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This has to be a joke

This article claims that this women needs a double lung transplant because of vaping.


I want to say something but feel I shouldn’t.

Doesn’t read right to me.


She is smoking black market shite but I also hear there is fake stuff being sold as the real stuff. I’m talking about Puff labs and throw-away vape pens. I heard their name specifically but I also didn’t trust the source. I have been noticing a ramp-up of anti-vape commercials and social justice “warriors” proclaiming from on high.

My 2 cents


The way I read it she smoked over a pack a day, down to one , then she started vaping , Thats when she got sick,
Their just trying to use vaping as the excuse for her getting sick, her smoking and her body not being able to handle it got her sick , that and if she vaped some of that crap that was going around a while back,


@robin, something smells fishy. That’s NOT to say vaping is safe, but …

It began when she switched out the cigarette packs for a vape.

“I went down to a pack of cigarettes a day where I was smoking three packs a day and I went in the hospital and they said it was because of the vape.”

3 packs a day, and it was def. the vaping ??


This smells of propaganda and is probably the beginning of how the powers that be will convince everyone that only FDA approved and licensed e-cig devices should be purchased.

Excerpt from across the pond:

“But prescriptions will only go ahead if an e-cigarette product designed for smoking cessation proves to be commercially viable to manufacture and sell, which has yet to happen.”

Yet to happen? What do they think we’ve been doing all this time?


They need you paying money for their failed smoking cessation products. They need the HUGE taxes cigarettes pay each state. If you’re looking for real NEWS these days? Those days are long gone, friend.


“She has Alpha 1, a genetic disorder that raises the risk for lung disease, heart failure, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary diseases a number of other relating health issues.”
Plus she takes 32 different medications and can’t get the transplant because she is fat and can’t exercise.
Vaping is NOT the cause of her heath issues!! WTF


I’m smelling 10lbs of BS in a 5lb bag.
Wonder if she was told to quit the vape and go back to smoking. Probably lost the lungs a while before she picked up a vape and the progression just kept going.


Might want to look at the political ($) bent of the owner of this source:
Big Tobacco money??


ah ha, I didn’t think of that but ya, I think you guys are right.

Smells funny, that’s for sure.

I would love to get some real news but they are arresting and imprisoning real journalists. It’s getting crazy.


We should hijack the thread, and make it “Top Two (or so) flavors from each MFG” !!!


what do you mean? I don’t get it.


@Dan_the_Man the OP was to list your top 2 flavs, I have too many go to’s to comply with that.