The price in the philippines

I was checking out a company today here in the Phillippines, Capella flavors 13ml is $40.08US


Last time I complain about our being goosed on pricing.



Hahaha I have so much trouble getting flavors.


Maybe someone from the states can ship you a package. I don’t know what your custom regs are like but its do-able.


Can you order from this place


It’s the Philippines: they don’t have regulations there - police are more corrupt than the criminals and there’s more goats and chickens on public transport than humans :smirk:

Isn’t it amazing how news and media can give us an imagined version of a place, anywhere, that’s only 10% of the total picture.

My first live-in, serious girlfriend was born in the Phillipines - she was very easy to get along with now I think of it.


It’s funny, I live in mindanao and have never seen an animal on public transport but I’m not saying it does not happen in some areas. As for the police being curupt, show me police anywhere that are not.

I find the people of the Phillippines to be polite friendly people. I am from Victoria Australia and the people there won’t even look at you if you say hello.


Yup: same even here and Katoomba’s only a tiny town of 7,000 people.

MInd, they’re probably slightly friendlier here than the cities or large towns but 90% of the time people like to make a thing of looking like they’re far too occupied with their phone or too distracted by their own thoughts to talk to anyone much - the ‘affectation’ of being too distracted to engage the general public, when really their subconscious is chanting "Please don’t stop and talk… please don’t stop and talk… please don’t single me out and talk… just keep moving… please don’t stop and…" :smirk: :

Being here five years now of course, I’ve been here long enough to say hi to locals just through passing familiarity and get greetings from other locals for the same reason.

Some I talk to, most I just say hi back and keep walking shrug: unless there’s a chance I’ll be having sex with someone at some point in the future, I don’t see any reason to be pretending to be interested in the vast majority of people.


Yep its a lot different here, kids dont have computers and phones, from 6.30 am all the kids are out playing all kinds of games or looking for spiders, climbing trees or swimming. It’s great to see kids being kids even when they can be a pain in the arse.

Its just a hard place to get what you want and need, I am hanging for dairy products or a piece of nice Aussie steak or a thin beef sausage. Hahaha but i eat a lot of fish and beautiful fruit, its 31C everyday but getting my flavours is not easy. It’s life but I love it here.


Yeah that’s excellent: end up with far lower number of precocious little arse-hats already bored with being handed everything they demand by the age of 10.

Hanging for dairy? You mean like the wall of $1/ltr milk we have in our supermarkets? :smirk:

I would get that if I were every away from, that: I fuckin’ LOVE my milk - it’s cold, it’s lightly creamy and it’s wet: what else could you ask for in a cold drink?

Yeah alright… sure, yeah I could live with sun-ripened sweet fruit and fish…

Makes you feel any better, I haven’t eaten meat in months now - even though it’s right down the street and perfectly available.

Just haven’t bothered grabbing any, or felt that urge for meat strongly enough to cook it.

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Hahaha I mean any milk, its all powdered here or condensed, also a good tasty cheese like mainland epicure.


I was just thinking…

That Fillipina girl - my first ever girlfriend, I just remembered something she did that I did not much care for yknow.

She used to suck the shit out of craps arseholes then hold it up for me to have a suck insisting it was a delicacy…

I very ingraciously declined every time and every time, I would tell her she’s being disgusting and she’ll be getting no kisses from me until she’s brushed AND gargled her mouth clear of it.


Other than that, she was awesome :slight_smile:

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Of course none of that’s resolving your ridiculously over-priced vaping supplies…

$USD40 for a 15mL bottle really is ridiculous.

I would send them a strongly worded email telling them in no uncertain terms exactly what I think of their pricing policy, before telling them there are cheaper places that I’ll be telling EVERYONE I know online to go and start buying from.

And I’m pretty sure the vast majority there are not millionaires…

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It’s a poor country, but vaping is a luxury, you can buy drinkies for a little less that 2 au dollars


Stinkies, smokes are too cheap


Oh yeah you would be amazed what they eat here, they love their seafood even more than us Aussies, I got drunk 1 night and sucked the head of a fish until it was only bone, another time there were these nice looking pieces of meat on a stick on the bbq, I ate it and loved it only to find out they were chicken heads


WHAT a YOUTUBE VIDEO THAT would have made!! :joy:

Then I could get online with a video challenge sucking the head off a cow. :smirk:

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Did findin’ out stop you eating 'em? :slight_smile:

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That depends on how drunk i get in the future hahaha


Imagine, being pissed enough so you’re standing outside in the dim light; just swaying around on your feet chewing chicken heads - and not even giving a shit what they are…


Just WOW


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