Top or bottom vented tank?

Oh so I recently bought a hellvape dual coil rda. I’ve tried different flavors in it and I honestly was not blown away like I expected to be. Im not rating the brand by any means only the physics of the tank it self. Also and RDA wont work for me at my job as I am constantly moving and dripping onto the cotton after ever 3-5 puffs is annoying so Im going to set it aside for now.

So I went into a vape store today and looked at an RTA, to make things a little more easier for me when Im at work. They didnt have anything that I liked but he told me to go and look at the kylin M mesh tank. After watching some videos on it it seems like a cool tank to buy. And then I read on reddit that top vented tanks are ass b/c they take away the flavoring and add too much air. Hmmmm, remember back to the second sentence in this post? The RDA I have is top vented as well, then I remembered I’ve only had bottom vented tanks until now. It hits totally different and it seems like the flavor isnt really better than my fireluke mesh pro tank.

Are there any good RTA bottom vented tanks that you guys suggest? Also Im hearing about center vented tanks but can find any info on them. Can someone explain the pros and cons of top to bottom vented tanks out side of top looses flavor and bottoms leak often? Also will a bottom vented tank have more of a throat hit than a top vented tank? It seems to be the case between my rda and my mesh pro but i dont want say for sure b/c it could just be that brand that is that way.

Note: One feature that I do like about the Kylin M mesh is that little seat the sits under the cotton that can be pushed down to fit more cotton. That is an awesome feature and would like to have that in a tank.


How about ANY SteamCrave !!!

Seriously, most SteamCraves are designed AROUND the flavor. Top airflows typically DO suck in regards to flavor, and most times it’s in relation to WHERE the air hits the coils (most times, the top, DUH). I always get better flavor with mid or below coil airflow. I just reviewed a Hellvape RTA which was top airflow, but they did some fancy-ness on the inside which didn’t equal a bottom air flow setup, BUT, it was pretty damned good.


Do they make a mesh rta? I was looking at the Damn vape Doom tank looks pretty cool. Have you ever used it?


Found it, Steamcrave has a V3 advanced version which comes with a mesh base. Im going to order that one!


Just bought the Steamcrave aromamizer supreme v3 rdta, can’t wait to get it! I’ll let you know how it is!


Because of the source of this information I would assume the opposite is true.


Haha I feel that, well that’s why I am here.


I have never tried the vale Doom setup @ownedbypandas


First I’m just going to get this over with -
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ok now about Hell Vape. I just bought the Dead Rabbit Special Edition RDA. I only chose it because I couldn’t get the RDA’s I really wanted as they kept selling out, and I was intrigued by the angled rabbit ears build deck. I was very apprehensive about the top caps with fixed air inlets and built in drip tips :thinking: It comes with 4 different color top caps :yum: :art: , my attention is theirs. On the other hand maybe the colors are just a gimmick to lure in a sucker. Also the idea of fixed air and drip tip was so ridiculous to me that I just had to find out why Hell Vape was putting this thing right into their very successful Dead Rabbit series. That logic tells me either they are crazy or this RDA is going to be really good!