Titanium in power mode=awesome flavor

So let me be clear. This type of setup is not for people trying to get giant plumes of smoke and is not for anyone looking for a “hot” vape. This is for people like myself that don’t mind 5-7 second hits. The reason for this is so that the coil doesn’t get to hot and put the person at risk. Titanium can oxidize at high temps causing potential harm to the user and can also ignite if the temps get high enough. Also, I must mention I do this on a dna40 which constantly regulates resistance which is imperative because titanium changes resistance as it gets hotter. But this is by far the best setup I have ever run and I have bought at least 700 tanks and 40 mods and have been smoking an e cig since 2008.

My current setup is 99.99(NOT the cheaper 99.95) titanium 24g coil 2mm Id 8 wrap with a resistance of. 20 cold and up to .35 hot. I have verified that the temperature of the coil never gets above 500F by doing readings via infrared temp testing. After 2 weeks with this setup I continue to examine my coil everyday and still have not noticed ANY oxidation whatsoever. Also to note, The osha limits for titanium dioxide are much higher than nickel. If I remember correctly nicklr daily inhalation is limited to 1mg whereas ti o2 is allowed 15mg daily. So no matter what you are way safer with titanium than with nickel or nickel alloys.

Just thought I’d share because I haven’t heard much on the subject. Enjoy, and let me know how it works out if anyone tries it. Just be careful not to push your coil on this type of setup. My Max wattage with this current coil is 15w and man is it a perfect vape.


Where do you get this wire and is it available in 22g?


.20 ohms at 15 watts???

I got this wire from a scientific supply go that we order through at my work but there are a lot of them online that I’m sure have the wire.

The resistance starts at. 20 but can climb up to almost .40 within a second or so. The resistance changes dramatically when the wires temp increases so it’s starting resistance is of little importance. That is why it is important to have a mod that actively monitors resistance during the vape to insure safety and consistency.

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1.75 - 2.45 volts + titanium = awesome flavor???

That battery life tho

Bat life is phenomenal. Honestly I’ve had quad coils pushing 150w and I like this setup much b tter as far as flavor is concerned. Don’t expect huge clouds but if your looking for pure flavor lthis is where it’s at. Don’t judge till you try! :wink:

Also, it is super important to prep ti wire appropriately to achieve these great results. Steel wool with dish detergent until wire is nice and shiny. Then rinse in hot water and follow with cotton balls and grain alcohol to ensure no residue is left.

I do the same thing with my stainless wire.

Im not judging, its just ive always associated flavor with volts 3.7-4.1…anything less was weak, so I asked for clarification.

Thank you for the testing and information. Crazy. Just a couple of days ago I decided that I am going to only build from now on using Titanium AND realized it’s the coils that I build that are about .24 to .3 ohms that are so great. I’m using 26 gauge and usually make them 2.5mm inside diameter x 8 wraps. I also do horizontal rather than vertical builds even on my Velocity style decks because then I can have 2 wick tails on the deck rather than only one. I wasn’t having any wicking problems or dry hits per say, I am just shooting for the sure-fire-most-successful build that I can.
I didn’t notice that the titanium builds run cooler or that longer “5-7 sec.” hits are required or anything specific. It all seemed the same to me. I just noticed that when I build using anything besides the Ti, my vape isn’t as tasty or vapory. Maybe its the 24 gauge that I use versus 26 gauge wire that you use causing a need for a longer ramp-up time. Thinner wire certainly would reduce the need for longer draws/ramp-up time. I also don’t clean my wire as discussed. I promise to do so as I am a clean person. LOL but I wasn’t cleaning it at all!
Thanks so much! ps… lovin the discussions as I have not a sole here who vapes in these here boonies.

It isn’t mandatory to take long hits on ti but it is important to keep below the temp threshold to avoid titanium dioxide formation. If I use the wire in TC mode then I set a nominal wattage of 60 and allow the TC to make adjustments and then it only takes 1-2 sec per drag. But when using ti in wattage /power mode it is important to lower the power to avoid over heating the coil so a longer drag is the side effect but no less tasty. I just like to use wattage mode because I feel it is more consistent than TC mode.

Thank s for thebreply though and I’m glad your enjoying your ti! It really is a wonderful experience!!!

I have never had a dna40, so I’m curious as to what this resistance regulating is or does. If you are in wattage mode what good does it do? The dna200 board in my Hcigar has something similar sounding - resistance refinement - but that is used for temp control.

All wire that is used for temp control, not just ti, has an increasing resistance as it heats.This characteristic or curve is what makes TC possible. Conversely, I would think that they would be less useful in wattage or power mode due to the dynamic nature of that curve rapidly and dramatically increasing coil temperature.

And I don’t understand why you would take this risk of ti dioxide. Is the flavor really that much better? Each to their own but I’m not sure this is something I would recommend that others try as setting the wattage to avoid glowing the coils with various mods and attys is going to be problematic. I guess you could run the wattage up to the point that the cotton bursts into flames, that would be an indicator that you have reached a wattage that is too high.

