Titration question

Another newb question here…How important is testing nicotine from reputable companies, like Nic River, for strength using a titration kit? I definitely understand the dangers of nicotine and never want to over saturate any juice I make. Has anyone out there ever found any discrepancies between nic strength and what is printed on the label?

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It’s sadly not a question of has it happened but a question of is it best practice to test and the answer is yes. Always test your new batch of nic when you receive it.


Good question @WitchWolf. I’m a newbie as well, and it never occurred to me to test until i began reading these forums. I am curious,like you, if anybody has ever found a discrepancy from a commercial vendor


To answer the general question. Yes. There have been issues in the past but not naming names, but if you search the forum you may stubble across a few.


Is there a kit you recommend?

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Not Chrispdx but I use this one and titrate every new bottle I get.


Not me eh? Lol.

@TorturedZen Any reputable vendor should sell a kit. And yes the wizard labs one seems adequate


I’ll name names.

ANYONE who purchases from Nude Nicotine should test absolutely every order without fail IMO. Just due to their track record for the last few years alone.

Outside of them however, I agree with Chrispdx, in that it’s more of a “best practices” idea. But even “the best” vendors could have an off instance, as, realistically, as long as a human being is involved, there’s always a chance for human error.


Well I’ll be damned! It’s never occurred to me that nic vendors would mess things up and that I should be testing but now you’ve got me thinking. Suppose they really fuck up and give you 500 mg/ml instead of 100 mg/ml, the results could be fatal :worried: I’m buying a test kit ASAP.

For those of you who test nic concentrations, how much variation do you find and can you post some numbers? I’d also like to hear about test results from HI-LIQ nicotine?

Thanks for posting @WitchWolf



I don’t have numbers but I have had no issue with eciggexpress and nicotine river. Since I only mix for myself with my finished product at 1.5mg a bottle of 100mg lasts me a very long time…so it’s been 6 months or more since I last tested.

Personally what I recommend doing is watch as many YouTube videos until testing makes sense. That what I do every time since I only get a new order of nic every 9 months.


PLEASE bear in mind, my post above is NOT to start a panic but rather, IMO NN has earned the reputation for exercising caution, by repeated screwups (which they themselves have responded to, and attempted to resolve), and over the course of the last few years.

When dealing with 100mg nic, there should absolutely be a MINIMAL incident count IMO. And they’ve far exceeded this. Again /in my opinion/.

Regardless, it’s not commonplace for such to happen, nor have I seen it frequently reported (or reported at all) for most nic vendors. Which is also what makes NN standout like a sore thumb.

There’s several instances documented on Reddit, with numbers included. But I don’t have links BM’d on the phone, or I’d be happy to share. They’re not hard to find though…

Google “nude nicotine problem” or the like. You’ll get plenty of results.


Probably should but i never did and don’t intend too. Use several liters of nic by now didn’t die and my customers didn’t either Had headaches though but after carefull examination they could all be tied to occasions where alcohol lvls spiked to ungodly heights


I agree for the best practice, as im mixing not only for me i will test now on, grrr i was just to lazy to do it as i started mixing for my self it was easyer to avoid…

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Thank you all for your replies. I have to agree with the idea of best practices, as it only take one big mistake by someone else to cause a serious issue for anyone using a mislabeled/bad mix of nicotine. As @cooper1 said, “Suppose they really fuck up and give you 500 mg/ml instead of 100 mg/ml, the results could be fatal”. When death is a possibility is the 5 or 10 mins needed to test nicotine strength even an inconvenience? As “they” always say…It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Thank you everyone for your input and helping me to see the light. You guys rock.



I’m about as bad as @Duchesst. I’ve had countless orders from NN with no issues. I probably SHOULD have, but I never have. Much smarter TO test IMO.


I’m not panicking but you’ve certainly shed light on a problem that has the potential to be catastrophic. Nothing works perfectly 100% of the time and quality assurance systems can fail, no matter how strict they may be, therefore its a matter of when not if.

I only mix for myself, I’m not really worried about poisoning others. Without trying to sound like a preacher @Duchesst If you are supplying others then start testing. I’t really is a matter of when not if and I’m scared for you. What if you do get the excessively loaded batch of nicotine. Without knowing what it was you could do yourself or others serious harm without even vaping it. Just handling it would require a whole different approach. If someone does die, the mixer will probably end up in prison and, more seriously, the industry will become so regulated that we’ll all be buying our nic from pharma’s at blown out prices, or worse DIY nic will become illegal (like where I live).

I’m sad to admit it and I don’t have much love for bureaucracy but I can see a need for regulation here.

Safe mixing folks!

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I’m very sorry i just don’t buy into this.

Haven’t really looked for it but haven’t come across a lot of claims that nicotine provided by a reputable compagnie was to strong. Would surprise me aswell since the way of making the solution would likely cause the container to overflow if mixed to strong. Furthermore i believe any reputable, western compagnie dealing with making the subtances in high volumes is going to have alot better equipment and process safety features then any diy mixer can achieve and are requirred by law to do so.

Lets take nude nicotine for example i’m pretty sure every bottle has a batch number on it. That from every batch there was taken a sample that has been tested with a far greater accuracy the we could at home and on more things then just nicotine. That they have the test result on file for every single batch produced.

If i didn’t believe this to be true then how on earth could i ever trust anything again? Especially modern medicine.

Further more i believe one would notice if their e-liquid would contain deadly lvls of nicotine. After steeping on sight cause the color is way off. Or just taking a puff i’m pretty sure i would be nasty as hell and likely even painfull, which would end the puff rather quickly and you be very carefull figurine out what is wrong. At any rate it seems hard to me to get a lethal dose in a grown man/woman through e-liquid without drinking the stuff.


You shouldn’t trust anyone, with anything and to be frank, what you are doing is a classic example of this. You are relying on your instincts to confirm that the dangerous chemical that you are supplying to people is at a prescribed amount. Without quantifying your product by testing it you have no idea what you are supplying and IMO you are being negligent by not taking adequate care to ensure that your product is at the stated mg/ml. Test can give false readings too and accidents can still happen but testing would reduce the risk significantly.

I’m not trying to bully you and I’d be surprised if your products weren’t premium, better than mine anyway :grin: The moral of this story is that professionals, experts and industry leaders still make mistakes and that errors still slip through the cracks and we should all do what we can to ensure our safety when working with a sinister chemical like nicotine And no you cant trust people not to make mistakes, it happens all the time, everywhere!.

I disagree with you about nicotine not being too dangerous unless you drink it. I wouldn’t want to rub 1 ml of 200mg/ml nicotine into my skin, I don’t know for sure but I think It would mess with you.


I agree that the nic level would have to be verry off to be harmful, but thing is what if it is just a bit off, and what if im not the first one to taste my juice? I did a few mistakes when i started to mix ( ended whit a juice a bit off on nic level) thanks to this place and peoples i learned a great deal on easy way and what seems to me as best practice. So if taking a few minutes to make sure then be it im on . I could compare that to mechanics using a torque wrench instead of is instinct, im pretty confidant that i could torque whitout it a wheel lug nut at 90 pound/foot, but whit the tool im whitout any douts…


@Ken_O_Where can speak to this directly, as he experienced it first hand with them. If he feels inclined, maybe he’ll share what happened.

(Sorry to put you on the spot, Moo. You don’t have to if you don’t wanna.)