Tobacco Flavors Tasting Notes (Misc)

Here are most of the tobacco notes we have compiled over at cloud collective

Feel free to reply with your own tasting notes. Thanks to all those that have contributed, are yet to contribute, or have allowed me to copy/paste your work.

#Hangsen reviews here
-by /u/slapofthebass

"Cigar - This is a deal-breaker tobacco flavor. It is right on the money. Sweet, mellow and smokey. I’m not a huge fan of your typical RY tobacco flavors, so I was purposefully going for another offshoot tobacco type. This one is a must! 10/10

RY1 - Like I said previously, not a huge RY fan, but this one is exactly as you might think it tastes. It’s your typical tobacco flavor, the kind you taste in 80% of tobacco e-liquids. Some good examples are Indigo - The Duke and Dekang - Dark Tobacco. I have a feeling this is exactly what they use. 8/10."


tasted on unregulated RDA w/ dual coils, measuring 0.4Ω

Burley, 1% - 3%

Sweet brown sugar flavor, slight “tobacco flavor” that doesn’t resemble tobacco. yet I can tell what they were going for. I think it maybe like cyclotene and furfuryl alcohol, or something of that nature, but I am no expert. However it does resemble flavors from TFA with those CAS# ’s. And I know I can mentally classify chemicals with my senses, I just have no form of isolated reference. Overall not bad, not great.

50/50 pg/vg aged - 1-3 weeks

Classic CLM

@ 3% this flavor tastes dark musty and kind of strange. at 1-1.5% it tastes like a mild leaf like tobacco flavor. It kind of tastes like a mild cigar, smells. It is not a strong flavor so I would recommend using it to round off a tobacco profile. This tastes like an NET and I believe, I’ve read that it is as well. The color however is clear

I will be coming back to this flavor and will be combining it with S’camel , and I expect a decent vape.

50/50 pg/vg aged 4-5 weeks w/ high vg

Flue Cured, 3%

neutral sweetness, very little tobacco flavor. reminded me of a swisher sweet minus the intense tobacco. I didnt let this cure for too long, but I don’t think it was going anywhere.

70/30 vg/pg aged - 1-3 weeks


Gold Ducat…

Initial thoughts HERE…
to be continued.

Nutty Princess…

1% This is good. It reminds me of a darker, night time/autumn version of s’camel w/o the maltol and lower pyrazine content. Mild dessert sweetness with an underlying leafiness, I think. It tastes like cookie, light mild tobacco, and hint of maple maybe?

2% The tobacco starts to take the centerstage and the cookie takes the backseat. I don’t taste maple anymore…if I ever did, but I do taste a breakfast flavor, like that of pyrazines. That tobacco is still mild and not overwhelming, Like that in Classic CLM [I think It’s an NET or similar component]

3% The tobacco flavor is starting to become sharper tasting, but more pronounced at the same time. I am tasting vanilla not maple. I am also starting to taste the pyrazines at higher concentration as they are turning into a toasted flavor.

The tobacco flavor may be overlooked, if you don’t know what to look for. It is mild and leaf like. Not robust dark, musty, dusty, or overly in your face. Overall this flavor is sweet, but the description is like peanut butter cookie vanilla waffle tobacco or something. It’s about what you would expect.

sampled @ 50-70W off an RDA w/ dual coils ~50%PG about 10days after mixing.

I would recommend starting at 1-2% and going from there.

S’camel now known as Dromedary

3% this tasted like pyrazine type flavors. Not bad but very nutty and sweet tasting.
2% was more enjoyable though. I thought I started to taste a mild tobacco leaf flavor like that of “INW Classic CML[1%]” but could’ve been psychosomatic - also tastes heavily like maltol

It basically tastes like breakfast at my grandparents smelled…

This is ‘hazelnut’ maltol, very light tobac. I think.

