This Big Brother 👁 surveillance shit is getting scary

This video is from 2017… and their system is literally called skynet…

170 million CCTV’s in china expected to add 400 million more by 2020
USA estimated only 30 million but a much smaller population and the numbers are exactly known.

I’m sure homeland security is watching china with their
surveillance boners raging.


CCTV coverage, for good or ill, will increase; no doubt about it.

Good case scenario:
A child is abducted. A child is rescued, using CCTV.

Bad case scenario:
Your doppelgänger abducted the child. You get charged with the crime, using CCTV.

Let’s just hope in this case, you have a rock solid alibi and a really good lawyer. :smirk:


Has anyone seen the recent episodes of “The grand Tour”? There was one where they went to China. Some of the footage they brought back reminded me of this Black Mirror episode with the white bear.
I hope I will never have to go there or to any place where privacy even has a bad reputation.
“I’m so happy the govt is watching my every step because they make me behave so it’s good for everybody”.


Personally, I think the more we get involved in stupid behavior, the more “justification” the gubment gets for their stupid behavior. We’ve lost ourselves and the bad bastards are taking advantage of it.


Read 1984 then get back to me. Also being IT and information Assurance for a bit it is a very real and scary aspect of life. However there is some good that comes out of it. I was able to catch 5 child porn rings. Humanity scares me the most if I am being real. Not the internet.


@Skullblade789 :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Absolute’s be here. I LIKE!


I want a bunch of these! :sunglasses: … not to wear, but to have in every room of my home!

I was talking to my spouse the other day at the kitchen table about the need for a hearing aid for my right ear. Then, I’m reading an article the next day on the innerwebs… mind you, neither me or the spouse had physically searched the innerwebs for anything having to do with hearing aids… and lo and behold… What advertisements should start popping up in the articles which I’m reading? I’ll give you one guess :rage:

:smirk: We’ve all sat back, blindly and blissfully enjoying the innerwebs… giving up all of our information with glee and wild abandon… while all the time, companies were figuring out how to invade every aspect of our life and make a profit on our information, without our consent. Now, everyone carries a happy little data collecting device on their hips.:grimacing:

When and where does it stop?:thinking: You tell me… The only way to make it stop is to not have any innerweb feedback devices in your possession. But, that shouldn’t be. We should be able to have any device that we want, without the fear of someone listening or tracking our every waking or sleeping move. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I assume you have Alexa or Google Home?


Nope! …just our iPhones :rage:


I will NEVER have those items in my home. I guess the only way to get around our iPhones listening and tracking us for now is to wrap them in tinfoil and stick them outside the house in a Tupperware container… or maybe a lead lined box! :confused:


Oh, but I don’t mind. I’m not a criminal and have nothing to hide. Why are you so opposed to it? What are YOU hiding?

That’s what people always used to say and in doing so, they all let it get this far. And those same people will argue “Gosh, it’s just a little ad, what are you going on about?


Funny! I took a quick gander for apps which emit a 24 to 26 Hz jamming signal or any vocal jamming application which you can run on your phone… Nothing!

Well… I guess were just gonna have to run the water in the kitchen sink, just like they do in all those spy movies! Lots of wasted water :confused: but at least we won’t be understood on listening devices!


I think your situation is worse. At least you know that if you have Alexa stuff in your house they are listening. It’s really bad that iPhones are surreptitiously listening in. That’s way worse to me.


I’m sure somewhere in the TOS is a little blurb, carefully worded for CYA purposes, that says something like “Some apps may use the phone’s camera and audio to record, to ‘enhance your experience’.” Otherwise that sounds pretty illegal to me! I’ve declined to install many apps that claim they need such permissions.


Well, as far as voice enabled AI goes, it’s not about the seemingly harmless ad targeting. People understand that the human interface is audio, and that in order to have that service they need to listen. It’s not that people are naive or stupid. It’s people accepting the risk.

In @Kinnikinnick’s case it’s worse since he does not want those electric ears listening.


It’s ALL good brothers and sisters. FIRST they SELL us the dirty devices, we get HOOKED (cause we’re st00pid), THEN, we figure it out (some of us), THEN, they sell us jammers to block the devices we just bought from them.



All in how you look at it, I guess. Dirty is in the eye of the beholder. When you know they are listening, it isn’t dirty. If they do use the collected audio/video for nefarious purposes, sure that’s an issue. But for me, Amazon rolled these out for one reason- Money. Use an Amazon AI and you’re caught in the web of a multitude of Amazon services. Prime Video. Prime Music. Prime Shopping. Prime everything. All about the money, honey.

I actually think Amazon is still doing only that. I figure, if they are using their spy ring for evil reasons and they are caught, they have a lot to lose, so they don’t do it. So hopefully they feel that way too.

Not that I trust them. Or anyone…


Is there really a big difference? To me it’s just the same kind of attitude, the same kind of people.
Unless governments around the world make proper legislation to make it illegal to invade privacy and have punishments that can even put a company like Apple or Google out of business… it’ll keep getting worse.

People can’t even do anything about it anymore. You can choose not to bring it into your house but then your pal comes over with all that spyware on his phone and then you’re screwed after all. There’s just no stopping it.


I agree with that. Even huge fines wouldn’t deter a huge company. There needs to be cessation of business clauses rather than fines; something with teeth.

I think there is. Acknowledging and accepting an audio AI interface is pretty different from having a phone’s mic listening when you didn’t know.