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To Squonk or Not to Squonk.... Question Answered


Yeah I’m late to the party here but have to toss my safety advice out there anyway. That’s me. I’d never advocate pushing a single celled 18650 device past 80w from a safety perspective. And the cell life will definitely suffer quickly.

*Sorry, can’t help it. Safety first at all times with me.


Maybe I worded that wrong or you misread it. I vape 80-120 on dual battery devices because I cant get a comparable vape with lower wattge from a single battery device. This is one of the reasons that I don’t squonk.


It wasn’t targeted at you in any way. Just an opportunity to get a PSA out there.


@SthrnMixer Im just new to squonking, trying to decide on a device, I saw that beautiful thing on your desk I just have to ask what is it!! I want one! Im trying to find a squonk thats not in a box shape :smiley: Sorry for going off topic but man that thing is sexy!


If you can live with single battery the topside is hard to better.


Lost vape drone. :smiley:


@Ths1MxrChk is right. Lost Vape Drone. Not sure if you can find one these days or not. It is a DNA 250 mod and in a word…fantastic.

That said, if you’re wanting to foray into squonking and like the looks of the Drone, I can recommend a much cheaper yet still fantstic dual battery mod. It’s the Wismec Luxotic DF…

I’ve been very happy with this mod. It’s a little above average quality construction except for the little door that covers the compartment the squonk bottle goes in. Fasttech has it for $55 US.


Drone were so hard to get hold of but the dna250c version is due out mid december


Dual Topside is due out in January I think. Drone is already up for presale.


Just got the Boxer 250C, Santa came early, while it’s a great gift I would be pissed if I ended up paying that much money for a not perfect mod, I am elated on getting my hands on one, it has
some flaws, I am going to put it through it’s paces, and hopefully do a non professional review on it, but I need some time to cover my bases, just got it today, I will be taking my beater pulses to work still though in the meantime.


I replaced my dual 18650 gbox (finally) with simple single 18650 squonkers. Nothing fancy really, but was eyeballing the 75c however people say battery life is horrible, that’s why I didn’t buy one yet lol

Surprisingly these cheap single battery devices aren’t that bad.

I don’t squonk all the time, I mostly use my rta on my favorite 250c.(regular mod) Therefore I don’t actually want to buy a 250c squonker, but I love replay! Definitely keeping an eye on this topic.


That’s the one that’ll likely get me back into squonking.


The only problem I have with this, is that I’ve owned 2 Noisy Cricket V2’s and the Luxotic BF,[all Wismec] and the fire button packed up on all three of them after 6 months, almost to the day. Makes me wonder. Shame because I loved both devices.


me i vote not to squonk - to me all it looks like is a dripper with a tank to feed it. maybe I’m missing something .

me I’m happy with the steam crave … to me its like a dripper with a tank attached. turn off the juice flow and its a dripper. turn juice flow on and its a tank the best of both worlds…


Different animal. It is an RDTA.


For me… I have RDTAs, Squonk RDAs, Drippers and I am hooked on Squonking I never use my tanks any more and I never was a fan of dripping


So often it’s a matter of give and take. You give up something to gain something else. In this case - airflow. I hadn’t bought a new RDA in a bit so just browsed around Element Vape till something caught my eye. Behold, the Yellow Jacket by Bruce Pro Innovations. The airflow is quite a bit less than I’m used to on things like the Goon, Bonza, Dead Rabbit and the like. But DAMN does it produce flavor. Very unique design too and virtually leak proof. If you don’t require big air flow and love flavor then I would very much recommend this RDA - especially for the squonkers. Disclaimer - due to the design, putting in a build is somewhat challenging. I’d give it a 7 out of 10 on the difficulty meter. Only other drawback, but one which doesn’t bother me, the drip tip is built into the top cap. But it’s good.


Is that the one with the dome that is above the coils and the juice hits the coils direct on squonk?


It is. I found a review for it. He pretty much says what I was thinking…


I believe I’m addicted to the squonk. So far I have 3 Rages, Pulse Dual, Pulse and a few Desire Cuts arriving soon (I hope). I had an Anita but couldn’t give that one away fast enough because of the constant leaking (included the Wasp Nano with it because of the annoying whistle). Most of my RDA’s have been converted to bottom feeders and I haven’t touched a tank in a couple of months along with my various non-squonk mods. I have a couple of vape-buds that are going to be very happy if I go to 100% squonking. Might actually make for a less cramped vape station. Now, I need to save up (or just stop buying for a bit) for a DNA squonker and I’ll be set (nah, who am I kidding).