50/50 70/30 and maxVG vg/pg aged - 1-many weeks

tab. for Camel

I want to say Eucalyptus lemon type situation but I know its not. So I’m just going to say It tastes herbal w/ lemon or lemon grass @ 3% not something I wanted at the time. I would say start @1% and work from there/ don’t expect tobacco or Camels. I will go back and give this a more thorough review

70/30 vg/pg aged - 1-4 weeks

courtesy of Kinnikinnick via ELR

Black for Pipe:

Completely agree with ***** about this flavor. I’ve smoked a dark rich roll your own tobacco like this at some point in my life, but can’t remember the name of the tobacco! I guess there might be some pipe tobaccos like this somewhere. This is an awesome liquid! Sweetish, dark, rich, maybe a bit of caramel and yes, I can tastes the smoked plum! Can’t wait to add a bit of anise to this liquid. I’m thinking, perhaps single flavor at 5% and mixed at 3%. Some of the other for Pipe flavors were a bit strong after the steep at over 3%; thus, I’ll start low and go up from there. Very nice tobacco flavor for the tobacco lover.

Captain Jack for Pipe:
Of all the “for Pipe” flavors I’ve tried so far, this one is most reminiscent of the analogue quality of rolling or pipe tobacco. True to the taste of a pipe tobacco. Slightly dry, but pleasantly sweet, with a ever, ever so slight citrus back note. It does have an analogue finish on the exhale; not unpleasant, rather reminiscent. This will make a nice addition to the tobacco chest of mixers. It begs for additions of some type; a standalone mix will probably get old quickly. Single flavor mix would be around 5% and mixed with other flavors at 2%.

Don Hill:

@ ****** I have done a test batch with the INW Don Hill @ 3% in VG w/ 5mg Nic. It’s only been a couple of days worth of steeping at the moment, but everything about this flavor says it’s a keeper. It’s more along the lines of a smooth pipe tobacco, rather than an analogue, cigarettish qualitly​:grinning:…and yes, @*******, it does have an ever so slight cedar wood backnote.:laughing:

I can see adding a bit of FA Oakwood to the final mix to give it a boost. This flavor has possibilities!

Vanilla for Pipe:

This is a very smooth, delicately sweet. yet rich, vanilla pipe tobacco. Virginian and Toasted Cavendish make the scene as the vanilla adds the sweet notes on the exhale. There is absolutely nothing harsh about this tobacco flavor. For those vapers who think you wouldn’t like a tobacco vape, this just might be your introduction to how a smooth and tasty tobacco vape can satisfy.

It could very well be a stand alone mix at 5 to 10%; the addition of Bavarian cream, meringue, Vienna cream, marshmallow or perhaps a custard would lend a hand in it’s enjoyment. It could easily be overpowered by stronger flavors in a mix, due to it’s delicate flavor, so be light handed with additions.mix

HERE is the original thread with many more INW reviews.

check out Kinnikinnick’s elr page for some awesome idea’s. Show him constructive feedback if you have the ingredients to mix his recipes.
more INW to be reviewed…

#even more INW
courtesy of Josephine_van_Rijn via ELR

Just made a few testbatches today. 2 ml VG, 2 drops of flavour. Left in een hot bad for a few hours so no actual steeping involved. Just for a first impression.

7 Volwes, I guess is Polish for wolves.
Is a very mild tobacco vape with notes of chocolate/coffee. It is in the Tino D’Milano line and is supposed to blend well with other tobacco’s. Will be overpowered very quickly by other flavours.

French Pipe; Lots of nuances in this one; cocao, vanilla, I taste a little biscuit at times. It is very hard to pin down and seems to change with every vape. Not an in your face pipe flavour, so like the Vanilla for Pipe that@Jimk did an excellent review on, which I second btw, I have just tried it, it might be to the liking of people who don’t like tobacco. Will also be quickly overpowered by other flavours.

Black for Pipe; now that is an in your face, strong, dark tobacco with a sweet note. It reminds me of the ultra dark, roll your own tobacco (without the sweet) I used to nick from my stepdad, until he decided to quit and switched over to cigars. so I switched too and got caught smoking cigars in the attic cause they stunk up the whole house It is much stronger than;

Dark for Pipe; which has a very nice pipe tobacco flavour with notes of brown sugar, rum and oak. It leaves a little ash aftertaste in the mouth that I’ve heard some (ex) smokers miss in most tobacco flavours.

Some more tobacco flavours from Inawera left to steep for about 10 days.

