The Strictly PG-free Thread! Let's drop some Recipes/WIP's/Flavor Recommendations

This thread is here to give some love to mixers who just don’t want any PG in their mixes, in response to @jay210 from another thread.

Please limit suggestions to recipes and flavors and tips that are completely PG-free.

I’ll drop the first WIP in the comments. Thanks everybody!


Wow! Thanks @Plunderdrum :slight_smile: And I see you;ve taken up my suggestion of putting PG-free in backets after your recipes. Great! that will really help with searching.

Well, i guess I’s better find something vaguely interesting to post here * chuckle* . How about a WIP? This is one of a number of Rum recipes I’m working on, presently and vaping, right this minute.

Rum and Coke
Cola Type (SC) (Real Flavors) : 2.%
Lemon (MF) 0.2%
Rum (MF): 0.7%

I’ve had this steeping for 7 weeks , thus fat, and I’m thinking it’s not bad, but could be better. Perhaps a bit more rum? One problem with it is that it seems to be temperature sensitive; and tastes pretty shitty at too high a temperature. I think that’s the fault of the cola, because i haven’t noticed that issue with the other Rum and/or lemon recipes.

I’m tempted to add a drop more lemon too, but I’m cautious with that, cos when i tried the cola as a single flavour, some time ago, I found that the addition of a drop of lemon muted the flavour almost completely! Oddly (and happily!) that doesn’t seem to have happened with this mix, but I’d rather not push my luck! I guess that tantalising little touch of lemon is more realistic anyway (like the slice of lemon floating on the top)

I seem to be the only one using MF Rum here! There;s a single public recipe featuring Rim (MF) , but that’s an old OSV Mohito recipe that @Anonymiss posted, to preserve it for posterity (bless her!) . If anybody else is using it, just not entering it into the DB, ccould you stick your hand up, maybe?

I can’t quite make up my mind what i think of of the MF Rum. At first it semed that it’s rather too harsh, a sort of anonymous “spirit” taste, but given much steeping time, the flavour seems to be mellowing, slowly.
Andm well, anyway, maybe it;'s my taste buds, because I thought the same of other spiiit flavours that I’ve tried (from other manufacturers) Hard to tell Brandy from Bourbon!

Actually , this seems to grtowing on me. I’m so indecisive that I’ve been vaping it for hours , now , trying to make my mind up. Not such a bad sign! * chuckle *


Hey! @Plunderdrum!
I finally got around to mixing your Grapes of Creamy Wrath! I know this has taken me aaaaages, but, first I had to get one or two missing flavours. Then i had to wait for a “good " day. Then there was Christmas… Then I had to wait to wait for another” good " day. Then a “good” day (not otherwise spoken for) arrived and the kitchen was an horribly unhygenic mess. wouldn’t you know it? So I gave the kitchen a really throrough clean instead :laughing: That took up several “good” days. But now I’ve finally mixed it, in my nice clean kitchen and…

The recipe is no longer public! :open_mouth:

EDIT (next day) oh! I musta followed a broken link. It;s still there :slight_smile: here’s the link, in case anybody else is interested in mixing it:

I substituted 0.5% Marshmallow (SC) Real Flavours for the 0.75% NF
and 0,3 % Mandarin MF and 0.1% Lemon (MF) for the Meyer Lemon. That;s as close as i could get to the original w/o first tackling my NF supply issues, and trying to find a really fancy greengrocer!

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Now…looking at your latest offerings, @Plunderdrum , again I’m missing some flavours, unsurprisingly. That Primaflora is intersting . Given that I’ve already got Violet and the Rose (but in MF, not the brands specified) , it might be worth getting hold of some jasmine and trying to adapt that.( I coul;d easily get the Rose (SC) too, but hey! I just don’t expect it’s near as good as the MF)

I have no idea what Jasmine tastes like. I expect it to taste horribly perfumy ! But I’ll take your word that it doesn’t , after all. My intest in the flavour has now been piqued! ( Rose and violet , by contast, are quite common confectionary ingredients here in the UK. Dunno about across the pond? I probably wouldn’t have had great expectations of those two flavours otherwise! )

Of course I’m not going out on a limb to get both Jasmine flavours , especially not given that the NF would cost me nearly as much as the MF, given the import probems .

So…here’s my burning question: what do you think of those two Jasmines individually ? And why did you feel it necessaty to use a commbination of the two ? (which suggests that they are both lacking in some way)

(in other words, help me choose between them! )

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Interesting topic, how do you find the steep times on 100% VG recipes compared to mixed, is there a huge variation?

Also, are they vapable in any tank ?


