Top 5 favorite flavorings

What are your guys top 5 favorite flavorings so I can get some flavoring ideas. Thanks!!

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That’s kind of a generalized question. What do you like? Dislike?


Instead of mentioning standard flavors like Marshmallow FA, Sugar Cookie or VC1, i’ll add some unique flavors that are often missed (but i think they should be part of your first order).

Butterscotch Ripple FW
Milk and Honey FLV
Boysenberry FLV
Cinnamon Custard RF
Dark Chocolate MF


fa cream fresh
fa fuji
fa meringue
fw blueberry
diyfs holy vanilla

i could go on… there are at least 20-30 flavors i couldn’t do without

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Thanks, I’ll definitely add boysenberry and milk and honey to my next order

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Mostly fruity vapes and some cream. My buddy made a orange cream that is out of this world. He added a few drops of wild orange essential oils to the mix

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Guessing by his online name, fruits but I see he already explained that :wink:

AFAIK essential oils are not really safe to vape.

I don’t really like fruits but Flavorah’s Wild Melon is a really good melon.


I’ll grab that wild melon, thanks. I’m trying to find some research done on the subject of essential oil vaping. Do you know of any articles?

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Tpa Honeydew ( original )
Cap Sweet Guava
LB vanilla ice cream
FA Forest Fruit
FA meringue

this is a list of things i love and are easy to get , my favorite cream is FA cream whipped which is hard to get now but if you have access grab some


No, just some scattered info I found here on ELR.

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Thanks I have the honeydew and vanilla ice cream, I’ll grab the rest


5 Solo flavors

Strawberry cheesecake (LB) @recomended 10%
Monkey Fart (FW) @ 20%
Watermelon (one drop flavors @9%
Apple Pie V2 (Cap)
Chocolate glazed donut(Cap)

5 flavors used with other flavors

Vanilla ice cream(Lb) used with fruits
White chocolate peppermint(LB) like this with coconut
Custard (FA) good with banana
Bubblegum (cap) good with strawberry
Spearmint (real flavors) liking this with bubble gum and strawberry.

Okay that’s more than 5 but the question is so general … so I had to expand a little.


I’ve seen milk and honey in a lot of recipes, but I’ve been wary of it. I once ordered several commercial juices that had honey as an ingredient, and they were the only juices my children insisted I never vape – the smell was sickening. The milk & honey flavor doesn’t have that characteristic, does it?

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Fuiji FA
Butter Pecan Praline Ice Cream Purilum
Watermelon Cotton Candy Purilum
Lemon Cake Inawera
Ambrosia Purilum


I’d say if you were building your stash and needed versatile flavors that go far in building profiles I’d say

LB Vanilla Ice Cream

TFA Strawberry

FA Cream Fresh

FA Cookie OR INW Biscuit

FA Fuji Apple

FA Apple Pie

FW Hazelnut

CAP Vanilla Custard V1 if you don’t care about diacetyl

I prefer FLV Vanilla Custard over CAP

HS - Hangsen - Italian Cream and Chocolate Cream

this list could be infinite :wink: and these are not necessarily my favorites I am just aiming at making a list of largely used flavors for extensive reasons.


really ??? im just getting into FLV and for the most part have been happy , what do you like about the FLV VC over the Cap ? is it the Diacetyl part

btw great list


Umm no cos FLV VC has plenty of DA in it as well. It is not an eggy custard but more of a clean vanilla cream custard it really shines at 3-4 weeks I love it at 1.50-2.00 % it’s spectacular in longevity as well.

here’s the specs on the diketones under the flavor tab

also shows AC in this as well so be sure to not use any BA flavors with this one - here’s additional resource on this topic Diketone-free liquids with Butyric Acid may make things more dangerous


ahhh ty i thought FLV avoided DAAP , looks like i need to read a bit more lol

Note : nice to be on at the same time as you it seems its been a bit


Some are naturally occuring and can’t be filtered out. FLV is getting better about cleaning up more of their flavors. Cream FLV is also a heavy diketone flavor which bumps me…these are all first generation FLV line and as I recall most of them as time goes on get better about reduction of diketones.

@fidalgo_vapes here ya go my friend this is an excellent list !

Sorry to the OP @Fruutvape for a minor derailment.


No, not at all. I know what you mean as I’ve tried a few honey flavors and they’re all pretty bad tasting and smelling. M&H is a unique flavor. I prefer mainly fruits but like it as a contrast every now and then. In fact, I’ve got some right now in a tank and I’ve been hitting it all night. There’s a recipe here called Sick AF which is just M&H and Sugar Cookie and it’s pretty damn good.