The real strawberry jam from flavor labs

Hey all,
After doing my own research on the strawberry jam by flavor labs, i am left confused. Which one is the real one? A bunch of sites come up and a bunch of “this is not a clone” and i think that may not be true. I ordered from which is a weird site since most of it is about litigation and the flavors showed up in bottles labeled “candy flavor dot com”. Not .com but dot com. Have i been bamboozled, hoodwinked, and or swindled?

I do not wish to malign the site but im asking if this is the real flavor labs? And if it is not can someone point me in the proper direction? Thank you all.


@SessionDrummer has ordersd and does order frlm this company so he will know…From what i remember when i looked b4 it seems right


@Adequate_food that page looks legit, and it seems to be a Jam only page. I know that the web sites are kind of screwy, and their are a LOT of domain names, and it really could have used a major overhaul years ago.

I did pick up a batch of flavors, including the Strawberry Jam from …

The full review, with pics of the bottles is here …

Deborah actually stopped in and posted near the bottom of the review, and we ended up chatting a bit afterwards …

She also owns as well as a bunch of other sites, which you can see in her Blog post …

Reaching out to her could help out if you need …

Flavor Laboratories, Inc. 7322 Manatee Avenue W #256, Bradenton, FL 34209
Tel: Sales and Shipping 813-331-3333


Also, we can see if tagging her here still works …



@Adequate_food, please take the time to check this thread out …


I didnt know she had another company. So i guess the labeling makes sense. And that is the cover page of the site i ordered from. It makes more sense now.

Thank you. Have a great weekend.