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The truth about #teamfreeshit


I was reading through this today while I was at work and was seriously happy you made this thread @TheTinMan, I’ll admit right now, I try and keep a professional attitude to the majority of the cockwombles who heckle me or start drama but I fail miserably when someone brings up #Teamfreeshit, nothing winds me up more and I just can’t keep my mouth shut (or…fingers still…as the case may be) I had a rant at someone on FB last week over it, but there was this one guy who was being really really obnoxious and smarmy over it last year sometime, can’t remember what forum it was, anyway, the topic was how many mods we owned so I told him it was like 40 or 50 or so at the time but told him it was because I was a reviewer, so he went at it, calling me a freeloader and that i should only mention mods I had actually bought and not …‘freeloaded’…


But I kept me cool, and just said “yeah I’ve got loads of stuff I got free, too much really, more than I’d ever use, do you want some?”
Too which his mood changed slightly…“really?..sure!”
“OK”…I said…“All you have to do, is send an email out to all the main suppliers telling them that you’re a writer or vlogger and you are trying to get into reviewing and that you would like to work with them if they are looking for anyone, do this 30 or 40 times all to different suppliers and manufacturers, out of 40, probably 3 or 4 will acknowledge your existence but you might get lucky…OR…enter competitions and hope to win something where as the promoter of said competition will want you write something about the thing that you probably wouldn’t win…OR…buy stuff, do a bunch of reviews first…THEN repeat the first stage with a few examples of what you can do to show them…that’s the first stage, then you actually have to take whatever this item is, let’s say an RDA, and take 100 or so photographs of it, takes an hour or 2, and would probably work better if you buy yourself some things to help this, like a tripod for your phone or a nice camera even, maybe a light box and some adjustable lighting and a lens kit, then once you have your photos you have to edit them with photoshop or something similar, choose your favourite 20 shots, edit each one to make it a bit punchy, get rid of blemishes, do a bit of spotting etc etc…takes another hour or 2, then when you have your favourite pictures of it you have to test it for as long as your supplier will allow to give you a real good feel of the thing, I like a week at least of solid testing but I have taken way longer and occasionally a little shorter, make notes throughout and do a bunch of builds, maybe even take a few more pics with a few different builds in it and go through the edit process again…THEN…when you have your pics, notes and opinions you need to sit down and work out a format that you think will work to put across these opinions to everyone, and sit and right them out in a way that you think might engage people, this is the longest stage, it can take anything from 5 to 15 hours depending on distractions…writers block…having a life…THEN…when you think you have a good review all laid out you need to ask the permissions of any Admin on anywhere you want to post your masterpiece where people don’t know you, be it another forum or a facebook group or whatever…wait for those replies or you’ll get shut down instantly, THEN…when you have a few permissions from those that bothered to reply you will need to re-edit your review to fit whichever format they use, some have a maximum amount or pictures you can use, some have a maximum character limit or file size…so you’re best uploading your pics to a free host site like Imgur, then once you have copied your text over to this forum you then need to re insert every image with the imgur addresses…one by one…takes a while, THEN when you’ve hit the forums that have allowed you to post (I do 7) you can hit social media, facebook and Insta, I post on around 30 facebook groups all of which I have to remember the admin name that allowed me and include their name in the post to say you have been approved by them…this also takes a while, I cheat with Insta because I am fortunate enough to have a Lolly…Lolly is awesome and does my proofreading and insta post for me, which saves me a heap of time because I also spend an hour or so on creating some artwork to put up, that’s pretty much all you need to do really…might seem like a lot of work…but hey!..after everything you just did!..you get to keep that $25 RDA…like…FOREVER…isn’t that just the coolest?”

He didn’t reply…I notched that up as a win :smirk:

I have nothing but massive amounts of respect for anyone that tries their hand at reviewing, be it writers or vloggers or whatevs because this shit is GRAFT, and unless you are dedicated and willing to spend time away from your family to keep plugging away at it - it just won’t work, I’ve been doing this 2 years now and although sometimes I simply don’t have time to do it as often due to having young kids, us both working and a managerial career that kills me sometimes, it’s just not possible to do it as much as I’d like…but I still really enjoy entertaining people, and I LOVE working with my team who are fucking incredible people for all that they do…and it’s vaping man, I fucking love vaping, I’ve become friends with some awesome awesome people along the way and even though I have come close to giving up on more than one occasion…I don’t think I will ever actually be able to.

FUCK ME I can go on with myself…jeeeezus :roll_eyes:


Honestly that’s one thing I like most about your reviews. You’re candid, funny, self-deprecating in a light-hearted way, and somehow while telling a few funny stories, you manage to hit every detail of the product you’re reviewing along the way.

Not to mention the gif’s, which are a highlight of my reading pleasure anyway.


Kind words my brother, always nice to hear when someone appreciates your work :wink: thank you


Ya buddy! “He didn’t reply” Can’t imagine why! You are the word crafter. I could not have written that. “isn’t that the coolest” ***** Classic ********


Anytime, you POS freeloader!!


I agree with everyone that posted above and explained how this works.

I’m not a professional reviewer, neither would I put myself into that category due to lacking experience.

But most items I reviewed, on a other forum, I either purchased or won in a giveaway. Most items are purchased. My reviews here are the same, however I did receive a couple items for review, but I stated this right at the top with a disclaimer. If people felt I was bias, or didn’t wanted to read it, they are aware of the source of the product, right from the beginning.

I’m not a out of the box person, but I also don’t judge reviewers doing it. In most cases it’s understandable, but I like testing it before forming my opinion. I’ve been burned in the past, trusting reviewers and ended up disappointed.

Too avoid this, I’ll test the product first for a couple weeks, as a daily mod/atomizer because how else am I testing it, if I only use it 5 minutes? Lol

After that my husband gets the item, same method and after that a good friend gets it.

