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To Squonk or Not to Squonk.... Question Answered


I’ve been vaping for about 6 years. I never really got into RDAs that much. The ones I got were old and simplistic. Around Thanksgiving I won a Drop Solo. When Black Friday sales were going on I got an Aspire Feedlink gor less than $20. A coil hobbyist offered to make me a coil for it. It’s a big N80 Fralien. I got three new VTC5As to use in it. It hits hard, and the flavor is outstanding.

I’ve never had a tank with as good of flavor. I can handle carrying extra batteries. If it happens to run low, I just switch it.

Since then I got some more squonk mods and different RDAs. The Profile is another good one. I just got a Rebirth RDA for my Basium. Both are awesome. That one has stayed home though do to size. My running around squonks are the Feedlink with Drop Solo I described above, and another Feedlink with a Profile. They have a little bit of weight but they’re small. I also carry pod devices.

It’s all variety. I love variety. I just love that this whole other world has opened up to me. Things I ignored in the past all of a sudden have become interesting. I’m talking about RDAs and squonk devices. I’ve tried all the rest already. There’s sime nice subohm tanks these days. But they hit differently than RDAs. The flavor is good but different if that makes any sense. My post is getting a bit long so I’ll wrap it up. I had no intention to get into RDAs of BF devices until a few months ago. Squonking has been AWESOME.


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Have you seen this thread ?


For me it is the fact that I like to drip and travel too much. So most of my time is spent in vehicles when I vape. I drip at home and squonk when on travel. I also like to drink and drinking and dripping gets tiresome. Easier to squonk when imbibing. For me it is just a matter of convenience. All in all, if you are not smoking cigarettes, you are winning.


These are my current travel go to’s. Both Pulse 80W BF devices. One with a Faris and one with the Bonza RDA. Small and compact power houses.


Love the mods =)


I was resistant to sqonking because I was happy with what I was using, but it’s hard to deny flavor is best on a freshly juiced up RDA. I noticed even in my favorite tanks that the flavor seemed to bake off as the liquid was consumed (from that heated tank reservoir), so as you got lower in volume you got less flavor from that juice. When you’re squonking, the juice is far away from that high heat source, and it’s easily always freshly juiced up (wick). Totally infatuated with my Vandy Vape Pulse Dual with the Pulse V2 RDA. It’s like truly perfect. Unless you over squonk this thing it doesn’t even leak laying on it’s side, but then I’m a recent convert to MAX cotton (Wick Hard!)


I never thought of it that way before reading this. I also noticed flavor fading as a tank got low but for me the juice left in the tank would get darker so I figured it was just from the coil gunk mixing with the juice left in the tank.

Got into squonking thanks to @Rob62 and have not used a tank since.


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