Toothpick Trick

Good theory. I think what I’ll do is break down my Ammit since it was bone dry for several days and rebuild so that the coils are as wide as the build deck. That should keep them from touching the deck at all. I’ll update here how it goes.


Wait 'til you have to buy cotton!
That’s where the real money is…

LMAO (if only)


I always wrote off the mild seeping as unused vapor condensating in the deck over a couple of days. But perhaps that is incorrect, I’m gonna give this a try next time I rewick :+1: Thanx for the idea @SthrnMixer


This is a very good tip @SthrnMixer.
As much as I hated to admit it, my Ammit Dual coil does weep occasionally. I never put the puzzle pieces together to figure out that my wick was lying on the build deck. So for me this toothpick trick was an “Aha Moment”. Thanks.


Yup… that and blow back which travels down the airflow channels. :wink:

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I’m going to try this. Also got a notification for this tutorial from the bogan.* If he is to be believed he hasn’t had any issues and he suggest more cotton.

*If you have never watched a Vaping Bogan video, he cusses a lot.


I like the Bogan :slight_smile:

Well I started to do the build with a wider coil. Should have known just by looking at the deck that making it as wide as the deck was not doable without some serious finagling of the legs. So nope, not doing that.


Cheers dickhead


Yah, I am a big fan, but missed this vid. great share, thanks!


Like @SthrnMixer said, mine went back to seeping. I’m thinking the coils in it are 4mm with enough cotton that it is snug in the coils but not super tight. Maybe a scottish roll instead of fluffy cotton would work better here. And I’m thinking of trying some simple coils instead of these monster beefy ones (tiger I think?) I have in here.

I love this tank and I’m not gonna stop using it, but the leaking got bad enough that it either ran down the front of the mod and into the button and faceplate or it got down through the 510. Either way, I was getting juicy button pushes even though the front of the mod was dry, so I pulled it apart and sure enough there was juice on the button, display, and wires from the 510. Not a ton and the mod is fine, but its still a little concerning.

I didn’t watch the video, but if someone does and tries it, gimme a shout and lemme know if it works.


my EXO RTA seeps all the time (with the single coil deck). goes straight to the 510, which is super annoying (and mod-damaging)

i tried this trick yesterday @SthrnMixer - happy to confirm after 24 hours there’s no seeping… the tank base is happy and dry - and so is the mod.
didn’t use toothpicks though, just used a small screwdriver - so no added cost :):slight_smile:

nice trick ! i’ll keep watching it now.


I had really high hopes for the EXO. Not a bad vaping tank. But that JFC spins too freely for my taste. And yeah, the leaking is a PITA! I’ll try a rebuild on mine. I have the dual coil deck in it.

The toothpick and added extra cotton did not work the first go round. I may rewick this afternoon.

Also, I did a little testing with the Ammit after watching this vid from Anthony and the Ammit has a simular quality when you rock the atty back and forth.

It has been 5 days now of rewicking my Ammit Dual Coil using the toothpick technique and I am not getting any leaking.


My best run was about that - 5 to 6 days or so. So if it starts to dribble, well count yourself among good company! :slight_smile: This trick though has helped a lot. I’m thinking somehow (as others have suggested) there is some condensation or precipitation going on. Perhaps condensation occurs in the chimney and precipitates down the air flow? Who am I…a meteorologist? All this talk about moisture got me looking out the window! :laughing:


I’ve never used a toothpick for this, or done it quite that way. Clever. I like it. When wicking, I generally use the mini screw driver or a small coilmaster rod to tuck the cotton in and while doing so I just make sure to push the cotton off the airflow holes and give it a little clearance below the coil. Basically just doing what this trick would accomplish, only, the hard way lol


A smooth dowel about an inch long (25.4 mm for you metrics) might pull out better come to think of it.

In conjunction with this, I used a little different approach with an Ijoy XL last night. Up until now it either leaked or went dry. No real happy medium. I used the single coil option. Used enough organic cotton to get a snug fit that would still pull back and forth without moving the coil. I very loosely rolled the cotton before running it through the coil. I cut the cotton long and placed it down the wicking channels. I then pulled it through the bottom of the wicking channels and combed only the cotton coming out of the bottom of the wicking channel. I then cut the cotton with the outside of the wicking channel, flush to the barrel. This is working very nicely so far. I put one tank of juice through it. Very nice wet vape, good flavor, good vapor, no leaking.


Seems to me that tips like this is to help a person that doesn’t already know not to catch a smart ass response from someone that already knows, I’m also guilty of thinking that my wife knew more than she does about vaping let’s keep in mind that not everyone a veteran builder.


Thank you so much for sharing this trick with the toothpick !!! I tried this just now on my Hadaly clone RDA and allready I have
Experienced more flavor . I will do this now on some other RDA’s and RDTA ,RTA I have ! So thanks again for this hint :+1::+1::+1::grinning: