To Squonk or Not to Squonk.... Question Answered

So, I have been messing around with Squonk Mods for a month now and I have some suggestions if you’re thinking about trying it.

First let me say that the vape quality depends solely on the RDA and build that you settle on. Second, if you are already Dripping it is a very easy conversion to make.

OK, so I have decided that Squonking is not really for me. Here is why.

  1. I find it no harder to refill my 3-4ml tanks than it is to swap a battery in my 75-80 watt Squonk mods. Yes, that is the trade off here if you regularly use dual battery mods like me. Unless you shell out big bucks for a dual battery Squonker, you will need to swap out batteries far more often that before. Also, dual battery Squonkers are quite large and not really something that I want to carry around all day.

  2. I like to vape at 80-120 watts and just cant get the same vape that I am used to on a single battery device. I tried a dual battery Mech Squonker that is not terribly large but I am not a fan of Mechs.

  3. For me personally I feel that I can get an equally flavorful vape from most modern RTA’s and RDTA’s. For this reason it’s not really necessary for me to use an RDA. I liked the thought of having a 10ml juice reservoir at my disposal but it seems the trade offs are not something that I feel are worth the effort.

Like I said above, if you are already Dripping you may find Squonking an easy alternative. In addition, if you vape at low wattage on a single battery device you will not have the issues that I am having. I just thought I would share my experience with you all. Hope it helps anyone thinking about making the investment.


I thought squonking was a sex move


@louiesquared Have you tried the kanger db160? I’ve been really pleased with it. I’m happy with the atty that comes with it when I bring the coils up high, but you could always get a better one. Just thought I’d throw that out there for anyone considering a squonk mod. It has dual batteries and fits in my hand well, not too bulky at all imo. It’s also regulated unlike a lot of squonkers which a lot of people might like vs. a mech.


No regerts :slight_smile:

So I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I have a BF Delirium on order but apparently the USPS decided the atty needed a vacation before I get it, so it went from Torrance, CA to Guam, then to Honolulu and is supposedly on it’s way to me. Ah, me and @VaporDNA have had a round about that :slight_smile:

I first set up the Cthulhu Ceto in squonk mode. FYI - I have one last hope for the Ceto, and that’s possibly finding some better mesh. Anyway, the Ceto and me partied for a few hours then I decided I want something better. I went to my box of atty boxes. Found a squonk pin in a baggie that was floating around loose, but not in an RDA box. Couldn’t figure out which RDA it went to. So the only one in my collection I could verify I had a squonk pin for was the Hadaly. Wanna see something funny?

The vape on this little RDA is incredible. But no way can I be seen sporting a huge mod and itty bitty atty. In my frustration I decided to see if the squonk pin fit any other attys. Sure enough, fit the Goon perfectly.

Anyone who knows the Goon understands what a great vape it provides. Combine that with NEVER dripping…amazeballs. Oh yeah, I remember full well saying I didn’t like dripping. Since @LordVapor suggested the Goon, my attitude has changed. I’m now starting to use them quite a lot. But @louiesquared I was like you…no way will I enjoy a single battery mod. So I found the only dual battery squonker that appealed to me. Lost Vape Drone. I’m sure others will come out in due course, but I know the DNA and thought it a perfect fit for my tastes. Very glad I did. Over the past 2 days I’ve squonked my little ol’ ass off. So nice!!! I can’t say enough good things about the experience. Right build, right juice, mod that hits and a little squeeze bottle - recipe for satisfaction.

Yeah, if you can’t or won’t shell out the bux for a dual battery squonker, and you aren’t already a single battery vaper, then I would just skip it entirely. You won’t be happy. But if you don’t mind dropping a few dollars on a quality mod, then I say you have my word it’s a fantastic way to vape. The 11ml squonk bottle will get you through several puffs before needing a refill.


