The Vapocolypse Calculator Version 1

With the help / input and permission of Mike Petro @ ECF I am able to release Version 1 of the Vapocolypse Calculator:

All Feedback will be appreciated!

Note: Will not work on WinXP - PM me if you need a version for that.


The original Mike Petro Spreadsheet can be found here: Have enough nicotine for the long haul?

And Here:


Holy wow Batman! I just realized that in buying one liter of nic, that I just set myself up for roughly 3 years. (IF I can manage to limit myself to 30ml a day.) 4.6 years if I do 20ml a day!

Sadly, I’m pretty sure I just went through 50ml in two days very recently >.>
Still…1.8 years at that rate? Wow. Just wow.

PS: BTW, tell Mike thanks for letting us have that posted here, and major thanks to @Grubby for his part in creating it!


Thanks @Sprkslfly glad you found it useful!

Happy Vaping!


Great idea and thanks to all involved for the share!

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I feel a little better about my investment for sure.

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Find the new Vapocalypse Calc here:


Thanks @anon45050679 !
This works well :smiley:

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Back in the Day… :grinning:


So, How long did it actually last??


Looks like I’ll be safe for a while now…

This is how many Years one bottle will last you: 11.27
This is how many Days one bottle will last you: 4114.29
Bottles needed for 5 Years: 0.44
Bottles needed for 10 Years: 0.89
Bottles needed for 15 Years: 1.33
Bottles needed for 20 Years: 1.77
Bottles needed for 25 Years: 2.22
Nicotine in MG Consumed Per Year: 12775
ML of 72MG Needed for 1 year: 177.43

I have to say, I recently increased my nic from 3mg to 5mg… result is that I went down from 15ml a day to about 7ml a day. So basically I still vape almost as much nicotine as before but my overall liquid consumption has dropped a lot.


Pretty cool to see the Vapocolypse Calc resurface. Nice job @anon45050679!

When I was in full stock up mode, I used Mike P’s original calculator on ECF to calculate what I would expect to need nic-wise to last 20 years. At my consumption rate, 2 liters of 100 mg calculated out to about 22 years, so that was what I purchased, divided up into 120 ml bottles, and stashed in the freezer. That was March of 2016.

I just pulled the first one of those bottles out of the freezer a few days ago. After 2+ years in the freezer, it looked as perfect as the day I received it from Nicotine River. Like @anon28032772 I recently did a bump up from 4 to 5mg in my mixes. Considering that bump and just having dipped into the stash, the calculator tells me at my present rate of consumption, my stash will last 18.26 years. Still basically right on track for my original target.

To me, this shows that the calc numbers and freezer storage method DO work. For 2+ years, I’ve had this little, lingering question in the back of my mind. How is that freezer nic REALLY going to turn out, when pull the first bottle out. I kept reading that it worked fine for others, but it wasn’t until I pulled that bottle out and saw with my own eyes, that it was true. I admit I gave a little fist pump and said ‘yeah’ to myself!

The calculator & freezer method works well. I know for many there are other considerations like safety, children, freezer space, space for a freezer, etc. For those in the US, as unpredictably crazy as the FDA has/is/and probably will continue to be, if you have the ability to buy it and stash it in a freezer, go for it.


I’m 2 years into it, and still have about 240ml left, plus some CXTC on reserve! :smiley:

So, better than expected so far!! :thumbsup: