This Vaping video is ILLEGAL

The Tobacco Product Directive deems this and other videos like it illegal along with forums, vape meets, reviews, web sites, social media pages and adverts. Along with removing many of the most popular e-cigs on the market today the TPD’s aim is to REDUCE smoking by killing it’s main and safer competitor.


I can’t like this because it makes me absolutely sick. Ugh. I mean, the video is great, but the concept sucks. :angry:

Oh my gosh, I just thought about this forum!! Will it be part of this?

Apparently yes :rage:

Very interesting video. Loved the quote "stoping somking is now fun and interesting ".
“Freedom of speech” are only words to them. As long as the big tobacco companies keep the money rolling in there fine. Anything that cuts into there profits they want made illegal.
pathetic. Vapers will not be stopped!!!

Well that bites. Is this set in stone or is it still up in the air?

As far as I understand that part of the TPD is still not final - not sure though…

Sickening… this just makes me want to puke.

Scary stuff…
Wouldn’t take long for Canada to be influenced into similar decisions if that gets pushed through…
Also,[quote=“Pattie, post:4, topic:39896”]
“Freedom of speech” are only words to them.
[/quote]I completely agree… Freedom of speech ; but don’t you dare talk about _____ .

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I was afraid this would happen. I posted about this a while ago on the How much government involvement would you agree to? topic. Declaring e-cigs a tobacco product will automatically ban all advertising of the product, including Youtube video’s, reviews, forums and the like. Completely fucked up, without the help of Youtube I would have never made the switch from tobacco to vaping.


Is this a right in Europe?

See what blows is how the governments of the world (should I rephrase and say world government?) are all taking the position of naming e-cigs as tobacco products.

Is this by design or coincidence? Remember my position - that e-cigarettes are tobacco products like a horse is a motorcycle. Yeah, top that one! :slight_smile:

I hate to talk politics, but it’s worth noting that 1) the world governments conspire every year in secret meetings (The Bilderberg Group) and 2) Just like here in the good ol’ USA, globally, corporations run the governments. Two plus two equals four. But don’t think the meeting of the Bilderbergs is it. Oh no. These “world leaders” jerk each other off under the table 24/7, 365.

If they (the they is that shadowy figure that writes and enforces legislation) decides to squash anything, it gets squashed. That is unless the people revolt en masse. And that, my friends, is why the regulations and banning hasn’t happened on a wide scale yet. They are still working on their divide and conquer strategy whereby they get more people to agree with them than oppose them. It’s working too with all the lies and propaganda, the labeling, the scare tactics, the restrictions and the stigma. They can’t win against a global population in opposition, so in places where there is democracy it’s divide and conquer. Other places it’s draconian rule. But eventually, left unfettered, they will have everything in place in anticipation of the huge return to tobacco tax revenues they once had.

Sounds all conspiratorial, huh? That’s because it is. I think I’ve nailed it, but time will tell.

What’s the answer? Being proactive instead of reactive! The major players in technology (Evolv and others!!!) should be filing patents, doing peer-reviewed studies, doing long-term data analysis (could be close to 10 years worth at this point), in other words proactively proving scientifically that e-cigs are less harmful, effective as an aid to quit smoking, less environmentally impactful, all these things rather than reacting to bans and restriction which, by the time those are in place, will have been based on virtually irrefutable data from the government and taken as gospel, no matter how long it took to fabricate.

Ok, I’m taking my aluminum foil hat off now and going back to work. I’m sure some people reading this will scratch their heads and think dude done fell off his rocker. But that kind of thinking is exactly what governments count on. They’ve perfected the dumbing down of society and gladly feed their little sheep enough to keep them alive.


That’s one hell of a conversation stopper they’ve invented and it ticks me off no end. Talking about a bunch of rich people ruling the world behind the scenes will immediately get you thrown into the same category as people who believe they are abducted by aliens and other nut cases. You have to hand it to them, it works! :rage:

Hence the aluminum hat comment. I know full well how some of the things I said are often perceived. Oh well, it’s the truth as I believe it :thumbsup:


@daath I see where you host the site from now is in Amsterdam. Could you not just host it in the US or other country where it would not be illegal?


There is no truer statement than this, we should not even have to think about the loss of a site like this or the ability to post/publish your beliefs about anything including vaping on a site like You Tube. If the .GOV folks world wide are successful in relating vaping to tobacco we lose for sure.

I would like to direct your attention to a video that many will find boring and long but in the PBusardo visit to the Evolv facility one of the owners then made a reference to making a Temperature Control device small enough to fit in a cig-a-like. This kind of tells me they (Evolv) are already thinking that Big Tobacco is the future of vaping as we know it.

Folks it takes REAL BIG money to fight something like this even in the US where Freedom Of Speech is (supposedly) a constitutional right it takes millions of dollars to get a case before the Supreme Court. I truly do not think any of the big company’s in vaping really have that kind of disposable money floating around. From a logical business stand point it would be more in there best interest to look at what is most likely the future with all of the deeming regulations coming.

I would truly hate to see this site get caught up in this mess but I would not bet on the fact it wont.

This is sad news for sure.

We could change the direction of the forum. Make it about making juices for drinking. But we could all know what the recipes are really for :wink:

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As @Ken_O_Where said, hosting the site outside of banned vape countries would be enough. No changes would be necessary to the forum what so ever though I would recommend the ability to upload video be added to the website. Without youtube video we would need another option for video tutorials. Some of you guys and gals just might have to start making your own video. Next stop, Hollywood…


The last thing any of you need to see is my ugly mug in a video. :laughing:


Yeah, cameras fear me too. They Shutter (pun intended) in fear. Flash bulbs explode and the person holding the camera has a hot sensation in their hands as the camera heats up trying to focus.

This is all bullshit to say the least. I think we should all protest. Governments are slowly taking away all our rights. And I for one plan to vape even if it becomes illegal.


If we lose this forum and YouTube reviews. What about our ability to buy nicotine to make our e-juice? Think there will be a problem there also.Vapors will have to unite to fight this. After it has passed legislation it’s to late.

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A cig has 4000 chemicals in it, 300 of which are carcinogenic, 10 of which are radioactive example Polonium 210. Smoking a 20 deck is that same as having 300 chest x-rays. No wonder it causes cancer. got to say it is keeping the NHS going, not sure how long tho. (Current affairs)

Vaping: some of the flavours contain ingredients that can cause harm but you have a choice if you are making your own to include them or find alternatives.

Some of the wire we use in rda is not good for you if you don’t know what you are doing, example Ni200 VS Ni201, 200 turns to graphite, exposure is not good for brain or lung.

All of the above i wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for the information provided by the vaping community.

knowledge is power, if they take this power we become ignorant and easy to control, the vaping community will find a way to keep going, severs offshore or something i mean you cant stop the internet. Take torrent site for example. I still go on pirate bay, eztv, rarbg,and yify daily have done since broadband age began.

Sorry for the rant but this really annoys me. Vaping is a better alternative, full stop dot com.

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