My biggest issue is that I like a mod that fits nicely in my pocket when I’m out and about. I actually enjoy dripping when I am at home so I don’t really need a Squonker for that. Even the Dripbox 160 feels too big for me to carry around. I enjoy Squonking. I have a Wasp Nano, A Goon, A Velocity v1 and whatever the atomizer is that came with the Wraith. I do get great flavor out of them but in reality it’s just not a great fit for me. I just wanted people to know that there are a few trade offs that come with Squonking. Then they will at least go in to it with some expectations. I never even thought about these things when I started this journey.


Very much appreciate the sharing @louiesquared. I fully suspect I feel exactly the same. I also have found that it is my habit to change flavors more often than not after finishing a 3ml tank. A 10ml reservoir just doesn’t make much sense with that habit. I also agree fully per the flavor developed by recently produced RTA’s. A real game changer. I still have some RDA’s of course, but they are put into use more infrequently as time passes. Mostly at home for a quick “snack” on a flavor I don’t want to vape a full tank of.


Then a small single battery mech squonker could be something for you.

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I tried a few different Mechs but the battery life makes them more of a hassle to me than just opening the top of my RTA and squeesing in some juice.


You get used to changing batteries. I don’t see that as a hassle at all, more like part if the experience.


I think one big things is if you use max VG like me it’s hard to get a tank that can handle it so I love to Squonk :smiley:


Really? I have never had any issues with vaping Max VG with any RTA. Maybe an issue with Sub Ohm Tanks or older RTA’s but pretty much any modern RTA will perform just fine with Max VG. In fact, most modern RTA’s work best with Max VG.


See, I get that but for me it’s no difference than squeezing juice in my tank.

Scenario A.
Get a new battery out from your pocket or bag and remove it from it’s case, pull the old battery out, insert the new battery and place the old one in the case. Put it back in your pocket or bag or whatever.

Scenario B.
Get a bottle of juice out from your pocket or bag and remove the cap. Remove RTA top cap, squeeze in the juice and then recap the tank. Replace cap on bottle and put it back where you got it.

Like I said, for me it just wasnt a game changing experience that made it worth it.


I take my DB 160 to work every day with my moded chalice 3 and I can vape for a day and a half with 2 full batteries so it works for me :smiley:

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But do you keep it in your pocket? I cant really set my mod down anywhere as I am always on the move. The Dripbox has the same dimensions as the Reuleaux and there is no way I could carry my RX200s around in my pocket all day.


I can keep it in my pocket but I put under my work bench on a shelf


When you use a squonker you’re not limited to whatever is in your tank. There’s nothing preventing you from dripping whatever you want whenever you want. What’s truly amazing about squonking to me is I can use the RDA in all it’s normal performance except I can do so with one hand without having to set the mod down.

So far the only trade offs I’ve found are not having to drip…and that’s it. But that could also be because I have several of the triple battery mods so the form factor and weight are already something I’m used to. I don’t believe I’ll be going on a squonk buying frenzy. But honestly I think anyone who enjoys RDAs would enjoy squonking too. Just a matter of taste I reckon.


I suppose that could be what’s shaping my opinion of the db 160’s size. I’ve quickly gotten used to using a reuleaux rx300 as my regular vape so the db actually seems a little small! But if @louiesquared is needing something that’s comfortable in his pocket, then that’s not gonna work so well.


Ditto. Just looks like a huge pain to me.

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The shorter life of a single 18650 and bulk of a larger mod has kept me on the fence in regards to purchasing a squonker.
However, I like the idea of having a dedicated RDA in the car I can refill without having to drip.

I enjoy having dedicated mods, for example my RX200 (three battery) is my desktop/roadtrip mod. I keep a two battery mod with an RTA in my pocket as my walking mod.

For me, if it wasn’t for drastic temperature changes in my truck, I would have purchased a multi-battery squonker as my dedicated vehicle mod while my pocket mod would serve as a flavor changer while driving. The idea of having to take the large mod out and lug it around doesn’t appealing me.

I may eventually look into a 26650 or perhaps a smaller, high powered lipo squonker when the vape budget allows for it.


#squonklyf 4 eva bro i love em just need a duel 20700 that fits in my pocket and my life is complete

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