For my own part, I switched to vaping 100VG long before I started mixing, so i can’t make a direct comparison, but reading other people’s observations about steep time for MF and RFSC i’m not finding any difference in pratice. That said, I’m finding that some of the Kandi Hed VG flavours , which are supposed to be S&V actually need a few days’ steep. But then, that also fits with other people’s observations on those flavours (where available)

So, the short answer is: no difference in steep time so far as I can tell.

As for vapeable in any tank: yeah, but that partway depends on whether you dilute it a bit with distilled water (as I do). The juice would be too thick for some tanks otherwise


So maybe 5-7 days could work for most light recipes and the usual 14-28 days for heavier flavoured recipes, ie. Custard / Cream based etc

I wondered if that could work, is there a % of DW to 100%VG recipe for every mix? I understand why people want 100% VG just wasn’t sure if it was practical. Thanks!


most people seem to recommend about 10% DW , but much depends in the consistency of the base VG, this can vary from supplier to supplier, I don’t know, personally speaking, but I’ve heard it said that some suppliers pre-dilute their VG without acknowleging that! Also, you have to bear in mind that some flavours are thinner than others, so i’d recommend caution. You can always shake in a bit extra DW if your juice comes out a bit too thick. You can’t so easily take it out! .

The main thing is: make sure it’s food grade DW, The stuff they sell in supermarkets (over here in the UK, at least) is meant to be put into irons, not inhaled!

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I’m from the UK too, so is 10% a good starting point or start lower and move up in 1% increments until the desired viscosity is met?

Any links to an example?

Start lower. I’ve never, ever needed more than 10% . And I’ve never had one of those suspiciously thin batches of VG either! so I usually do find that I need to go up to 10% . I think you’ll probablly be OK stating at 5%.

Unfortunately proper food -grade DW is really hard to find in the UK, without going online for it, I get a nice big delivery of DW and VG from this place at intervals:

Good stuff! They also sell on Ebay, but their Ebay prices are hiked up to cover delivery costs ofc. If you order a fair bit of stuff at once,from their website, it works out a lot more economical,.

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Huh, I use LubriSolve for my PG/VG and have been for a while now. Thanks!

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Great minds think alike! :grin:

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Just to clear this up, I think your talking about De-Ionised Water NOT distilled water, distilled water should be fine.

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They are often confused! And actually , i can’t recall exctly what I found in the supermarkets, back when i did a search. But my focus is on checking that it’s marketed as food grade, my thinking being thus; if it’s being sold for food or medical use, we can be reasonably sure they;ve been careful not to let it be contaminated with bacteria during bottling!

And that reminds me: you’ll see on the bottles that it’s meant to be stored in the fridge and used within one week. That seems a bit of a waste, because you’ll never use up a whole bottle within a week (not unless you’re mixing on an industrial scale!) But i take that advice to heart, and use any leftover water for cleaning coils, bottles etc.

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They are quite different. Both being extracts, I can only think that the two companies use either different extraction processes or use different species of Jasmine, or perhaps both. The MF is much stronger and more focused, the NF has a more nuanced flavor spectrum and isn’t nearly as concentrated. The two combined produce a full flower flavor in a way that’s difficult to explain. I don’t vape this one very often, it’s my wife’s adv. But I try it now and then and it’s definitely tasty, a bouquet of flowers, and not at all perfumey.

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I sent the original to you in a PM, its private but you can still access it. This version was created because I ran out of one of the creams mid-mix. Both are good, though!

I hope it works out, it’s been a while since I’ve mixed this one, and I’ve learned more and have a bigger flavor stash to work with now. I’ve definitely had mixes from just a few months ago that I thought were awesome, but would try to improve. For instance, I would probably add Grape MF to this if I mixed it right now. I will mix this one as-is before I alter it any. Let me know how it goes with your version! If you have and tips to improve it, I’m all ears.

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That has been my experience, but I dont have a vast array of tanks to test in. I use an RDA, RDTA, and a Cleito (Original and EXO, not the 120), and haven’t had any issue with wicking. I don’t dilute the VG at all (when mixing PG-Free). There is already either water or alcohol or both in the non-PG concentrates and extracts, so it’s basically thinned out by whatever the total flavor % is right away. Any added water just takes from the flavor concentration. Lots of varying opinions on this and I’ve tried a couple of methods to thin, but found just omitting PG from the mix is perfect for my needs. If you were going MTL with lower wattage, higher resistance, smaller juice intake, like an old eGo type, you might be better-off diluting and increasing total flavor percentage, though.

Edit: Also works great in the Arctic original and V8.