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The truth about #teamfreeshit


THAT ^^^^^ is how to start it off !!!

And then, … silence fell onto the room …

I KNEW there was going to be a @Steampugs post, and now there has been one. I don’t think, “Nicely written” comes close.


@anon44944642 Ahhhhh Jesus, don’t make his head any bigger !!!



I think it’s been at critical mass for some time now. Besides, me mentioning funny gif’s isn’t nearly the head-swelling he gets when ‘famous’ chaps give him shout-outs. I’m a flippin’ mushroom in Puggy’s world!


Hehe, I like how you think @eStorm. I thought I was the only one who did that (or wife in my case). Very nice to get a 2nd opinion, AND a woman’s opinion at that, for things that maybe I wouldn’t see, or think of from my male perspective.



Drop it like it’s hot Pugs !!!


Stop pushing my buttons @SmilingOgre.


I’ve been playing for over 35 years, and having varying levels of “issues” at live shows, I know ALL TOO WELL about what you speak. Luckily for me, I was always chained to the drum riser, and the chain was short for a reason.

I mean, come on, WHO pokes an Ogre on stage ??


Who pokes an ogre anywhere? Not I!


OMFG, that’s just wrong LOL…


Jeez man, I’m exhausted just reading it :sweat_smile:

Awesome read as always and kudos to @Lolly for all she does :kissing_heart:


This might not be On-Topic so forgive me. I won this Vapefly RTA (Core) from Heavens Gifts about 2 weeks or so ago and it was hinted to me to do a review. I don’t mind doing one but in all honesty I’m getting ‘stage-fright’… considering all the great reviewers around here. Do you remember the first time you had to get up in front of the class as a kid? It’s kinda like that. Lol
I have no idea where to start. :pensive:


Try it for a while and give us your thoughts. It’s just that easy, right reviewers? :rofl:


You must be talking about @Steampugs and company, because I’m just a HACK, that VAPES !!!

@TorturedZen All I can offer, is my completely broken, stream of ideas, total chaos system (I’m sure you’ll get better responses). Vape, vape, vape it. Take as many pictures as you can stomach (lots and lots, you can always delete the baddies), take notes while you’re vaping it, doesn’t matter what it is, if it pops into your head, write it down. Then after you think you’ve nailed it, you can start writing down the BIG points, pro or con that you feel MUST be said, then you can add other not as critical details and form a rough draft. You can always DELETE things, so put everything down you think is relevant, then go back and delete as needed, re-form for flow, and pay your wife (like I do sometimes) to proof read it !!! Paul CLEARLY has the system down pat, and I’m sure he can drop a logic bomb on this conversation.

On a side note, everything that you’ve posted, that I’ve read, leaves me to think that any review you write, will be worth reading.





Kiss. Keep it simple stupid. Lol.

***edit. Yeah. This looked duche. Yeah just post your thoughts. I’m fine with short and simple and lack of pazaze.


Just do it. The concept of having to be good at something the first time you do it makes no sense to me at all. If that were reality I would have never done anything twice. I’ve seen you post your opinion many times here and you’re coherent. You’ve got this.


+1 @SmilingOgre


I have a snack tray on my mic stand. It all works out.


Ever wonder why the drummer riser is always at the back of the stage ?? Hecklers !!!


Ive been asked to do a couple reviews by companies here on the forum , i accepted once and got a uwell valaryian tank , after hours spent on trying to come up with a way to approach it i decided it wasnt for me … i contacted the company to ask if they wanted the product or if they wanted me to pay for it they said No and thanked me for contacting them , anyway what im trying to say is that doing a review isnt as simple as some may think and i could see it taking a very long time … there will always be something negative said about almost anything so screw them keep plugging away and doing a stellar job … btw where has @mjag been


Outstanding post brother and thank you for pulling the curtain back at how much work it really is. It use to bug me when people talk about doing this only for free shit, it is just a flawed argument when you haven’t tried it yourself. Now I really ignore it but the hecklers have grown less and less over time.

Like @Steampugs mentioned I too have been very close to just giving it up many times but I still enjoy it. I always told myself that once it is no longer fun I am outa here and that has not changed. There is no money in it so if you don’t love it then no need to carry on and I am more than OK with that.

What I like the most is getting pre-production samples and providing feedback to help improve the product. Doesn’t happen a lot but there are a few companies who do listen and make changes, that is the most satisfying aspect of reviewing for me.

I will add more but have to run, gonna meet a few buds to grab a beer and vape of course. @fidalgo_vapes thank you so much for tagging me bud, would have missed this with my work schedule being so damn crazy at the moment.

Didn’t catch everyone’s response but will read more tomorrow and thank you too all who did respond.