555 Gold; is a sweet, nutty tobacco vape with a hint of vanilla. I started all of these tobaccos at 3% but this one could be mixed at 5%

Gold & Silver; is another sweet tobacco with plum notes. Could also be mixed at 5%

Tabac; is like it says, a tobacco with ginger and vanilla notes. Supposedly there is cinnamon but I don’t really get that. It’s a clear juice, but the tast conjures up images of a golden-brown liquid. 3% is plenty IMO.

De Luxe; a nice tobacco vape with notes of dark chocolate, vanilla, honey and cocoa. I like this at 3%, might be overpowering at a higher percentage.

Black Jack Tobacco; a tobacco (cigarette) vape with a hint of licorice, comes through well enough at 3%.

Nangka; fruity tobacco vape with caramel and honey, I think I will try this one at 5%

PS Before I forget, Marzipan Yummy Classic. If you want to add a sweet note with marzipan, stick to FA. This one is more of a bitter almond variety. It is nice though, just not for a sweet note.

the good cigar search

Is still ongoing. Tried the INW old havana at 5%. It is supposed to be a cigar flavour with custard notes but I get neither of those. What I do get is perfume. Maybe they’ve attempted to get a cedar note in it but I can say they failed miserably. Hoping the Dun Hill will be good.


Still don’t get any Werther’s Original in the Cherimoya
I do get it now it’s been steeping a while longer at 7%. It’s a very subtle aftertaste on the exhale. I think I will put the percentage up a notch and use it as a standalone. It has a lot of nuances on its own and I’m afraid mixing it with other flavours will kinda spoil it.

Royal Club Tobacco, mixed at 5%. A Virginia mix of sweet Virginia leafs and slightly smoked Virginia blend makes a sweet and spicy Virginia tobacco. Just put some in my Goblin mini and it is quite enjoyable.

Tobacco Cavendish Type; at 5% is a very pleasant, mild, slightly sweet tobacco. They say it is reminiscent of pipe tobacco or cigar, but I find it has a bit of a honey note to it which is very nice.

Tobacco Symphony at 5%, is a mix of salty and sweet tobacco. I must say it is very interesting and would do well in a nutty mix.

Little Space Drop at 5%, tobacco and according to the website, roasted walnut. I get the walnut but not the roasted part of it. More of a fresh, slightly green walnut, if that makes any sense. It might do well in a mix but I don’t like it as a standalone.

Dark Fire at 3%, I thought I would be a bit more careful with the percentage on this one just to be on the safe side.
Typical taste of tobacco and smell of “smokehouse” & “fireplace” is what it says on the website. It is a bit of a smokey flavour, not too much at this percentage. I like it. If I wasn’t so lazy I would be able to say how it compares to FA black fire but I haven’t tried it by itself (yet).
Right, I just kicked myself in the but and mixed some black fire at 3%. I will get back on that one and see how the two compare.

justvape247, kandi hed is their own brand. It’s a pretty strong tobacco, sort of in between dark and black for pipe I would say. I also have havana from them but wasn’t impressed and since I’m supposed to spill it, I have cutters choice by kandi hed too. Haven’t tasted it yet, wait, I’ll just fill my tank and get back to you…
Dark RYO, no frills just straight up tobacco, nice for "mixes since there is no subtle flavour in there that is bound to get lost in a mix like you get with vanilla for pipe and certain others.

note from bobbysavage: That last one is not INW. I’ll go back and get the context on it.
If you are interested you can go check out the original thread HERE
#Flavour Art

Cigar Passion…

Cuban Supreme… Initial smell leads me to believe this will be ashy tasting.

Desert Ship

I’ve heard someone claim this is the tobacco used in Seduce Juice’s Pharaoh. I’m not entirely sold on that, however it would not be a bad place to start for those interested. Not much tobacco though, will probably combine with a tobacco absolute later.

1% robust chocolatey, mild tobacco, possibly with some fruit note in there (mild mild mild grape or cherry maybe? black n mild like flavor w/ far less tobacco or perfume flavor) This is a sweet tobacco vape, however it’s not overpowering, and does have a clean finish.

It’s intriguing, I can’t fully identify the flavor.

2% The flavor just gets more intense. A slightly wood like flavor is coming out at the end.

I will test the 3% bottle later, and try to add more notes to this flavor. I mixed testers at 50/50 PG/VG and aged for about 5 weeks. Before that it had a weird smell that was off putting, it seems to have died down w/ age though.

edit: HOLD THE FUCK UP! I think this may taste like chocolate w/ a hint of crown royal… can anyone confirm on deny this shit???

Dusk is HERE* by /u/Ilikeycoffee


This is INW S’Camel, and can be used interchangeably with Soho and vice versa (at least at low %)
I’ll try it at a higher % and come back, for now…


#more FA

courtesy of Kinnikinnick via ELR

Black Fire:

Wow! in a not particularly good wow way for some end users. This is not a flavor for the faint of tastebuds. Is the flavor true to it’s name? You betcha! This is a true, wood fire, smoky and intense flavor. Now, I’m a fan of intense flavors; I rolled my own smokes (sans filter) for many years. This will be a good adder to a mix for those folks that want that “smoked” quality to, say, a fruit. I would definitely start at .25% and work your way up! I ruined the first mix I made using this flavor due to assuming it would steep down a bit. NOT. It can and will be useful, but use it sparingly.

Perique Black:

I expected this flavor to be strong, but wow! Truly, Flavour Arts captures the aromatic and taste qualities of a perique tobacco. This flavor has a bite! It can overpower a mix with 2%, yet, it can add so much to a tobacco mix at .25 to 1%. It has a peppery, smoky, earthy and pungent quality, much like a real cigarette would have without a filter. For those looking to find that analogue cig flavor, look no further. But, as I said, easy does it. It is great in combination with other tobaccos; by itself, not so much.

Flavour Art Tasting Notes


Cured tobacco

stolen from “/r/DIY_ejuice Mod & Armchair Flavorist”

This is the best tobacco flavor I have ever tried. period. This Flue-Cured Tobacco smells & tastes like they distilled over a half-century of their tobacco knowledge into one single bottle, and the result is mind-blowing. I’m NOT the kind of guy who likes tobacco vapes much at all, though a good RY4 mix is right up my alley for sure, & I’ve struggled to find DIY tobacco flavors that would really impress me. Inawera’s AM4A is a pretty impressive pick, but even so, it falls well short of the high-water mark set by FLV with this Flue-Cured.

Unfortunately, this flavoring is not quite perfect, much to my chagrin. Unlike many tobacco flavors, which require extensive steeping for 2-3 weeks or more to get optimal flavor, FLV’s Cured Tobacco is at its best in the first couple weeks after mixing.

My favorite FLV Cured Tobacco mix is an homage to my favorite cigarettes, Marlboro Smooth, which taste somewhat like Andes Chocolate Mints+Tobacco.

Essentially, this juice combines primary flavors FLV Cured 5% & FLV Creme de Menthe 3% with a touch of FLV Spearmint 0.75% & FLV Coconut 0.50% in it’s simplest form. However, over time, Cured Tobacco’s incredibly complex & deep flavor recede into the background of the mix, leaving me with a weird sort of a creamy White Chocolate Mint Tobacco, minus most of the actual Tobacco part.

As a result, I’ve been tweaking the formula with FLV Virginia Tobacco and INW AM4A to support the main tobacco notes, and hopefully that will keep the flavor stable over at least a month, so I can share this deliciousness with the rest of the world. Keep up the great work, FLV (and please, if you have any tips for improving the flavor stability of FLV Cured Tobacco, that would be amazingly helpful!

I think this was #### someone (existential I know) anyone wanna take credit?

my initial tasting notes are dry and slightly sweet.

I have tried Commercial Tobacco and Virginia Fire Cured from Seedman. I don’t have any real notes on the flavors, but more a note on Seedman. They are actually flavors made to flavor tobacco, not necessarily to taste like tobacco. I think that explains a little on why I didn’t much care for them in my mixes. For them, the tobacco notes are in the actual tobacco that they are being used to enhance, so don’t really expect them to add a tobacco note to your mix.
Perhaps if they are not added to be the tobacco note in your mix then they might work for you. It has been a while since I have used it, but I almost had some success with the Virginia Fire Cured. It might be something I revisit.

courtesy of ChemicalBurnVictim

#ECX Tobaccos (Tobacco Express)

