TPA DX Line, Tasting Thread

I have TPA DX Sweet Cream as I am looking to phase out the baddies in my e-liquid. I know they use butyric acid and that can be a turn off for many.

However, not all of the DX line is bad.

I am making this thread to help keep people away from the gross DX flavorings and hopefully to help bring out some of the good ones.

Not many people have tried the DX line by TPA so try and make this thread accurate and informational.

DX Brown Sugar- I have no comparison to the original but I give this flavor full credit for doing what it says. It does take a bit to steep before it has the correct flavor.

DX Sweet Cream- This one actually does smell bad, unfortunately :frowning: after I mix it and confirm I will let you know. It just smells raunchy. If it tastes good but smells bad, I would be surprised.


I’ve used DX Bavarian a lot when I first tried TPA flavors, but not much recently. It adds a good creaminess in small amounts (like < 3% in a mix). It didn’t do much for me as a standalone though.

Typical usage - more of an undertone - example:
Double Chocolate Cream Swirl V4 :

9% Double Chocolate (Clear) (TPA)
1% DX Bavarian Cream (TPA)
1% Marshmallow (FW)
5% Vanilla Swirl (TPA)

Flavor total: 16%
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the regular tpa sweet cream has a pukey smell as well at least the dx is on point with that part lol

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I have used DX brown sugar to replace their regular brown sugar for a project I was working on. The recipe came out identical in taste to the regular version. I did keep it at 1% or lower, so I can’t speak for the higher %s


Aha! You just reminded me, gotta update my post, I have the DX Brown Sugar as well.

Do you find that it has a certain steep time? Anything for me below a week and it tastes nothing like brown sugar.

I have DX coconut and it’s yummy :wink:

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Just food for thought w/ this reply. Once you go " clean " it has now come under some further scrutiny that the rest of the ingredients should not contain additional diketones…no AC/AP/DA if using BA.

Butyric Acid actually aids in keeping these diketones lingering in your system longer so if your going clean you gotta wipe the board all the way clean. Which is harder to do than you think since some flavors contain one or two diketones not necessarily just diacetyl.

Interesting points being made

This goes for all your juices you make you can’t say I’ll vape only BA juices and be clean but " occasionally " vape a naughty or you’ll be back in the same position…I mean of course you can but then again most of us smoked and never cared about what was in them. Just giving insight is all. I am trying harder and harder to clean up my juices and it’s difficult because I back slide into a few naughties often that I really like.


Aaaaaand, thank you.

Until further research is done, this is all the information I need. I’m looking to keep any and all (discovered) dangerous chemicals out of my recipes.


When I began mixing I stuck some DX banana cream in my first concentrate order. I had no clue what the ‘DX’ stood for. But turns out I love the stuff anyway. I have never tried the standard banana cream, I continue to re-order the DX one. It’s just how I like it, it’s what I used in some of my earlier recipes that still get mixed now and then, so I stick with. It’s hard to fault it tbh, it’s smooth, creamy and the banana isn’t artificial tasting.

As for sweet cream, I never buy that anymore, I used to get the non-DX one, and wondered why some of my mixes started to smell and taste like stale cheese after a while. It was the sweet cream, or sweat cream as I like to call it. Sounds like the DX one might be even worse.


This is one of my favorite examples of DX flavors working together. It sounds nuts but it’s actually good. When I first made it seemed obvious the % needed to be lowered, but when I thinned with some VG it lost all appeal.

Monkey Snack

Ingredient %
DX Banana Cream (TPA) 10
DX Peanut Butter (TPA) 11

Flavor total: 21%

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I’ll second that one. I’ve never tried the original, but I bought this and really like it. I think it’s a pretty accurate brown sugar flavor.

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I mixed some of this up a few weeks ago. It’s not.bad

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It’s a weird lesson in DIY as it is potent and fails at lower concentrations …yet strangely tasty. Nice test of DX %s

I think it would be even better with a touch of caps sweet cream


There’s definitely some room for improvement, please share if you get some success. Hmm I wonder if adding some creams would allow for lowering the DX %s?

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DX cinnamon Danish- Not terrible, could be better but doesn’t have the foul smell of butric acid like some do. Will have to report back after it steeps.

DX hazelnut- not bad, wanted to try it since most other hazelnuts have acetoin in them. Tastes good but kind of off. Will have to continue to use it.


DX MILK- very good light cream flavor to me. no off smell from bottle. smells very light to nothing.
DX SWEET CREAM- fine cream flavor. smell from bottle is reminiscent of paraffin wax. i use 1-2% usually. depending on what additional flavors used, it can bring on a slight butter flavor
DX BANANA CREAM- awesome creamy banana. not an over ripe, candy or under ripe banana flavor. sort of like a banana pudding
DX GRAHAM CRACKER- very potent to me. mixes will with DX BANANA CREAM yet not so well well with DX PEANUT BUTTER and chocolate. seems to have a slight cinnamon taste
DX BUTTERSCOTCH- very strong flavor. always liked tpa butterscotch because it tastes so close to the brachs butterscotch. this tastes heavy to me. 2% or less is plenty
DX JUICY PEACH- fine fresh peach flavor
DX CARAMEL- extremely weak and somewhat tasteless. could not get this to taste very good no matter what i did. also gunks coils due to corn syrup


DX MARSHMALLOW- a mystery flavor. not sure what it really tastes like but it adds substance to juice. i generally use 1.67% to 3%
DX JAMAICAN RUM- actually like this flavor more than the original jamaican rum.


That is awesome @R113 ! Thank you and everyone else who has contributed to these notes , they are a great help!
I don’t know if you have ever checked out the recipe side but when you put flavors in your stash you can add your tasting notes.
If you haven’t already could you add your notes to them please.They are a great help and they are very easy to find when you need them.

i try to not mix the DX, V2 flavors with A, AP, D flavor notes. sort of like you never mix toilet bowl cleaner with ammonia or bleach.