Top 25 of the best rated The Perfumers Apprentice only recipes

This list is based on the best rated The Perfumers Apprentice (non flammable flavors) only recipes on ELR. Made available for those who might seek The Perfumers Apprentice only recipes which did happen a few times on the Discord chat. I will try to keep it up to date else feel free to request it being updated.

I have been requested a function to search by brand, but until that might become possible this will do. I know this will only be relevant for a few, but if only one will find it useful it will be worth sharing.

#01 Mother’s Unicorn Milk - apwroblewski
#02 strawberry fog - spectrometer
#03 Candybeca - Stafylidis Vladimiros
#04 Carabeca - Stafylidis Vladimiros
#05 Solo Boss Reserve - Solo
#06 Ripe Dragon Cream - munday78
#07 Custard King - James
#08 Mikes Melons (Cuttwood Monster Melon Clone) - gsxrmike04
#09 Mustard Milk - Simple Strawberries and Cream - fizzmustard
#10 nutty coffee - Buhar Odası
#11 Creamy Caramel Custard - ThirdWorldOrder
#12 Castle Long Clone by jonhall2 - SthrnMixer
#13 Girl With The Dragon Cheescake - sub-ohmAalZway
#14 Atmose Chifles - dm_zharov
#15 Cupcake Porn (○)(○) - only 4 TPA flavors - 24h steep - JuiceDude
#16 Snake Blood - Lars
#17 MONKEY SNACK {CLONE} - tlc221981
#18 Blue Voodoo clone - gu1doh
#19 Crime Scene - kostas44
#20 Terrorbird - Doctor Grimes - Dreamer
#21 Strawberry Cheesecake - BigTiny
#22 Sucker punch clone 50ml - Menace21
#23 Cereal Killer - waphz
#24 Nilla Custard - CreepyLady
#25 Banana Cheesecake (really nice banana) - Reliz

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Top 25 of the best rated The Perfumers Apprentice only recipes


Thank You !!


Thanks for the work. Very useful for novices like me with a small stash …


You are very welcome. I am just happy to see that some could use the information.