Captain 3%
Dark pipe type tobacco. A little spicy with hints of chocolate. Mildly sweet. Maybe fruit and vanilla? Seems to have a slight creaminess to it. Very very slight ashy taste.
This was great. I can see myself mixing this standalone often. I didn’t let it sit for very long; I will edit my post if it changes over the next few weeks.

courtesy of Nicobeak

Black Mile + 6%
A tobacco that is a bit on the chocolate side. When I first opened the bottle my first thought was that it smells like the chocolate candy Riesen, which really excited me. At 6% the flavor isn’t too in your face. It’s kind of calm and wets the tongue on the exhale. It doesn’t really taste like Riesens when vaped, but it is still very enjoyable. Not really any sharp or high notes. I’ve used this in a mix with FA Black Fire Tobacco (kind of smells like a fireplace, but in a good way.) and TFA Bavarian cream, and it came out quite nice. I don’t get much flavor on the inhale. I have noticed that this flavor kind of dries the tongue out pretty quick after the initial wetness it leaves is gone. If I vape it too much I stop tasting it, so it would be something I’d suggest more for a once in a while vape. Like a little treat.
I should also note that it is very dark. You’ll need to rewick at least once a day, though YMMV.

courtesy of ChemicaBurnVictim

#more ECX - TE
courtesy of Kinnikinnick via ELR

“In tobacco ventures, I’ve decided to garner a few tobacco flavors which ecigExpress1 offers under their “house brand” name Tobacco Express2. So far, this has been a nice discovery trip and I’m looking forward to taking advantage of the the nice pricing and enjoying the myriad of tobacco flavors offered by ecigExpress.”

This tobacco has a sweet herbal, mellow but light evergreen or juniper-ish flavor. The maple, as described on the ECX website, is way in the back. Kind of a flavor taste bud stumper to tell the truth. There’s a bit of a cooling effect on the inhale as well; might go well with white or light brown liquor flavors. Tested at 5%, very nice, but will mix at a lower percentage.

234 Dji Sam Soe:
Finally, a clove liquid which is actually quite vapeable! Modeled after a popular Indonesian clove cigarette, this liquid has a clove high note, licorice middle note and subtle chocolate low note. Mixed at low percentages with other tobaccos and a little something sweet or savory, will prove to be a nice all day vape. Stay below 4% and this liquid will not be cloying or harsh, as some clove flavors can be. I can see this liquid being combined with creams, cinnamon, cardamom or other teas type flavors to calm the clove a bit. Mixed at 5% for testing; nice, but lower percentage will be needed.

Black Mile1:
This tobacco is in the black and mild pipe tobacco family; very satisfying dark tobacco with notes of caramel, dark chocolate and a touch of licorice (very faint). Primarily used as an adder tobacco when a chocolate note is needed, I find adding it with cigar liquids quite nice. Tested at 5%, somewhat strong, reduce percentage when mixing with other tobaccos.


tasted on unregulated RDA w/ dual coils, measuring 0.4Ω

Black honey tobacco, 1/3/7%
This is a weird flavor to me, on one hand I can taste honey, and a slight tobacco flavor. On the other it can taste like baby powder-ish to me.

recommend 1-2% + 6weeks

1/5 stars


“1% Cubano Review” (a haiku)

"First hit, dirty ash.

Only thing I taste, Gross.

We’re done here folks"


Maybe use this at 0.2-0.5% as a replacement for INW Dirty Neutral Base

DK type, rating inconclusive

  • 1.25% peanuts, floral nuance
  • 2.5% peanuts and perfume,
  • 5% peanuts perfume and chemical

I have left this to age for 2 months trying every 2 weeks at the aforementioned values and cannot get it to work.

Someone told me I could leave the cap off the concentrate and the floral taste would dissipate. I have not tried this. I also cannot think of that redditors name, but will track them down if that works and send a shoutout.

1-?/5 stars

Ry4 asian
I feel like this is a better attempt at ry4 than the double however - this does have a maple syrup note, to me. I got this at the beginning of my foray into DIY and have tried this at 7-15% range. admittedly high (for me) So I’m going back to this flavor at a lower % and will update

2/5 stars

Ry4 double, 0.5/1/2/5/10%
sweet and bland. there are plenty of ry4 double descriptions out there, so ill just say this. 1. its not tobacco 2. I rarely use this but i recommend 0.5-1% as an additive rather than a main flavor note.

There is no vanilla in this, and the caramel flavor doesn’t taste like caramel to me . There is also no tobacco note. It only gets 2 stars bc it is vapeable, but this isn’t what I want in Ry4

2/5 stars

Ry4 type
floral smelling - have not tried yet

edit: errrr this bottle has disappeared. IDK… don’t expect a review from me anytime soon on this one, sorry.

?/5 stars

"Tobacco type flavor"
floral smelling - have not tried yet

?/5 stars

Turkish, 0.62/1.25/2.5/ 5/10%
So frustrating, I want this to work but no matter how much I try all I get is a weird spice flavor.

It smelled decent, and I was hoping to try leaving the cap off to let some of those volatiles dissipate, but I think I threw it away.

this may be good after time, but start low and leave the cap off.



courtesy of SolanaceaeEnthusiast

***NET’s :

Authors note : I’ve done well over 100 extracts with tobacco, it is my opinion that you are better off extracting individual leaf varieties and then mixing these as if they were seperate flavor concentrates in a traditional ejuice recipe than to extract pre blended pipe mixes from a manufacturer.

I will also be exploring NET’s from a diy perspective as I’ve tried lots of commercially available stuff and nothing you’re paying for can’t easily and cheaply be done at home - I will start with aromatics / english style blends and cigar leaf as they are the 3 areas that have some nuance as I will now discuss, also note that the “cut” of the tobacco doesn’t matter for flavor when making NET how it was dried does]


  • Cherry : I extracted nearly 30 different tobacco’s with a cherry focus (including everything available from justforhim) , clear winner was “CAO cherrybomb” , just enough cherry to be cherry and not taste like cough syrup (odd since this tobacco smelled like cough syrup)

  • Blueberry: tried over a dozen and gave up, nothing was more than “mildly pleasing” asn far as a merger of tobacco and blueberry.
    Sweet and creamy : You can get a lot of mileage off really any vanilla focused aromatic pipe tobacco blend, the most delicious desert was “molto dolce” a real treat as a NET this one (if you have a sweet tooth)

other notables
Cornell & Diehl Nutty Irishman : Dark burleys work well with nuts, great choice (in fact any Liqueur will win as long as it doesnt have too many other flavors overhadowing it)
Old tobys stash : fails to deliver on the blueberry aspect but I think this might be a win for using this as an aromatic NET because it lets the other stuff meld, hint of muffin? :slight_smile:

overall take on aromatic pipe blends as NET’s :
Try to avoid anything with more than 3 toppings (more than 3 flavors that aren’t tobacco) - it just ends up muddied, overall you are better off extracting individual varieties and then adding artificial flavor after the fact (NET-Hybrid?)

  • English style blends / latakia
    So the making of an english style pipe blend relies upon the addition of smoked cured oriental leaf “latakia” , the syrian variety is the smoother of the 2 options - I recommend robert mconnell tins . For a more “campfire / barbecue” profile go with the cyprian variety

Most pre blended english style pipe tobaccos on the market will have used cyprian latakia as the syrian has a supply problem (predating the civil war)
I did get my hands on and extract the legendary “balkan sobranie” although it wasn’t the old no longer made mix but the new stuff made by J. F. Germain & Son , I was actually surprised at how zesty this turned out, I’d prefer it over any of the dunhill blends the exception being “aperitif” ,
for an all day english style blend from the dunhill line early morning would be my choice (light on the latakia) followed closely by mixture 965.

Avoid anything with “deer tongue” in it, while an interesting addition (and it can be extracted as a seperate flavor) I feel it overpowers tobacco (its a spicy herb)

You may be wondering why I don’t go any deeper into english reviews? well once its extracted they all sort of taste similar, the main focus is really which type of latakia was used and how much. I’ve had blends that used english style cavendish heavily or 80% burley and you can barely tell the difference between them and a blend that was all virginia with some latakia mixed in.
Again, you get much better results extracting each variety seperately and mixing to your own taste.

  • Cigars:
    I’ve only done about a half dozen cigar extractions , these DEFINITELY need a steep to bring out the goodness but again I found that by simply ordering cigar wrapper leaf and filler leaf and doing them seperately I got much better flavor.
    Now, when you smoke a cigar your lips wet the outer casing, the wrapper, for many cigars you can get a decent description of what types of leaf were used as wrapper vs filler. Don’t try to replicate the cigar itself in terms of ratio.
    Since the lip is touching the wrapper the wrapper leaf is playing a larger part of the overall cigar taste than one would get from relying on its weight. Use 30-50% wrapper extract and the rest a mix of filler and you’ll be much closer to the cigar taste you were going for.
    I have a lot more experimentation to do with these, one last note, cigars do wonderfully as pure grain alcohol solvent extracts.

  • Virginias
    Virginias IMO actually end up losing a lot of the sweetness their known for when made into a NET, I advise less cooking time (heat maceration) or longer time in jar (cold maceration) to get better flavor.
    A good starter would be sutliff altadis sweet virginia or dunhill light flake but get a few different types (an ounce of pipe tobacco is maybe 3 dollars online) and see what you like (I’m partial to flue cured [toasted] red virginias myself)

  • Burley
    White burley makes a great base for any NET, dakr burley is nuttier and goes great if you want a dessert tobacco. Mcclelland biteless burley is my go to basic NET burley. Another great subtle mixing burley is lane limited bl/wb.

  • Kentucky
    "technically" its own seed variety? , fire cured (not smokey though) go with Gawith, Hoggarth & Co. - Kendal Kentucky (african grown, good soil) , dark sweetness / toasty - light flowery spice notes.
    If you get a premade mix that “contains” kentucky I can almost guarantee you’ll miss the notes. If you have to though i’d go with “three nuns” or “Peterson: Irish Flake” <- well balanced

  • perique :
    Like latakia you’ll basically only be able to tell (once extracted) if it has “lots” or “a little” perique so you’re best just getting straight perique, this is a fermented “condiment” tobacco, I do not care for it, almost sickly sweet. However! , used in small increments (0.5 to 1% of the total juices volume) it can definitely add something special.

  • Orientals:
    You can get whole leaf yenidje from leafonly , this is a great constituent when going for a turkish “cigarette” flavor profile, it brings in that “green / crisp” note , I think its partially because the whole leaf is unprocessed and not gunked up with casings.
    for orientals you’ll definitely want to stock your arsenal, the big tobacco companies buy up entire crops of this stuff so most varieties will be out of reach to a hobbyist.

However, C&D izmir turkish, McClelland - Blending Oriental, Daughters & Ryan: Ramback and McClelland: Blended Turkish Ribbon would be a fine start, each bringing its own unique profile to the puzzle, add a little bit of an oriental to an english blend to round out any harshness.

  • Cavendish:
    Captain black : an old classic, good with a steep (at least 2 months)
    Lots of aromatics are cavendish heavy, I prefer the english style where its just steamed and unflavored (sweet but not like any specific thing) , Cornell & Diehl: Black Cavendish will do.
    Most will have some vanilla, this is ok, a “hint” of vanilla will barely register once its been extracted.
    Start low with cavendish in a blend, it can easily overpower virginias and burleys.

We seemed to have reach the character limit. We did it, good job everyone!


Thanks, I’ve got this one bookmarked. A lot of info on tobaccos, I will need some time to peruse all of this and see if I can add something to it when I have some more time. Nice piece though :grinning:


Very nice tobacco collage @bobbysavage! :+1:

There a quite a few in there I’m going to have to put of the shopping list! :thinking:


Hey thanks, I couldnt have done it without everyone.

I re-sampled the INW Garuda, and am now falling in love all over again.
All it needed was more time. @ 1% all I taste is tobacco leaves. Finally! a neutral tobac flavor. Now the flavor sampling is almost complete and I can reclaim these bottles for recipes

Thanks for your input.


