Transition to vaping

Evening all.

My wife is going to quit smoking and set a date. She’s determined this time. We both quit together last time, but I was successful and moved onto vaping and will never look back, but unfortunately she gave in.

Anyway to cut it short, I’m looking up at knocking her recipe, for her new device.

She likes fruity flavours and coldness of which Koolada will give her.

Does anyone mind give us a hand with a simple recipe. Feel free to look at my stash, if you have the time and willing to help.

I must add strawberry is her favourite fruit, so a simple Strawberry mix may suffice, but I know the experienced mixer’s, will know what flavours if any could be added to the recipe, to give it a kick or a twist.

Thanks in advance fellow vapers :+1:t3::dash:


I’m not an advanced mixer in any way, but may I chip in?
As far as I know, strawberry fades after a while, so other mixers used dragonfruit from tfa /tpa to hold the flavor longer. Please CMIIW.
Most mixer like to use polar blast from fa or ws23 to chilled their recipes.
I have to ask though, since some people couldn’t taste strawberry vapes, how does your wife taste it?


Also, how does your wife like her strawberry? Just fruit, or with cream etc. ?


If you have Real Flavors Strawberry you can sub it for the Ripe at 2%


From what I have learned here, some people can’t taste Strawberry flavoring or as @delltrapp stated, they taste it at first but after a few days or so the flavor fades to where you no longer can taste the Strawberry. Another person may still taste it in that same batch. A lot of people will mix sever brands of Strawberry to make a base to combat this fade effect. I’m currently battling this phenomenon myself. All that said, there is a Strawberry Grahm crust Cheesecake recipie that has like 250 or so 5 star ratings on here.


A link to it would be helpful. :sunglasses:


Sorry, that was very lazy of me.


Could you elaborate on this, please?


Yes. And yes. What device (tank) and what nic level?

I do have a minty recipe I like and a pineapple mix like as well for single coil round wire builds…26 g ss316l, 7 wrap, around a 0.4 ohmish build.


My strawberry twister is sweeeeeet!

You can hold back on the koolada if it’s too cold


You didn’t specify whether this is as a vape or to consume. There isn’t always a relation between what you like to vape and eat.

Lots of people tell you that strawberries fade but the good news is that it depends! I’ve got a tester sample of Strawberry Shisha (INW) made in March 2018 and it’s still strong in flavor.

If I were you, I’d take some time with your wife to browse some recipes on the site and mix up a dozen or so that look good. Let those juices steep for 2 weeks before you touch them. Then let her try and see what she likes.
Make sure there’s more than enough nicotine in those liquids to curb her craving.

Personally I don’t like using a lot of cooling aids unless you’re working with very strong flavors. Use a little too much and ice is all you’ll get.

The thing that made me stick to vaping was that whenever I felt for a smoke, I sucked on my MTL mod and I got more than enough nicotine in my system to curb my craving for nicotine. If I would’ve lit a cigarette after the vape, I just got a nicotine high and that wasn’t very pleasant. Within days, the craving for tobacco was as good as gone.
You do need a juice that you really like though, the reason why I suggest you mix up a whole range of liquids. I tried quite a few in a shop before I found something I could see myself inhaling morning, afternoon and evening.

After about a month however, I got vaper’s tongue (I didn’t know what it was at the time) and it nearly put me back on tobacco. All I tasted was metal at that point and it was horrible.
After a bit of reading, I bought other e-liquids and ordered a different mod. After about another month I started tasting metal again and that’s when I switched things up and went full DIY. RDA’s, my own stainless steel coils instead of the kanthal coils and even started making my own juices. Never had an issue since.

Anyways, TL;DR: the thing that is important is a good flavor that keeps you sucking on a mod instead of a cigarette. Make sure your wife has some options and the ability to try different juices. Make sure she gets enough nicotine through vaping so she has no need for tobacco.


Just fruit mate


Sounds nice, but missing a good few flavours there. I’ll have to shop.


Basic smok 22 pen


If you want basic strawberry, I would mix strawberry ripe tfa at 4%
sweet strawberry capella at 4%

Some super sweet too, maybe 0.5% first.

And then to mix things up, you could lower them at 3% each, and add tutti fruity tfa or harvest berry capella or blueberry extra tfa or almond amaretto tfa at 4%

Now, these %ages are pretty high, I know, but usually new vapers need that at first, and gradually lower them over a few months

Try to get dragonfruit from tfa as you’re going to mix lots of strawberries. The capella one is not as good.

Good luck in making your wife stop smoking, @Phil_Critch !


Thanks for that. She wants Koolada in it. What do you recommend, go off the calculater?

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I think you mean she wants the cooling effect, as she wouldn’t specifically know to ask for Koolada by name.

I’ve read up a bit, never used more than some regular Menthol for a friend, but it seems there are "better"options, like WS23.You may want to search for those cooling threads and see if there is a “better” option than Koolada.


If she wants a cooler vape, I suggest you also look at polar blast from fa besides ws23 that @Plunderdrum pointed out . Seems like a lot of mixers use it.


I’ve whipped this together as a shake n vape and it’s worked from the off and she likes it. So bonus, there’s one flavour she likes. Made it 8mg nic, I think any higher it might be to harsh for her. So she likes the taste, the coil effect, let’s see if it curbs her cravings now. :blush::ok_hand:t3:


I’ll have a look at that, but the Koolada has satisfied her tastes buds so, maybe there will be no need. But thanks for the advice :+1:t3: