Tobacco Absolute is it useful for a beginner?

Hi I am wondering about Tobacco Absolute ,is it worth getting as a novice mixer (mad scientist) ?
I don’t really know much about it .I live in New Zealand so Juice Factory in Australia would probably be the best place (possibly) I would imagine.I m not even sure if I can get Inawera Garuda etc .Did look at NET but the cost of getting Pure Grain Alcohol is pretty expensive .Thanks in advance . P.S. I hope I put this topic in the right place ! Oh if you want check out my flavour stash XD


Seems to be an oil for aroma therapy… I wouldn’t really vape this without knowing the exact composition of it.
There are plenty tobacco aromas from reputable flavor manufacturers and as a beginner, I’d stick to those. Meanwhile you can do some more research about these other aromas that peak your interest.

You don’t have to use PGA to make a N.E.T, you can do it with PG, it just takes time to make N.E.T which is usually not appealing to beginners.
You can have a look at this thread if you’re interested.

Juice Factory sells their own brand of tobacco absolute but if you are really interested in Inawera you could get it directly from, their shipping is very reasonable.

Tobacco Absolute is a very nice addition to tobacco juices so if your into tobacco’s I don’t see why you shouldn’t get some. You won’t be a beginner forever :wink:
Here’s some tobacco tasting notes, you will find the absolutes among them

I don’t know where you get this idea from but it’s absolutely incorrect.


Isn’t this the stuff he’s talking about?


Nope, it is this

or this



tobacco absolute

by the time your stuff is ready you will not be
a beginner anymore, takes lot of time :smiley:


The power of supplying a link …


You need the power to let knowledgeable people who are in the know to answer the questions to which you have no clue.


For your first attempt at NET, I think starting out with a good tobacco would be a big benefit in the long run. Who would want to wait 3 to 6 months and find out their NET is blah, because a cheap tobacco was used? I’m not sure what is available locally, in NZ, as far as tobacco shops and what they might carry. I’m also not familiar with tobacco import laws in NZ and what restrictions there are for ordering tobacco online.

Look over this thread, and it may give you some tips as to what type of tobacco you may decide to start with.

Choice Tobaccos For NET

If you find something you want to try, and it’s available, go for it! As @Josephine_van_Rijn said, You can just cover the tobacco with PG, in a jar, and stash it while it does it’s thing.

That 3 to 6 months, waiting for your NET, gives you that time to experiment with commercial tobacco flavorings. It also gives you time to gather your NET making supplies (filters, etc). You may find something you really enjoy, in the mean time. Once your NET is ready, you can vape it straight up, alone, or experiment, and mix it with commercial flavorings that you enjoy, and make a hybrid NET/commercial flavoring blend.

The experimenting and discoveries are fun, and a great way to fine tune your mixes to what YOU enjoy.

Good luck and have fun!


see this thread


Yes, if you like tobacco vapes it’s worth getting.
From my notes:
“Introducing RTS Tobacco Absolute (PG). Our own unique Tobacco Absolute pure 100% oil extract is diluted 90% (50% TA, 40% PG and 10% EA) for easy use in your e-liquid. This product contains ethyl alcohol and Contains EM.4-16 weeks steep.This product is highly concentrated please start with 1 drop at a time until you are familiar with the taste.Tobacco Absolute is a naturally very bitter flavour and works great in small amounts when combined with Flavourart tobacco flavours to add bitterness.TA adds real zest to an otherwise bland tobacco, use 1% in most tobaccos; makes it “pop”.”
Just about out of RTS TA (Out of Business) so looking at ECX/BC/Inawera.


Tobacco Absolutes, in small quantity/low percentage, can give you that true tobacco quality in a vape. Most TA (Nicotiana Tabacum) purchased from a flavor vendor such as…




…have somewhat of a dank, musty, grassy, hay-like quality when vaped as a stand alone mix. These notes will lessen with steep time when mixed in a recipe.

Another TA one can use is Nicotiana Rustica Absolute; quite different in flavor from the Nicotiana Tabacum Absolute. It is more bright and lively, and can add a nice lift to an otherwise blah tobacco note in a mix. It can be purchased here:

Below is my recipe and notes for mixing the N. Rustica:

The above vendors are all US based.


Thanks everyone !I might go for that Juice Factory one ,there is another Australian vendor that has a few Inawera so they might have Garuda Inawera.


Might like to read some more about tobacco Sydney style vapes:


Vapers Table has always been a very nice site which @Charles_Vaper put together. Good folk! :sunglasses:


Charles has probably forgotten more than most of us will ever know


I doubt the accuracy of that statement. He may be a nice guy, but that site makes the basic classic mistake that most “mixers” make when dipping their toe in tobacco. That is the failure to very clearly distinguish between artificial tobacco flavoring profiles that are created in the chemistry lab as opposed to the real product as produced by mother nature. Most mixers treat the two worlds as connected by a bridge on which they can walk back and forth at will. Nothing could be further from the truth.

That sort of error leads to a lot of bad information on sites like Charles statement: "Flavorah Tobaccos ,…happen to be superior to most in terms of authenticity. These are up there with the best tobaccos you can buy,… " That statement is total rubbish. It is worth noting that all his suggested recipes contain, as their main base, the artificial products from FLAVORAH and none from INW. This is incredible, as he mentions in his list of available purveyors of tobacco flavors the products from INW which actually does sell true tobacco based flavors, in particular they do sell true Tobacco Absolute, But the site never lists the proper use of those products and never points out how substantially different they are from artificial chemistry.

The OP asked about TA which is a natural tobacco based extraction process. To direct him (a self admitted “beginner”) to a site that focuses on artificial flavor chemistry without the necessary cautionary statements about crossing the bridge is to do the OP a great disservice. I understand that FLAVORAH companies marketing has been so effective that most “reviewers” and re-sellers peddle the products without thinking.


It’s my understanding that TA need to be diluted before its used in mixes. Can anyone suggest the dilution ratio?

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Personally, I took this type of TA and diluted: 1ml TA to 9 ml PG. But, to each his/her own. :wink:


Did you ever test this TA MF?

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