I know we are all busy but I think TheFlavorWiki has collated enough information that some experienced users might want to help build it stronger… so that our community, within ELR and the Vaping Community as a whole, has another sound tool for people searching for additional organized resources. This in no way is meant to suggest that Lars’ triumph needs work, it is simply a request that we work together for the greater good of an evolving market segment.

Take a few minutes and wander through its content. I’d like to read others thoughts. ELR is referenced on a number of their pages and I think it’s time a page was included that describes who ELR is. I have editing privileges there already, but perhaps am not the best person to tackle such an endeavor. Who should we look to so we ensure this website’s contributions are best relayed by others?


What if ppl have conflicting opinions about flavours? I think I prefer a system like on ELR, but it needs a little work so it’s more robust.

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Many pages are just placeholders and really offer nothing more than the name of the concentrate and the manufacturer. Here is one such page. TFA DX Graham Cracker. I would suggest clicking the RANDOM PAGE button (2nd from top on the left) and see where you land within the site.

It is very clear that one person has added to a number of pages already- you can even tell who their influences are by the content. If more people participate, this resource will find fewer placeholders. One step at a time. I think we need to put one opinion down before we debate whose opinion might be the better interpretation.

I would look here to see where information might be most needed.

Interesting concept…

But I find a few things lacking…

such as content…
And most importantly commitment

From what I can see pages were last updated around oct of last year. In 5 months . 3 people should have been able to @ the very least research flavors and fill out information…

Then look at recent changes in last 30 days.

To me this indicates that the site is DOA. Nice concept but honestly ELR already has this in place


exactly, it kinda feels like reinventing the wheel.
if it would be a change for the better, it has a chance… but in plain old wiki style?
the biggest problem I see is that flavors are very subjective, different people have different opinions and a normal wiki style site doesn’t allow for that. It’s meant to display facts that are indisputable.


I like the concept.
I love the idea of helping.
Anything that may help a new person.

Sadly I have two homes. Vu and elr. Between mixing, rebuilding my rda’s, and vape chores ( I only mix 15/30ml bottles…so yeah; lots of cleaning) I don’t have the time to add a third home.

Nothing against other sites. But elr could use more flavor notes. That may be a better place to start. :thinking:. Not that I have done much in that area. But personally, if we wanted to “focus” attention somewhere that may be a better fruitful effort.

Just a kind thought. Not to put anyone on a ledge or cause drama. All with love.


…this looks like Tom Sawyer’s Fence.


I had to google that :smiley:


New Amsterdam Vape i havent heard or seen a video of this persons in a long time , but b4 i took the initial dive into DIY i watched 100s of the videos ( at least it seemed like hundreds ) lol

Note : i just seen a bunch or NAV videos on Flvewiki is where my comment comes from

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A little work indeed… Go to check notes on a flavor: 6 copy/pastes of HIC’s notes, 3 links to their own recipes, someone saying to use it at 50%, and someone else putting their storage location. Bin 3, container 5… Very helpful lol :joy:

Elr flavor list may need a little work , but at least with all the info Elr has . I am able to research and figure out what % of flavoring I want to use when mixing.

Yes some notes may be copy and paste . But by far it is the best flavor data base I have seen… when compared to

When I look at the flavor wiki page . I can’t help but think that some one said

Hey let’s make a flavor wiki page . All we have to do is list the flavors and everyone else will do all the work and fill it in… it’s a nice concept…

But in 5 mnths if this was my page… I would have at least basic info filled in…

Such as

Minimum used quantity: 5.0%
Maximum used quantity: 20.0%

Or even a copy and paste description from the manufacturer like so

Manufacturer Description:

Capella Flavor Drops are water soluble, highly concentrated, multi-purpose flavor concentrates. Our Flavor Drops contain no fats, calories, sweeteners or preservatives. The highly concentrated nature of our Flavor Drops allows us to deliver a superior flavor concentrate, free from preservatives and stabilizers. Capella Flavor Drops deliver honest, undiluted, preservative-free flavor. Capella Flavor Drops are proudly made with the finest ingredients in the USA.

Capella Qualities:

Flavor any type of food or beverage. We leave the sweetening to you!
Capella Flavor Drops are water soluble, highly concentrated, multi-purpose flavoring.
Zero fats, calories or sweeteners.
No preservatives, stabilizers or potassium sorbate.
Corn and peanut free!
Gluten-free and vegan friendly. Our drops contain no animal products of any kind.
Guilt free. Create sugar free low-calorie drink and food alternatives.
Perfect for diabetics.

Diet Shakes, Smoothies and Protein drinks
Baking and Frosting
Breakfast, Oatmeal and Puddings
Skinny Cocktails, Martinis, Margaritas and Mojitos
Coffee, Tea, Espressos and Lattes
Italian Sodas and Flavored Water
Desserts, Sherberts and Shave Ice
Safety and Purity
Capella Flavors Inc, a California State Health Licensed Facility and FDA Registered company - puts your health and safety first. We follow the strictest guidelines of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) & SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) processes.

This would have @ least shown that they put some thought and effort into the site…


i see all the comments ( not all ) about how the flavor wiki is incomplete , im just taking a stab in the dark here, but i believe that is why @mrphilip started the thread and is asking for people to help complete this not point out its problems. Im not one to help with this because im a dee dee dee when it comes to technology


He did ask for thoughts too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart_eyes::british_indian_ocean_territory:


Would love to see e-liquid-recipes in your “community” side menu…


@tartarusspawn Nail on the head… :wink:



my thoughts if the creators don’t care enough about their site, to update it in 5 months. Then I think our efforts are better off spent . Adding comments to the Elr database.


I’m glad to see a few people have replied to my first real topic posted on ELR. It was meant to achieve three goals:

  1. Determine if the ELR community was aware of this site and determine if it should ‘elect’ a delegate to address TheFlavorWiki formally ensuring credit is given where credit is due and in doing so help steer people to the resources here.

  2. Get your opinions about what is there now and what it might become. Somehow I stumbled along the page when looking for flavor notes with Bing. I’m sure others might find themselves there too.

  3. To earn my Badge for a NICE TOPIC (10 Likes). I failed here. I ask you help me earn my this Badge by clicking on the heart icon at the start of this thread. AS WELL AS THE NICE REPLY (10 likes) Badge I could earn if each of you likes this post for me. How might I grovel for these hearts properly.

As @anon45050679 noted, it would be nice to see ELR listed in more than just the 81 (?) flavor notes where it is already referenced. A simple page about ELR including info on when Lars created the site and how many users and recipes might be found here as of today plus a list of features a person might find on this free to you website. Here is a page ELR should definitely be on already.

ELR’s absence on this website speaks to a comment I made subtly in the opener. I could tell who was a main influencer for someone who did add their flavor notes. When I looked at the 1500 editors on the website- which was started on April 24, 2017 and saw a surge of growth through June, 2017, I found where this all began.

In July a youtube was posted that discusses their intentions starting at 8min 15 seconds. Take a took. He addresses the variance in opinions here too.

So now I will end with a PLEASE HELP ME EARN MY UBER IMPORTANT BADGES!!! I’ll be a fan of everyone who helps me achieve that (and here I am even Fan Dancing for you all to see).

I guess we should fix that. :wink:


Also on his Reddit page, I see he is having an issue with vaping at the moment… didn’t read it all, but I believe the Beta of The Flavor Wiki, which was up for a Reddit Community award for 2017 is an idea he hasn’t scraped, it’s just taking time which as @Chrispdxnoted above, we all are short on.

Here is a youtube update on the beta wiki… not crucial for you all to watch, but adds more context to this new index, that might start seeing more traffic… I believe I red that Flavorah has been a friend to this site and that is interesting in an of itself.

More posts in Reddit:

The Flavor Wiki – dedicated to the craft of creating eJuice
64 points 11 comments submitted 3 months ago by Tiptup300 to r/electronic_cigarette

I was working on a project mostly with the subreddit /r/diy_ejuice making a public wiki where people can share information on creating ejuice.

I don’t have as much time as of late, so I’m going to release it to a much wider audience. We have a discord so you can jump there as well.

Any vaping activty is fine to add. It’s a wiki, so add any pages you feel should be added, add any information you think should be added, and correct any information that’s wrong.

You don’t have to cite your sources, but if you’re correcting something, you should probably cite a source.

Thank you.

The Flavor Wiki & Direction
34 points 13 comments submitted 5 months ago by Tiptup300 to r/DIY_eJuice
Lo yall,

Link for the Lovely: []

obviously still working on the flavor wiki, slowing down a bit here while I stew on a couple more discussions on where to get headed next. I got some things in the works which will really bring the ability to edit easily to the lot of you.

Here at some point I’m going to need to seek out and recruit some “reporters” or some such people to fill articles up on my next break session. Not too worried about it now since the format isn’t fully consistent yet. Be aware that I will be having format guidelines and helpers to keep things consistent, but not so much that it scares away new users from adding content.

