The one thing you hate about mixing.. List it here!

*I hate to throw out empty bottles but I hate doing the dishes too :frowning:*
  • I hate that I never have enough bottles too.*

  • I hate it when I mix a recipe and it’s total sht and throw out the rest

  • I hate it when I mix a recipe and it rocks but I didn’t make enough*

  • I hate that I never have enough flavors to mix what I want*

  • I hate steeping, give it to me NOOOWWW!!*

  • I hate it that I can never shop in 1 store for all the flavors I want*

@anon28032772 OMG, exactly… every single issue you mentioned is my own pet peeve.

That never being able to get the stuff I absolutely NEED at the same time, because it’s never available at the same shop. I LOVE Nicotine River… Vastly prefer it over every other shop. Love their bottles, their sizes (though I wish they also had a 1 oz), their prices, and their customer care. Love their amazing corporate altruism. HATE that I can never ever get everything I need there. lol But then again, I can’t get Purilum anywhere else!

Grargh. So inevitably, due to my budget issues, and not being able to swing a bunch of small orders due to shipping, I end up having to buy most of my larger orders at BCF, because I just have to many ‘must gets’ that I can’t pick up at Nic Riv. What they do have is awesome, though!

I HATE steeping. It MAKES me TOTALLY INSANE. lol But necessary evil.

And lastly, I really dislike my own broken ass body and pain issues, because I’ll have a list of 10 flavors I’m DYING to mix, and inevitably at about number 4, i just can’t keep going. Grrr.

@DarkJester89 “…it really pops in my gordhole” LMAO, man… I laughed so hard I peed a lil. :stuck_out_tongue: And I’m totally guilty of the overly florid descriptions, sorry! I blame UCLA.


I hate finally getting a mix down, only to discover that one or more key concentrates has been discontinued from the manufacturer.

I hate going shopping for concentrates for a particular juice that you absolutely love (or have seen and are dying to make) and getting everything else in your cart, except for that one necessary ingredient that you KNOW there’s no substitute for. You jump to another vendor’s site, only to discover that they are missing the other key concentrate. Sure, you could split the order between two vendors but then you’re paying out the nose for shipping on both! AAARRRGGH!!!


Exactamundo, sir! So for me, even if I place a sizeable order, its the one or two flavors I couldn’t get at same place that I fixate on rather than all the new goodies! Apparently I’m a ‘glass half empty’ vaper. :wink:


i second that one, and must add

I hate my tiny new kitchen, which is basically designed for people who don’t even cook , let alone mix.

actually that combo (tiny kitchen , crap body) is still totally screwing my present mixing plans :frowning:


I hate that i can’t leave the house without 6 to 12 bottles of different mixes and a tool kit! Life was so simple when i was buying 1 or 2 crappy bottles of e-liquid a week and unscrewing my coils when they tasted burnt.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Waiting. Waiting for a delivery. Waiting for steeping. Waiting for the cotton to soak up whatever I happened to put in it. I’m old, I hate waiting.


I hate waiting too, @Harlan_Grey :slight_smile:
will sit beside you and wait on my batteries to do their thing… uggg!


I hate that steeping is even a thing!


Feeling your pain there! If it makes you feel any better, I’m currently waiting on a not-triple-digit day so that I can chase the cats out of the trailer so that I can mix some juice in the “kitchen”. I’d give my big right toe for a galley kitchen to mix in right now!


the drama… I am soooo over it… Im best buddies with my block button…
Could almost say In in a personal relationship with that button… :wink:


I hate that there are so many thing to hate…


You should make that a Prayer because your post spoke to my inner spirit.


working out at what percentage and steep time chemical backnotes bugger off


I used to hate having to go to the post office and having to lie through my teeth to the customs officials. I had to have my nicotine relabeled and they would always question me about it. Short of testing, they couldn’t prove otherwise, but they certainly suspected.

Though not illegal, they always asked if I was using my flavors for vaping. I told them my wife was a baker and she was teaching our kids and neighbors. A few times the ladies there would ask me why I was so skinny if my wife baked so much. I’d charm them and they’d let me go. I once brought in a box of homemade cookies when picking up a flavor order. They never forgot me after that. But it always bothered me having to lie like that. Now, it’s legal here and my stuff is coming straight through, no more trips to the PO.


Only two things for me really.

  1. I hate it when I can’t buy all of my concentrates in one shop.
  2. I hate it when I’ve made my order only to realise that I’ve forgotten something I needed.

Yeah… Even with the shopping list here, I invariably forget something I wanted to try every third order (or so). At least I’ve gotten a LOT better about writing down my needed ‘refills’ so they’re not missed.

  • I hate it when you order a specific flavor for a specific recipe for a single person, knowing you will never use that flavor for anything else, and they decide they want something different.
  • I hate that some of my favorite vendors will no longer ship to Utah. Not their fault. Just wish they would ignore the regulations like everyone else. :grin:

I hate that every new awsome looking recipe you find always has a flavour you dont have.


Needing to but not in the mood.


I’ve gotten a bit OCD about this with my spreadsheets. My Excel Flavors spreadsheet now has 21 sheets in it. :crazy_face: