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Throat Hit

Aside from nic and pg, is there any other way of increasing TH? Are there any flavors that contribute to this? Just wondering because I don’t want to increase my nic.


Personally I rely on terpenes if I want to max out the TH.

Skywalker OG can pack a hell of a punch (particularly when paired with wide spectrum extracts) and must be used sparingly: The last time I used it was for a rather potent custom blend.


@muth , there is a flavourart additive called Flash, which replicates throat hit without nicotine. I haven’t used it so I can’t give you a percentage recommendation, but its been around a long time. Worth a try.


Flavor Arts makes an additive called Flash. Got a 10ml but never used it.


For Nicotine eliquid ???



Recently I’ve been experimenting with linalool terpenes in before bed vapes.


Can you tell me more about it? This is not an area I know about.

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Of course. I’ll keep it short as I’m scripting a video on it (will send a link when done).

Basically, some terpenes (when combined with other compounds) interact with a range of receptors. Caryophyllene (a terpene in Skywalker OG) binds with CB2 receptors which relieve pain but they can also be used to activate a flowing warming hit.

I used them heavily in the blend photographed (Outside the Circle) as I was asked the create something intense.


He is talking about THC not TH (Throat Hit).

If he is talking about our Nic. Vapes then it’s something I have yet to hear about.

The FA Flash IMO isn’t that good. It mutes and isn’t very good at all but you can try it if you wish.

I love me some throat hit and have compiled a short list of flavors that have great throat hit. Capellas Peach for one. I’ll look for my list and come back later. I don’t quite have the time right now.

One more thing. You will need to start taking notes on which of your concentrates delivers a good throat hit. It is usually fruit concentrates that do it.


I am not taking about THC: Nope of the extracts I am referring to contain it.

I accept that there may be some confusion: text based systems tend to lead to it.

No offence taken but, could I lightly suggest that your tone seems a tad aggressive.

I personally want to shout at the glaringly obvious and direct them on what they need. Instead I choose the tone of guiding all.


Urg, a few errors (if I blame anything, it’ll be me adjusting to new tunnels). Change taking to talking in the first sentence. None of instead of nope of.

My apologies for the errors.


Please do.

It is this sentence I wasn’t sure about. I thought Skywalker OG was a strand.

I’m ok with it. Shout it out, man.

My apologies. No aggression was intended. I am very interested in what you are talking about though so I am looking forward to your video. Will you be posting it here on ELR?

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Misinterpretation happens: It’s an issue we all face.

I hope I haven’t upset you. personally I’m letting many body mods settle, so not getting personally involved in anything.


Thx, good info. I don’t do a lot of fruits but it’s an idea I can work with, for sure, especially with tobaccos.


If your doing tobaccos then Flash might actually be something to look into. I gave mine away long ago or I’d send it to you

@SquirrelSmash It’s all good bro.


A little bit of alcohol (vodka is the one usually used, at 0.1-0.5%, CMIIW) would increase throat hit too.


Oh, snap, I forgot about that. I was gonna try that a few years back and totally forgot. I’m not a drinker and I just forgot after I looked at the prices of top-shelf Vodka.

@muth I think I will try this. I have upped my nic to 24 mg just for a decent throat hit. I would love to be able to drop that.


Sorry, forgot to reply on this point. I will post here: I’m just chasing items for prep.

Hopefully you can handle my shiny head and excessively posh British accent.


I’m down on the vodka but what’s CMIIW?


Thx Dan, yes I like tobaccos.