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To Squonk or Not to Squonk.... Question Answered


I’ve been vaping for about 6 years. I never really got into RDAs that much. The ones I got were old and simplistic. Around Thanksgiving I won a Drop Solo. When Black Friday sales were going on I got an Aspire Feedlink gor less than $20. A coil hobbyist offered to make me a coil for it. It’s a big N80 Fralien. I got three new VTC5As to use in it. It hits hard, and the flavor is outstanding.

I’ve never had a tank with as good of flavor. I can handle carrying extra batteries. If it happens to run low, I just switch it.

Since then I got some more squonk mods and different RDAs. The Profile is another good one. I just got a Rebirth RDA for my Basium. Both are awesome. That one has stayed home though do to size. My running around squonks are the Feedlink with Drop Solo I described above, and another Feedlink with a Profile. They have a little bit of weight but they’re small. I also carry pod devices.

It’s all variety. I love variety. I just love that this whole other world has opened up to me. Things I ignored in the past all of a sudden have become interesting. I’m talking about RDAs and squonk devices. I’ve tried all the rest already. There’s sime nice subohm tanks these days. But they hit differently than RDAs. The flavor is good but different if that makes any sense. My post is getting a bit long so I’ll wrap it up. I had no intention to get into RDAs of BF devices until a few months ago. Squonking has been AWESOME.


sry, avatar makes me laugh everytime!


Have you seen this thread ?


For me it is the fact that I like to drip and travel too much. So most of my time is spent in vehicles when I vape. I drip at home and squonk when on travel. I also like to drink and drinking and dripping gets tiresome. Easier to squonk when imbibing. For me it is just a matter of convenience. All in all, if you are not smoking cigarettes, you are winning.


These are my current travel go to’s. Both Pulse 80W BF devices. One with a Faris and one with the Bonza RDA. Small and compact power houses.


Love the mods =)


I was resistant to sqonking because I was happy with what I was using, but it’s hard to deny flavor is best on a freshly juiced up RDA. I noticed even in my favorite tanks that the flavor seemed to bake off as the liquid was consumed (from that heated tank reservoir), so as you got lower in volume you got less flavor from that juice. When you’re squonking, the juice is far away from that high heat source, and it’s easily always freshly juiced up (wick). Totally infatuated with my Vandy Vape Pulse Dual with the Pulse V2 RDA. It’s like truly perfect. Unless you over squonk this thing it doesn’t even leak laying on it’s side, but then I’m a recent convert to MAX cotton (Wick Hard!)


I never thought of it that way before reading this. I also noticed flavor fading as a tank got low but for me the juice left in the tank would get darker so I figured it was just from the coil gunk mixing with the juice left in the tank.

Got into squonking thanks to @Rob62 and have not used a tank since.


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@Sanctuary_Denied I don’t know if you’re still hunting, or still vaping, even, since this post is ages old, but there’s a dual 21700 (but comes w batt sleeves to use 18650s) squonk mod that is VERY small. Regulated and variable up to 100 W. Might be a little heavy for walking around w in pocket if you don’t want ‘drop trou’ syndrome @louiesquared, but its certainly sized to fit in pocket. Its a kit, comes with its RDA, Coral 2 RDA, maybe not the best of the best, but it’s not disposable… a few experienced vapers here have told me they liked it so much that they left the included RDA on the mod, and they have many other RDAs to choose from. Lastly, its well reviewed (@Dan_the_Man did a must see review for it, if you’re thinking about purchasing. Wendy_Vapes and Jai Haze also did good ones) and all loved this device. And right now, it’s $30 in the Breazy warehouse, which is about $18 cheaper than anywhere else I’ve found it, and I’ve been looking, hard. Pretty much the perfect lil squonk mod if you’re thinking of trying squonking, or thinking of throwing in the towel because your squonker is too large, or batts die too fast. Dual 21700 Batteries!! That is awesome. I’m grabbing one tomorrow at payday… so excited. I haven’t used a squonk mod in years and years, and never a satisfying one, so this’ll be a thrill. May use the Coral 2 as a backup, but getting a Profile RDA to go with it (looks awesome on it with the beauty ring that comes w kit). Just wanted to throw this out there for any of ya’ll thinking of throwing in the towel and vote nay on ‘to squonk or not to squonk’.

