Tried and True Mods/RDA's:

So I noticed something the other day. I have been vaping for several years now. I have gone through several mods, cheap and expensive, and several RDA’s, RDTA’s, Tanks, cheap and expensive, and have now just seen a trend that I am sticking too for at least 2 years now. This setup has gone with me everywhere I go no. Even home use is the only thing I really go to now a days. I think in my use I have found the ultimate setup that keeps me going back for more and more. I have had shinyitis in the past, but that has waned significantly. So what is the tried and true setup?

A Pulse BF 80W, Squonk Mod. (Lazy Mans dripper or a traveler dripper.)
A Profile RDA.
Built with Vandy Vape NI80 mesh.
Cotton or Rayon wicking.
Usually set for 35 to 40W.

This setup has been my go to for years now. I do not even look at my other Mods, RDA’s, RDTA’s, Tanks, etc. the vapor production I get out of this is solid. Fruits hit like they are supposed to with solid flavors. Creams are just that, creamy dreamy goodness. NETS are just sublime with great notes. I always find if it gets stale for me to switch out flavors and then it is like new again. I can say with the upmost satisfaction that his is my only setup I can and will use for years to come.

Has anyone else found their tried and true mod that they use for years?


The three mods that have held up the best to include paint are all Yihi.

ML class
Mini SX mini
G class

I love the Intake atty and have many of them in rotation always.


@Skullblade789 my mods come and go, but tanks, there can be only ONE.

SteamCrave RDTA Supreme v.1, 7 wrap 24 ga. Kanthal Vertical Coils, KGD cotton


Had a feeling you were going to post that, lol. Steamcrave Nerd in the house! Just like Blue and her flavorah flavors. Lol.



Bet you didn’t know I’d choose an older one ehhh ??


Theorems riding on Cylons.
Hermetics riding on Topsides (singles).


And I’m pretty sure my answers will be predictable as well. PWM mods because of the ease of customization. And I probably will always have a Goon in rotation.


Legend and Kelpie RTA. Kelpie is a bugger to get the wicking right but it’s a wee flavour banger😎


I have the same setup with the exception of the mesh material. I usually go with the OFRF 316 mesh strips. I’m curious tho…I assume you have to trim the NI80 mesh to fit the Profile. Do you also use that black coil/rod thingie to help shape the NI80 and isn’t NI80 rather flimsy?

BTW, I prefer the DNA Drone Squonker over the Pulse when using my Profiles.


My every day use and favorite set up is the Agis legend with a drop rda, Japanese cotton 80 t0 92 watts. Duel clapton coils.


Very similar.

3 Topside Singles, Profile RDA, switch between VV Ni80 mesh and 200 316L mesh, always use Rayon
2 Battlestars, Profile Unity, 200 316L mesh, Rayon and Cotton blend.

Like you, I’m very satisfied with these. I just ordered two more Topsides, 1 each of the Profiles and more mesh.

I don’t look at new stuff or reviews other than that funny bastard from England. It’s actually nice not having to put to much thought and effort into vaping.


I use both 316L and Ni80 mesh. The latter is so much easier to work with because it’s denser and will hold it’s shape. Also, it’ll take more abuse when I want to pack the wick in very tightly. I’ve screwed up a few of the SS meshes doing that. The big difference is the ohms. The SS comes in from .18-.2 while the Ni80 is at .08-.09.


The original Profile RDA is still my workhorse, always have 2 or 3 ready to go everyday. For mesh RTA the Kylin M is my goto but since getting the Titan dual series mesh deck it has seen use everyday but not on the road friendly.

The Original Aromamizer Plus is still a workhorse for me with a beefy dual coil, I prefer the airflow over the new V2 but that is just preference. The new Steamcrave Ragnar just kicks ass and like the mesh deck from the Plus V2 in it better but dual 3.5mm duals is killer.

For subohm tanks the Greemax Mesh Pro is still my goto but the Geekvape Zeus subohm is excellent with the .20 ohm coil at 70 watts +.

For mods I actually use the Aegis squonk the most, the TC with a Profile RDA using Vandy Vape SS316L 200 mesh just hits the spot for me. I have used this combo everyday since doing my review.

The Odin’s are my favorite DNA mods, both the dual and single 21700 have been used daily since I got them. The Flawless DNA250 lipo mod gets used a lot as well, lite and comfortable to hold, juat have to charge it a lot, biggest con. The Centaurus DNA250C is one I enjoy as well but doesn’t get used as often as the Odin…dual 18650 vs dual 21700 and the Odin holds 30mm with no overhang.

The SXmini T Class is getting a lot more use since the Ragnar arrived, just love the combo.

The Ehpro Cold Steel has been getting a lot of use, not as much as the Odin mini but the Cold Steel does have better battery life so better on the road.

It is odd to say but this combo below just gets used the most for me. Battery life is not great with a single 18650, go through about 3 batteries a day, just enjoy the synergy of this combo.

When I put my big boy pants on I grab the Vorhees box mod DNA250C Lipo (painted by our very own Russel @R113) with the Titan on top using the dual series mesh deck. At least a month in of daily use and ready to place a second order. Russel has a new paint technique that I HAVE TO HAVE lol.

That is a rustic finish by the way, I wanted to look like it was from an old warehouse and he nailed it. Looks so much better in person :grin:


Thats a nice setup and I have the same, as well as the topside dual with a profile 1.5 on it, but I tend to use my squonk setups more while at home, as well as drippers. I still like the pulse 24 rda and occasionally run that too with some Wotofo tri core claptons.
But my favorite tried and true all day carry is the drag 2 with FreemaxMeshPro double coils @62 - 65W


Excellent info and thank you for the mention. Details and effects of the finish like this are almost impossible to capture on camera yet it does mimic that of an old antique worn finish and glad you’re happy with it!!


The things I’ve used for the last 2 years have died and are no longer in production. Starting over nag dabbit.


Holy shit, who the fuck are you?


Not in mesh form. Rather decent. Vandy Vape mesh does not give me the dry hits the others do.


Ahh yeah. Mr Bean is excellent isn’t he?! :wink: lol


Only my own DIY PWM, Smart PWM, NLPWM, DNA 250, Series & Para Box Mods.
RDAs Voltrove 30MM , Drop and Dead Rabbit.
RTAs Voltrove V2 30MM,V3 30MM and Aromamizer originals.
Kendo Gold Cotton with Nichrome 80/90 builds.
I only use these out of much other hardware I have.