty or clever as well. Planet Vapor is a great example of relating their line of recipes with their retail name and marketing strategy.

My logo and name is Lion Eyes Elixirs and I started off trying to relate my recipes with a jungle related theme but because mixing is more of a hobby now, I have just started naming my recipes with more relevance in mind.


Good to see you back @Mourning_Glory :slight_smile: We were a bit worried there, for a while! :smile:


Yes… so glad to hear from you. South Texas got it bad. More rain otw for us here in North Central Texas too.

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Thanks for the tip on the info icon. I didn’t know that!