Prices vary, but right now 3/2019 Breazy has em for $30. Here’s kit and specs:


I bought 2 of the pico2 from them it is a decent mod for the price, but it is pretty heavy, It is only a single battery mod. It did come with a 21700 cell, and the coral RdA,


Oh wow, so sorry. Good catch, @nicomanteno. I’ve shopped a bazillion pvs over the last few days because my main mod died, and i totally got that confused. SINGLE battery, only. Out of curiosity, when you say mod came with battery, do you mean from Breazy? The description has no battery included in contents, but it also doesn’t say it isn’t included. You’re about the 5th person who said they got one with it. Yay! Crossing fingers that’s the case. I have 18650s out my ears, but no 21700s that don’t need rewrapped.


Yes, it does come with a 21700 battey, it is a Avatar AVB 21700 4000 mAh 30A on the wrapper, I am pretty sure that would be a pulse rating, also 4000 mAh is pushing that limit too, it’s probably more like a 20-25A and about 3500 mAh, I pretty sure Mooch tested it, I have had the best life with the Samsung 40T. Just make sure sure your charger can fit 21700’s unless you are planning on charging in the mod, but as you probably know not recommended, also fair warning it is a finger print magnet if that bothers you. Hope you like it, Breazy is usually pretty fast shipping too.


Yes Mooch did test it

This Avatar reached the boiling point of water when discharged at its 30A claimed rating. I am giving it an estimated current rating of 20A, the same as the Basen and CoilArt cells.

It delivered 3963mAh and 3997mAh of capacity at 0.5A. Since the capacity rating should be lower than what any cell deliver in testing I am giving it a rating of 3900mAh.

+1 for the 40T or the 30T both are great batteries


Yep, I’ve got one of the grand expandable chargers. lol Love those, fits just about any chunky battery. And yay! So cool its included. Fingerprints eh, not great, but you pay for the low cost and glam with the constant wiping. lol I am literally counting down the second till delivery. My main mod died…omg, such a bad bad vape on this elderly creature I’m vaping now. When I finally get the Pico it’ll be like… aaaaahhhhhh!!! Nirvana…

And I’ll keep a lookout for those Samsung 40T/30T. I wanna say I just saw them somewhere I’ve got an active cart, so I’ll grab one if they’re cheapish.

@woftam or anyone more adept at me with batt knowledge (so, um… yeah. That’s just about anyone. My batt learning stopped with be safe! And buy the high mAh batteries everyone raves about.)… I’m a little funny about batteries, and almost always change em out when they’re about 1/2 strength. Do u happen to know… is that good or bad for the batteries, never taking them all the way down to discharge? I’m one of 3 vapers in household, so not NEVER, but erm… seldom.


Cool, I know that there was a thred that said there are fake ones out there, just be careful who you order them from, Breazy recalled both the 30t and 40t that they had, saying they might not be " up to the standard". Just a heads up if you are thinking about getting some.


Niiice heads up, since Breazy was the 1st place I’d have checked. Ty!!

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They have them listed as out of stock now. As for draining the battery all the way down, I don’t think it matters that much, or at least not nothing really noticable, I usually go till I feel it sag and don’t put out the true wattage of what the mod says but before the mod cut off, but there’s been many times if it’s 1/2- 3/4 full I would top them off before leaving the house.


The trick with batteries is balancing the Mah with the Amp draw for how you vape. High mAh generally means the max amp draw is a little lower. Work out how many amps your build is going to draw then buy a battery that has the highest mAh that will support your required Amp draw.

Search battery model + mooch on google and you will find mooch’s report for that battery.

Use an Ohms law calculator to work out how many amps your build will draw from the battery.

Here are genuine 30T


Thanks wolftam you explained it better than I could. :+1: