To be sure

Hi everyone
I am new I just calculate this recepi ! But I don’t want to make my e liquid before ask I want to be sure is everything is ok with my recepi to smoke
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Cant see it dude, you need to take it off private :+1:

Sorry for that yeah I am going to take it off

That looks mighty fine, sir! Good work. Just remember to shake it until its filled with tiny bubbles and then some.

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Thank you Underanne

Ferhat … You might want to edit your flavorings and make sure the flavoring name you are using in the recipe includes the manufacturer, so others will see your recipe and understand exactly what you are using. For instance, the Bavarian Cream … Which are you using? FW, CAP, TFA ?

When entering your flavoring name, a list will show up. Select the correct one from the list.


Ditto what Alisa said.
@Ferhat , look for the flavors that are listed in this format: Flavor Name (Flavor Company)
So for example, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)

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Ok I will do . Thank you for letting me know

I will do thank you

Hello Im new here and I need your help I made this recipe it’ok?

Hey Vicky, looks like you’ve got it all correct there. Only you can know for sure if it’s gonna taste good (make sure you let it steep!), but if you follow that recipe you’ll end up with the right ratios you’re looking for.

Thank you very much for your answer could you tell me for sure how many drops will need because I’m little confuse about that. 95 or 925 drops by base?and how we calculate the drops/ml 20 or 35?

Honestly, I’ve never mixed by using drops as a measurement. Do you have a scale or syringes? Drops are so very inaccurate…

good advice for both of you may be, mix a small quantity at first, about 10ml then make adjustments to increase or decrease flavors, the 2nd or 3rd batch you will have your flavor adjusted then you can try 30ml so it will get a good steep.

OK I will use syringes and how ml I have to use for base and flavours? I can’t understand the numbers thank you for your help

I would like to understand the numbers of the recipe to make the liquids.

Is this recepie ok ?