The NEW PistachioRY4 - have you made it?

Does it come across strong tobacco at 3% I don’t care for tobacco flavors in general. Only exceptions are Cloud Provisions “Caleb” and TBD “Caramel Tiramisu”

Update: This is not a “tobacco vape” it is on the sweeter side and is best after a longer steep ( a month ) IMO.

Are you talking about this?
If so I mixed it on the 9th of May but just haven’t tried it as of yet.

Yes that is the one. Well… try it and tell me what you think. Is the tobacco strong/medium/light over all in the vape? Would you say it just gives an “earthiness” to the flavor profile?

Let me clean out a tank and I’ll give it a go in a few minutes to let ya know…

The Pistachio Ry4-U V2 isn’t overpowering.
I am using a single clapton 5.5 wrap at .6 ohm on the Theorem tank at 25 watts.
I taste the Sugar Cookie and the Pistachio the most and the Butterscotch and RY4 just in the background. Nothing is really trying to take over the flavors, a touch of Peanut Butter or possible Nut Mix and a low .5% may work nice in it. It is not a “Strong” flavored vape


I doubt it is a very strong tobacco flavour. 3% RY4 double will pretty much disappear with all the other flavours included. His own description of it says it is a light tobacco. I’ve never made it though, I’m a tobacco nut and this is not really a tobacco vape IMO, I like my tobacco up front and in my face :grinning:


No, you would want to either increase the Ry4 or possibly add an additional tobacco ingredient if that is your style. This recipe, as it stands, is not giving a tobacco type of vape (at least for the device and wattage I am using it at).

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Whoa! you make fancy labels too. Excited to be making this tomorrow. I drip with coils made by the young guys at the local vape shops. So they are all huge clapton type builds that hog juice but give great flavor IMO.

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He has also said that he really enjoys tobacco “Marble 27”. I like most of his juice but wanted a non groupie opinion before making it…is all.

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I put that one in my favourites a while ago, didn’t get to making it yet though. This is definitely not a light tobacco :wink:

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Nothing really fancy about the label, but I’ve started placing the flavors used when I print them so as to recall what was used percent wise without needing to look at the recipe online or on the other program I store them in. Seems to work good especially if I use different ingredients other than what the original called for.


I havnt tried it but I am vaping my own pistachio pudding recipie. I did look at the mentioned recipie but I didnt have all the flavors and passed on the concept since I didn’t like the rodent recpie either…oops rhodinite.

I havnt posted the recpie to the site. Personally I’m digging my mix. Probably don’t need to change my personal recipie all that much. I would assume ry4 could be added.

Let me my know if you want me to dig out the recpie.

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Yes, I’d like to see your pistachio pudding recipe. Please let me know the name or send a list of ingredients

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would love to see it also

Pistacio tpa. 6% (I know it’s high…user notes call for alittle more than what I used. )
Custard FA. 2%
Vanilla shisha INW 1%
Vienna cream FA. 0.75%
Fresh cream FA. 0.75%
Cookie FA 0.75%
AP 2 light drops (to pull the nut) for a15ml bottle. (If you got monkey hands and big drops just one drop will do the trick along with the cookie)

I liked it. It wasn’t too heavey. Steeped almost 3 weeks. I would recommend Atleast 1 week for custard FA and creams to balance. 3 days for a “vaped fresh” taste but I don’t think the flavors will be balanced by then.

I did vape this on my uwell rda on a ss316l coil.

On my next try I will add 0.5% more Pistacio tpa. And a 2nd bottle/mix with 0.75 of butterscotch FA.

I’ll post this eventually to ELR. Once I come up with a name. Not sure if I can call it all the way as a pudding.

The only inspiration point for the above was @alissa (tag may be wrong). I told a few folks I would tag them on my first one or two mixes recpies shared… @Amy2 and @Pro_Vapes.


Looks like an interesting mix but can’t make it up for at least a week or two. Hope you don’t mind me coping your current recipe down as it stands right now.

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Copy away. I wouldn’t be surprised someone has created something like this before.

My bottles are littered with comments like Amy’s xyz, Lars abc. Just so I know where the main concept came from.

The above was marked “personal recpie”. But there was one person who inspired me to mix with Pistacio the rest came from everyone else who has shared info. I looked at other comments on Pistacio mixes and people were like meh (didn’t call their mix an adv) or trying to follow the diyordie guy. Which I assume his mix is good with the concept of Carmel/Tabacco/Pistacio…but his last mix didn’t float my boat.

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I’d love to try this, but I can’t get Sugar Cookie (CAP). What could I substitute that with?

I really like pistachio your recipe looks great! I find I have to use it at higher ratios as well.
I’ll keep my eye out for it on ELR ! Congrats on your first !

It’s cookie FA Which is a slightly different cookie flavor. Sorta heavier than sugar cookie cap