Thoughts on Titanium Coils

I recently receive a Evic VT60w and it has a Titanium Temperature Control Mode. This is really an awesome combination. I’ve never had flavor this pure. I’m wondering if anybody else is using titanium coils and what you think about it?

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I have two atties that I have titanium coils in - standard coils (spaced) - extremely good flavour - pure as hell! I really like it!

I ordered an EVic 60W that @quitter1 found a deal for - $60 on gearbest! :smiley:



I’ve really really enjoyed mine. You should be happy with it.

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can’t wait for you I would be tracking it like a fool but I’m glad you upgraded!!!

titanium wire must be used with care: NEVER dry burn it, never allow hot spots. The fumes of the burnt titanium wire aren’t the best thing you can breath - to put it mildly

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It says pre-order and it will ship june 23rd - so no use in tracking yet ;D heheh but I can’t wait! I suspect I will be on vacation when it arrives though :confused:

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It’s just titanium oxide - it’s not particularly harmful as @NewDrip will probably tell you :smile:
The worst part of dry-burning it, is that it will catch fire and you have to make a new coil ;D

Standard coils (spaced) is a good choice for making coils with titanium :smile:

well I hope it’s there sooner than later!!!

All metal fumes are not good to breath, not just titanium. U should exercise caution when dry burning any resistance wire. Alot of people think that Tio2 is the devil’s wire… NOT! I deal with it by the tons in an open air environment with no special precautions needed.

well if you have that much please share I’ll send you my shipping info… just one pallet should be enough for a couple weeks… lol

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no wonder ur so coil friendly!!!

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In another thread this morning I said:

I’m not using any nickel or chromium-containing wire at this time. However, I will say that there are times using Titanium where I get a strange taste in the back and roof of my mouth. I’m thoroughly cleaning my wire prior to building coils so it’s not that. I’m wondering if I got a low grade of wire seeing as I bought it on Ebay and would be interested in finding out from @Pro_Vapes where you get yours. I’m not concerned per se, but I do want to add changing my wire as part of troubleshooting my issue. It’s not a contant problem which is why I’ve done so much rebuilding. I’ll get that taste and bam…time to make a new coil.

One thing I hadn’t tried up until now was to adjust wattage. So far I’ve been hitting my titanium builds at around 510F and the “normal” setting on the xCube II and about 41 watts on the eVic VT. So I set the xCube to the “soft” setting and the eVic to 30 watts. This gave the xCube a remarkable smoother vape. I also dropped temp to 450F which helped further. The lower watts on the eVic did help a little in terms of flavor, but then I dropped the temp down to 440F on it and saw a marked improvement in the way it tastes and feels. I’ve given up a bit of cloud production, but not overall satisfaction, and the “bite” on my tongue and pallet seems to be substantially less. Time will tell, but I would still like to try another brand of Ti wire that others are using with good results.

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I was watching a video on building Ti coils and the man said “only use titanium with TC” Is there any good reason for this, and is this true? I’m using it without temp control.

I started that way myself. I still do when I test juice. You’re okay using it that way. Common sense let you know to stop firing it when you get a dry hit.

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You’re goood. I’ve used lots of Ti-coils without TC - because it’s good :smile: