Top 25 of the best rated Capella only recipes

This list is based on the best rated Capella only recipes on ELR. Made available for those who might seek Capella only recipes which did happen a few times on the Discord chat. I will try to keep it up to date else feel free to request it being updated.

I have been requested a function to search by brand, but until that might become possible this will do. I know this will only be relevant for a few, but if only one will find it useful it will be worth sharing.

#01 Maiden’s Milk - ThirdWorldOrder
#02 Sugar Rush - ThirdWorldOrder
#04 Sinnamon Cookie Kustard - Ken O’Where
#05 Grants Vanilla Custard my way - Ole Frederiksen
#06 muffin man clone(spot on) - Joey350z
#07 Bearded Smooth 05 (V2)BEST Beard 05 Out there! - HarrySmooth
#08 Blue Unicorn - HarrySmooth
#09 NesQuik Strawberry Milk - chris hilton
#10 Buddha - Tttcat
#11 Lilt (mango & mandarin) - Bongo
#12 Mother’s Milk CAP - stereonyl
#13 Moose Poop (Capella Only) - CountryLivin
#14 Raspberry Lemonade - StelZ
#15 Custard doughnut (Isle of custard clone) - ja55on
#16 igetcha69’s Lemon Meringue Pie - igetcha69
#17 Nannies Titties - cuttwoodspy
#18 Sinnamon Cookie Kustard V2 - Ken O’Where
#19 Lemon cheese crack - 2_buku
#20 Fireside Cocoa - ThirdWorldOrder
#21 cool mint. Strawberry hint - gmac209
#22 #4 Capella Mothers Milk - Bongstyle99
#23 VAPERGATE Smurf Clone - allanv2010
#24 MFPB (Mother F**king PeanutButter) - Doc1776
#25 Fresh Melon Blast - DanHank

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Top 25 of the best rated Capella only recipes
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