I agree…the TA Garuda is just a great all around tobacco addition to any mix! :wink:


that’s some very good information I really appreciate putting it all in one place thanks



I have always found that to be an issue with forums of any kind! :triumph: The info is there, but holy crap, you have to do a lot of searching to find specific info about a particular thing! After an hour or two of searching, I have to perform a primal scream session to release all of my tension! :scream:


#more INW

Garuda Tobacco Absolute

at 1% this flavor taste like light tobacco leaves. Plain and simple. This was tasted at 50/50 pg roughly 3weeks in.
It is an NET and marketed as a Tobacco Absolute under Wera Garden. However this is not a thick tobacco extract and the final mix is pretty clear and looks easy on my wicks. This is not a sweet flavor, and there are no frills
6/5 stars I will be buying more of this.


Julius Caesar Right so this is a pretty standard, robust, cigar, that you can find at most cigar shops. I extracted 10g into 30mL of PG over a week long period then filtered through 2 coffee filters, multiple times.

The result was a really dark liquid that was overpowering. I would suggest 2% if you want to go something like this. I would recommend a more medium to mild cigar though, for a more delicate tobacco taste. With this I was left with that overpowering dark NET flavor. I ended up losing this bottle and a couple others somehow so I havent had a chance to play with it but who knows. The Eastern Standard yielded a much better result. YMMV

Eastern Standard - Cakewalk

I don’t know too terribly much about cigars. I think I can recall the names of about 7 of the possibly 15-20 different brands, I have smoked throughout my life. (excluding shitty gas station cigars)

This is by far my favorite cigar I’ve found to smoke/extract.

I will have to dig up my notes on this specifically, at a later time.

Cost: 10-15$USD

Rating: 7/5 Camels.

#Vaping Zone

Honey Flue Cured 3%, 5%
What originally led me to Vaping Zone in general, and this flavor in particular was a search for a flavor like Indigo’s The Duke. A review of this flavor said they use it by itself and it tastes just like The Duke. Wonderful! I ordered some along with a couple other tobacco flavors from them. First mix was at 3%. It was bittersweet. Not the flavor, but the feeling. It tasted nothing like The Duke, but it was the first mix I ever made that I actually liked. It is very smooth and sweet delicious. I don’t think I really get much tobacco flavor from it. I think it could be used as a vapable honey flavoring (I’m looking at you, TFA.) At 5% the flavor doesn’t really change, it’s just a bit sweeter on the tongue. For a while the 5% mix was my ADV. it has been a while since I ran out, and now that I’m writing this, I really want to get some more ordered.

4.5/5 (Just because the tobacco part isn’t quite there.)

Blended Tobacco 3%, 5% When I first tasted this flavor on its own, it tasted exactly like a “Turkish” juice at my local B&M. Since they had like 60 flavors, I’m assuming they were all single flavor, and this was most likely what they used for it. I wouldn’t exactly say it tastes like chocolate, but it is smooth like chocolate, if that makes sense. I never really used it on its own as an ADV, but it has been the main tobacco note in pretty much all of my ADVs. The thing I really like about the VZ Super Concentrates is that they are really strong. 3 or 4% of this mixed with 5 or 6 other flavors, and it will still stand at the front of the mix. Really good flavor for ry4 type mixes. Plays really well with vanilla and nuts. Every time I’m mixing something new, I’m tempted to grab the trusty Blended Tobacco.

On its own: 3/5

As the main flavor: 5/5

courtesy of /u/ChemicalBurnVictim


Hey thanks again. I really appreciate your notes. Let me know if you want anything changed

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Thanks for this, as someone how is just venturing into the realm of tobaccos this will be quite helpful.


My head isn’t working, I’m down with the flu but I would like to say that the Old Havana loses the perfume taste after a 5 to 6 weeks steep and is quite nice if I remember correctly.


Sorry you are under the weather! :pensive:

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Thanks girl, had to leave him at the vet. I will get a call if and when I can pick him up again. Had an email today that my aromamizer is going to be delivered, it has been in transit for almost 2 months, now I’m not even happy I’m going to get it. I don’t think I have the energy to unwrap it :tired_face:

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I did not like the Fire Cured but I no doubt used too much. I think the best use if one is going to use these very strong concentrates like Seedman (INA has a few as well), is to first make your tobacco blend of whatever you like then try one drop per 20-30ML of the Seedman as an additive to the existing batch. With something like this IMO even 2.5% is way, way too much which was my mistake. The flavor overpowered the others in the mix. Like you, I may revisit this flavor, but next time it will be done very, very sparingly.

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