So I’m asking a favor of you all…
What are some elements you don’t like, and some you do like about what you’ve heard or seen about The Flavor Wiki. Any input is helpful! Give me what you think and I’ll have your thoughts kicking around in my head as I stew on my next directions.

Thank you all, and I love you.
Oh and only like 3 more months till the Unofficial 2017 Community Mixing Awards, cool

The Flavor Wiki – Week 1
34 points 24 comments submitted 9 months ago by Tiptup300 to r/DIY_eJuice
So what’s been happening with The Flavor Wiki beta?

Theres been a lot going on the last week with tons of help by /u/HerrHut, /u/KraftyKiwi & /u/DataNotAnecdotes.

Copying Reviews & Formatting
We got the go ahead from a few reviewers: /u/T_Mace, /u/ConcreteRiver, /u/ChemicalBurnVictim, /u/PerennialPhilospher, & /u/mlNikon. To copy their reviews over to the wiki and we began that process with T_Mace, PerennialPhilosopher, & mlNikons library of reviews. Not yet formatted, but copy’d over. Left to do is ConcreteRiver’s library and ChemicalBurnVictom’s reviews.

For a good example go here

And for the discussion on formatting check out here

For formatting I’ve been working with /u/KraftyKiwi to bang out a more particular format for converting reviews over using the new ConcentrateBox to more easily tag up these reviews quickly and move on to the next to get lots of work done. That brings me to,

We got a second version of the concentratebox going that autopulls the data from the concentrate page itself, so it can make it a little bit easier for a user to copy over flavor reviews, tag them up, then have an infobox display all this natural information in a nice infographic style way. Making the page look sharp and nice.

For the progress made and what we’re looking at next go here

Image Imports
Speaking of sharp and nice, /u/HerrHut has been getting tooooooooons of work done. Like unbeleivable really. Making scripts to pull images from manufacuturers websites, we got WF, INW, LNW, CAP, LA, FA, FLV, FW, & RF. Doing great progress but we can also use more help for that. No amount of slowing downs so far…except

For the discussion and planning check out here

Spam Reduction
We got blasted…and blasted…and blasted with wikispam. And I’ve been working hard at getting this spam reduced and hopefully eradicated, every morning I would spend a half hour just deleting/blocking all the spam. I tried a few methods, but nothing seemed to work. At this point we’re blacklisting all links besides what is explicitly whitelisted. This has been working fantastic.

For the white-list of allowed sites go here

For recommending a new site to be added (like a vendor or w/e) go here

For discussion on this go here

Special Thanks To (In alphabetical order)
/u/ChemicalBurnVictim for donating reviews. Thank you!
/u/ConcreteRiver for consulting/design/donating reviews. Thanks!
/u/DataNotAnecdotes for tremendous help in getting everything setup, getting the server stuff decided and started, getting me on the right path in how to setup mediawiki. And additional support as time goes on. Thank ya buddy!
/u/HerrHut for tremendous work and help organizing and tons of other things, really amazing. Great work!
/u/ID10-T for consulting
/u/KraftyKiwi for helping formatting reviews, organizing, and copying reviews. Thank you!
/u/mlNikon for donating reviews. Thank you much!
/u/MrZigglesworth for creating the first flavor review.
/u/PerennialPhilospher for donating reviews. Thank you!
/u/SteepingTakesTime for consulting/volunteering
/u/T_Mace for consulting/design
Thank you everyone and have a wonderful day!

EDIT: HerrHut, not HerrHutt

I guess I wasn’t good enough to make the cut. My reviews weren’t copied over. Not sure if I should be upset or not…lol.

Edit: of course that was just 2017 reviews. 2016 was even more inexperienced :crazy_face:


It really isn’t a cumbersome update to make on the site… if ELR wants to see that done… I wouldn’t want to speak on behalf of another’s creation. While I hold a Masters of Mixology from Harvard Student Agencies, as far as DIY e-liquids are concerned- I only began in November. I’m a quick study, Fresho3 and Brian of TVC have been a great help, along with others, and I should thank my Mom for teaching me how to cook dinner for the entire family when I was in middle school. May I stuff foie gras into a leg of lamb for you and finish it with it with a prune & port wine reduction or would you just like a Sazerac cocktail?

Yes, ELR should be listed on The Flavor Wiki and since it is still officially a Beta site, it’s a good time to see that done.

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