I then collect all data, write my own opinion and since we all know how much I write, this takes a while. On top of that it’s not written in english, just too add to the stress level.

I then take my husband’s and my friends statements and findings, and take a closer look at their outcome. I’ll add it to my cons and pros or make a extra remark during my review, of the informational source and findings, since we all vape differently, that gives me the chance to see how things can perform/change at different wattage/temperatures/juices/coils/cotton and what not.

By then we looking already at around 6 hrs just collecting the written data, this not include the 2-8 weeks of testing prior. Then I build the background, every item has a different theme, mostly tailored to the mod/atomizer/juice.

This alone takes another 8-36 hrs, depending on complexity, if I can work and stage with different light sources, or if I want natural lightning and backgrounds, if that’s the case it’s heavily weather dependent.

After that I edit my pictures, that takes another 1-3 days, depending on how much editing I want.

After that I write everything in pepper form and translate it in english. Check spelling, grammar and character lengths etc.

Anyways, I most spend nearly 3-6 full days (up to 12 hrs, next to having a real job) on a review, for a item that cost $20-60 retail and $3-40 wholesale. I guess we all including myself doing it just for that free “expensive” shit :wink:


The world is full of kids who think that stuff grows on trees, and all you need to do is ‘demand’ it because you ‘deserve’ it. In their opinion there is this special ‘privileged’ class of people who have everything they want, like good jobs. good cars, free vape gear, or other ‘free goodies’. Of course, they want it for themselves too, but they will never appreciate the sweat and blood invested to the the good job, salary, car, free vape gear, or any other perk the ‘privileged’ have …

Once you tell them you have to work your ass off for years sometimes to get to where you are, they still won’t believe you since there is a ‘conspiracy’ against them or some similar shit.


Millennials mainly, ‘The Entitled’ , they want it…they just don’t want to earn it, I even got scoffed at for saying I earned my mods once …I believe the words he used were “Earned??..thats a good one! lmaoo”…I gave him both barrels, he too didn’t reply, that one was on facebook…I think I can be a right bitch when pushed lol


I once spoke to a childhood ‘friend’ whom I haven’t seen in ages. He came around, saw my house, saw the toys i have, and all he could say was ‘wow dude, you really have it easy, don’t you?’

When i kicked him out of my house all I could say was: Yes, I really worked a number on myself, I worked on average 17 hours a day for about 10 years, barely saw my son till the age of 5, slept in hotels for long periods instead of sleeping next to my wife, but yeah, i had it real easy

The sad part is, I don’t even think he understood what I was saying…


You hit a button but I’m gonna control myself. Every now and again I’ll get a Millenima that will give me crap at a show “you think your sooo cool on stage” Best way I know of to get a bass guitar shoved up your ass. Ya dweeb go spend 15 grand on the instrument and equipment and the next twenty years playing the thing for two hours a day, and come back here with your tude and I’ll entertain it. Until then, bend over. You want what I have, do what I’ve done.


Another bass man. Well met :slight_smile:


Oh crap. Cat out of the bag. Not what in intended, lol.


Time to start a ‘show your bass’ thread? :slight_smile:


I gotta think about that…


They never do, they’re an odd breed.


Post 3. Whats your email address so I can enter the teamfreeshit giveaway. Lol.

Gotta give you a bit of shit. I do acknowledge that you put more work into your reviews than most and the work does really show. Brian tvc gave you a shout out the other day. You’ve even set the bar pretty high for all blogging/vlog reviews. Hats off to you buddy.


I was waiting and hoping that you would chime in on this topic. I didn’t realize you would be so fucking long winded about it though :rofl:

As my mentor you made me realize early on that there was no way I could maintain the stamina that you possess to do what you do. Not to mention I can’t take pictures worth a damn. But I could tell, for you, that it is a passion. It isn’t about getting free shit! And after countless conversations I came to understand that there is absolutely nothing free about it.

And I don’t think people appreciate what you have done in the background either. You have not only poured your heart into reviews for 2 years, you’ve developed a top notch team of reviewers and promoters. You have a legend proofreader, some great reviewers and your name is popping up in places that you probably never expected. I think it’s fucking awesome.


Great post. It definitely takes a lot of time to write a review. As you said, there is a lot that goes into it and getting free stuff to use is hardly worth what it takes to write one. Much respect to those that take the time to go through and do these.


Yeah I totally blackmailed him to do that, said I’d give his Topside a shit review…thinking about it…I prob should of waited until after he’d sent it…I didn’t think that through at all did I :thinking: …damn that Beryl…

Regardless, thanks man :wink: means a lot :+1:


Well you will drag me in with these ridiculously boring posts of yours…someone had to come and save it…and you…again…:roll_eyes:

Dude…Michael J Fox can take sharper pictures than you…when he’s drunk, on a rollercoaster, in high winds…

Meh I had no part in developing them, they’re fucking awesome and you know it, Me and Grubby just gave them a platform and some tips…not our tips…that would be weird…and my tip is going nowhere near Ogre, it would be barely a snack to that man…

Aint that the truth :ok_hand:

England’s most wanted, Dwarf porn hit list Vol 2, Justin Bieber’s fan page, Vanity fair…to name but a mere few…or did you mean Vape related?..

Dude…I just brought together an awesome group of people to have some fun and get involved, it’s def gone further than I ever thought it would and I admit, it’s pretty cool to be known by most of the big hitters from youtube, but you know more than most that it’s not all down to me, everyone has played a part, and even with your mind boggling ineptitude to use a camera…really…it’s quite staggering…I don’t honestly think I will ever get over it…you have more than made up with your social media sharing skills. It’s been hard work for everyone involved…especially your camera…which I feel especially sorry for…