Triforce Subohm Tank

The Next Big Thing…?

Triforce Subohm Tank

RBA Deck

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ever heard of the Kabuki P3 tank? its like $90…i havent heard of anyone owning one, so i havent heard anything…

have you heard of this one?? this thing is supposed to be like dripping, but in a tank…from what i can gather, these guys cant seem to produce them fast enough for the demand…

$100 for a plastic tank is a no go for me.

I’m try to figure out how to build it?

i saw a guy on instagram do a vertical build, single coil obviously…

It’s only got 1 post. I’d have to see it built. Do you have a link?

heres a few:

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and the clone:

and, of course, our ever famous fasttech clones:

Ok I see now. The picture I have wasn’t showing the full deck. I’ve never bought a Kayfun. I hear they are good though. I’m into dual decks though.

To me it doesn’t look very airy and the juice channels are kinda small - it’s not for high power usage, is it?

EDIT: Then again, the Crown surprised me :smile:

it doesnt look “enough” to/for me, either…but, its pretty popular…
maybe one day i’ll jump on the clone just for the experience…but not today…

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Dual coils has ruined me. I’m at the point that I max out on everything.

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I got a velocity and I’m never going back to anything like this

I have 2 of those collecting dust. They’re ok when I’m at home. Dripping is too inconvenient. Especially when I have to stealth vape at work.

BTW, what wire do you use?

lol you are TROUBLE… TROUBLE I SAY… :grinning::grinning:

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Nichrome 90 26 GA. Clapton with 32 GA. Kanthol, it’s not stealthy at all blows massive ridiculous clouds and flavor, 6 wraps registering in at a .15 on my IPV3 Li. And I love the fact that I can just drip right down the drip tip like 15-20 drops and pull about 5-6 rips before rejuicing… I still use my crown all the time also, for the same reasons you mentioned bc dripping is inconvenient and it’s not easy to rip at work lol

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They had me on the high end sale, right to the point where they say “And it utilizes readily available Aspire Nautilus Coils (BVC or BDC if you prefer)”

Seriously? They want BIG $ for a tank that uses Nautilus coils? Airflow limits are the deal breaker for me. I’d pass. Now if it used Triton, or even Atlantis coils… different story.

Looks like a marketing scheme to me.