TOP 3 of Each Brand?

Is there a thread on the forum where I can find a majority vote on the top 3-5 flavors of each brand? I ask this because one of the members mentioned Capella’s top 3 as being Vanilla Custard V1, Sugar Cookie and Cinnamon Danish Swirl. I do happen to use these 3 and like them. So maybe there’s something to this?


Going to the recipe side and to the flavor list I clicked on ratings first. This really didn’t show a true idea of what I was looking for. Clicking on the recipes on the flavor list came up with more of a true figure of the top flavors.

Probably not what you a quite looking for but it does give a base of the cream of the top brands.


Thx, that does help. I know me and I probably won’t sort through 120k flavors. Eeks!

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Another helpful thread that is along the lines of what you may be looking for


You can sort by rating!!! For me that’s what I do when I’m looking to add a flavor and I don’t know what I want. Then I read notes on about 15 flavors that interest me the most and go from there.

That’s when I decided to add gubanannanan flv and a handful of others.


Im thinking the ‘Flavor choices’ might be a better place for the type info you are after. Its seems some of the database is older and may not contain newer flavors which may not be as widely used. Just my thoughts but lots used TPA heavily for quite awhile since it was around longer and easily available, and now with newer companies its hard to get a good feel, for me anyway, without something like the new threads made, such the one tinman linked or even the flavor testing threads


Thanks to all for your help. I’ll give it a go. What’s that saying? Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy…? I have to say, DIY juice is a much more painstaking process than DIY anything else. For me, anyway. I’m just so happy I found one ADV and the money I’ve saved just on that.