Obviously you have it working for you, but this is the first time I have heard someone recommend Ti in wattage mode so you have piqued my curiosity.

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I saw this earlier and I tried to not voice my opinion. But I totally agree with @Johan.

When I started using Ti, I didn’t have a TC mod. I did use tanks tho, so as long as you kept your wick wet there was no problem with glowing the coil. As far as wattage mode having better flavor. I didn’t find that to be true. Ti in TC mode has much better flavor IMO, or at least better for me.

That’s the beauty of a properly functioning TC mod. Glowing the coils is null and void. Dry coils will not fire if you are set up right.


Allow me to post some of my failed Ti coil attempts to perhaps save people looking into titanium coil builds some time and $$. There are not too many online DIY videos/tutorials for titanium coils because I think people don’t want to create some liability. This is an advanced builders realm. So first THANKS much for posting your success and the technical/safety details. Lots of good info and a good link, as I too enjoy TC vaping.

Choice of wire has to be primary. I bought Grade 1 Titanium wire from RioGrande (more a jewelry supplier). It was very soft and easy to wrap, but the texture could best be described as very rough …like playdough extruded from a fun factory. It had no shine and was uncleanably dirty (taste), even after a hot ultrasonic bath, and I knew you can’t burn it clean like kanthol. The quality and purity are likely perfect if I was flashing some jewelry in a kiln, but clearly not vaping wire.

So thanks again for the link! The only Vape Shop locally that sells Ti wire says they get it from some medical supply (of course that’d be top secret). It’s shiny and smooth and waiting to get twisted soon, but it seems really stiff/springy …so I just bought a couple feet. You mentioned other products (<99.99%?) The only other Ti wire product that claims to be clean and made for vaping (and not springy) I’ve found was from Sweetspotvapors. Anybody have ± experience with that?

Is it bad forum manners to tell others what not to buy? I mean RioGrande made no claims, nor had they advertised. I had simply read someone posting them as a possible source for Ti wire in my quest …hey it was only >$10 Live and learn


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I can’t speak to the efficacy of otherbmods or how ft hey are regulated but I am sure your DNA 200 would work fine.

Let me be clear. This isn’t for someone that started vaping yesterday. this method is for someone who is willing to fill their tanks early and use a certain amount of caution to ensure their own safety. I know I fill my tanks before they are bone dry 99% of the time and if they do start to get low I can tell and will fill immediately. Is the general American public to stupid to use ti like this…most likely. But for someone that has been vaping for years and exercises caution it can be very worth while.

The temp control mods out currently are definitely cutting edge and sound devices but they are not without their own issues and problems and I have run into some of those issues. Running in wattage mode avoids that.

Titanium dioxide is the least of anyones worries. I don’t mean this to be condescending but do you know how much 15mg of inhaled ti dioxide is? It is quite a bit. And osha says that is the upper limit of safety. not to mention there is ti o2 in soaps deoderant, candy, pudding, cosmetics. Its not nearly as dangerous as people believe. Ti is the safest metal yo vape with from a health standpoint if the person is cautious. The only danger is HIGH ti o2 consumption and combustion of the titanium itself. Those are acceptable risks for myself. Your opinion may vary and that is OK.

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Sweet spot Ti is an alloy. They have a special .csv file (temp curve) listed on their site for use with the dna200 and Escribe software. This is an updated file, which I have not tried. I tried the first one and it failed a dry burn test. Some say their alloy will not work with a curve for 99.9 Ti, and it should only be used with the proprietary.csv on a dna200 board.

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I have also read that the Ti dioxide produced by overheating a coil is not the stuff that is dangerous. Supposedly the testing done on TiO2 by OSHA was produced from a chemical reaction. So yes, the perceived danger probably doesn’t equal the reality.

And as you noted, for an advanced vaper this is an avenue they could explore.

Just so no beginning vapers get the wrong idea;

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Hey, try using a brass brillo pad or another type of coarse steel wool. Some of the best titanium is cleaned in Salt baths which leaves a coarse/dirty looking residue but it is cleanable. I will try to post some pics of wire I’ve cleaned tomorrow.


Much appreciated. As an update my RioGrande jewelry wire was not all the same. It was like I got the end of an extrusion batch. My first pieces (from the end?) where very rough but as I went more into my roll of wire the quality was better. I also bought some Ti wire from China and it was the same dull gray but I use it all the time with no issues. I would however be very interested in cleaning it up. The somewhat coarse texture of the wire doesn’t help when it’s time to clean, and possibly contributes a bit to getting crusty during use. I have watched those YouTube videos of guys making polished coils …super cool! Working with smooth wire sure makes sense

Get smart. It’s so much easier to use stainless steel or kanthal or a nice kanthal Clapton coil rather than using Titanium in power mode! It’s not safe!!! Believe me, the flavor will be great and you won’t be risking health and safety. I tried running that risk, but after some research and warnings, I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid, so now I only use Ti with Titanium mode, never in Power mode. Please be responsible. We don’t need anyone getting sick from vaping titanium oxide. Sometimes it only takes one person to ruin a nice thing for everyone.