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Top 5 favorite flavorings


lol yes im notorious for doing this my apologies as well



Harvest Berry - CAP
Fuji Apple - FA
Blood Orange - FW
Vanilla Custard - CAP
Butterscotch - FW



Honorable Mention



Thank you, and good to know. It’s been the single missing flavor from a number of recipes that otherwise sounded good. It’s going on my wish list.



LB Vanilla Ice Cream
RF SC Pineapple
FLV Banana
MF Peach
FA Pear

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As the flavors can be a personal thing, I will respond in a different way! From the short experience I have in the diy, these are the scents to have … because one day or another, you will need them, and you will surely spend them …

Bavarian Cream
Cotton Candy
Graham Cracker (clear)
Strawberry Ripe
RY4 Double

Golden Butter
Sweet Cream
Sugar Cookie
Vanilla Custard

Cream Fresh
Vienna Cream
Whipped Cream

Rich Cinnamon
Pound Cake

Shisha Strawberry
Shisha Vanilla

Real Flavor

Liquid Barn
Vanilla Ice Cream



My tastes change… last year the question poised would probably be totally different from what I have been currently vaping for the last few months. Current top 5:

RY4 (both double (TPA) and Hangsen)
Toasted Marshmallow (TPA)
Carmel Candy (FW)
Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA)
Hazelnut (FW)



Top 5 for me:

(FA) Jasmine
(TFA) honeysuckle
(FW) prickly pear
(VT) honeycomb
(VT) fizzy shebert

I’m bored of general, save flavors you get everywhere…strawberry anyone? No srsly I’m sure someone has another 500 strawberry recipes and flavorings being released this year lol.

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I second that all very nice.

If I had to choose only fruits I would include

FA Lemon Sicily
Cap Sweet Tangerine
LA Banana cream
FA White Peach
Cap Sweet strawberry (because I don’t think it’s been mentioned yet & I find it useful)

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My contribution or better a retribution for the above recommendations I present a summary of all votes ordered by manufacturer:

|Apple Pie V2 (Cap)|CAP|
|Bubblegum (cap) good with strawberry|CAP|
|Chocolate glazed donut(Cap)|CAP|
|Golden Butter|CAP|
|Harvest Berry - CAP|CAP|
|Sugar Cookie|CAP|
|Sweet Cream|CAP|
|Sweet Guava - CAP|CAP|
|Sweet strawberry (because I don’t think it’s been mentioned yet & I find it useful)|CAP|
|Sweet Tangerine|CAP|
|Vanilla Custard|CAP|
|Vanilla Custard - CAP|CAP|
|Vanilla Custard V1 if you don’t care about diacetyl - CAP|CAP|
|Apple Pie - FA|FA|
|Cookie - FA|FA|
|Cream Fresh|FA|
|cream fresh - FA|FA|
|Cream Fresh - FA|FA|
|Custard (FA) good with banana|FA|
|Forest Fruit - FA|FA|
|Fuiji FA|FA|
|fuji - FA|FA|
|Fuji Apple - FA|FA|
|Fuji Apple - FA|FA|
|Lemon Sicily|FA|
|meringue - FA|FA|
|meringue - FA|FA|
|Pear - FA|FA|
|Vienna Cream|FA|
|Whipped Cream|FA|
|White Peach|FA|
|Banana - FLV|FLV|
|Boysenberry FLV|FLV|
|Milk and Honey FLV|FLV|
|Pound Cake|FLV|
|Rich Cinnamon|FLV|
|Vanilla Custard I prefer FLV over CAP|FLV|
|Blood Orange - FW|FW|
|blueberry - FW|FW|
|Butterscotch - FW|FW|
|Butterscotch Ripple FW|FW|
|Carmel Candy (FW)|FW|
|Hazelnut - FW|FW|
|Hazelnut (FW)|FW|
|Monkey Fart (FW) @ 20%|FW|
|prickly pear|FW|
|Italian Cream and Chocolate Cream - HS|HS|
|Biscuit - INW|INW|
|Lemon Cake Inawera|INW|
|Shisha Strawberry|INW|
|Shisha Vanilla|INW|
|Banana cream|LA|
|Strawberry cheesecake (LB) @recomended 10%|LB|
|Vanilla Ice Cream|LB|
|vanilla ice cream - LB|LB|
|Vanilla Ice Cream - LB|LB|
|Vanilla Ice Cream - LB|LB|
|Vanilla ice cream(Lb) used with fruits|LB|
|White chocolate peppermint(LB) like this with coconut|LB|
|Dark Chocolate MF|MF|
|Peach - MF|MF|
|Ambrosia Purilum|PUR|
|Butter Pecan Praline Ice Cream Purilum|PUR|
|Watermelon Cotton Candy Purilum|PUR|
|Cinnamon Custard RF|RF|
|SC Pineapple - RF|RF|
|Spearmint (real flavors) liking this with bubble gum and strawberry.|RF|
|Bavarian Cream|TPA|
|Cotton Candy|TPA|
|Graham Cracker (clear)|TPA|
|Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA)|TPA|
|Honeydew ( original ) - TPA|TPA|
|RY4 (both double (TPA) and Hangsen)|TPA|
|RY4 Double|TPA|
|Strawberry - TPA|TPA|
|Strawberry Ripe|TPA|
|Toasted Marshmallow (TPA)|TPA|
|fizzy shebert|VT|
|Watermelon (one drop flavors @9%||

I’ve only known steam(vaper) for less than three months.

I already bought 40 types of concentrates …
I would love to have read this topic before doing so. I missed a lot.
Even so, this relationship will help a lot. Thank you guys