Trying to decide if I should buy an Ultra sonic cleaner or not

I have been trying to decide if I should buy an ultra sonic cleaner for faster steeping or not buy one… is it worth money to get one any input would be greatly appreciated



It reduces the waitng time by half. I advice you.

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Personally I thought the same question along time ago. I wanted stuff faster.

1year later and 200 flavors. I have no need. Sure it may be nice to hit the start button every 15 minutes. Or other trick to keep it running.

But now I just do time. I think my new estimate is that I have 7-10weeks of individually bottled and wll different 15ml and 30ml bottles. And at most 4 100ml mixes…normally 2. I have no need to speed things up. I just mix every 2-3 weeks. Sometimes sooner if I am excited about something. But I can wait 4 weeks but I always got something new brewing.

So my question is if you spend xyz dollars on it…what could you buy instead? 20 more flavors? And some more bottles? How about an expensive DNA mod or an rda that you thought you would never buy (me it was the goon authentic and a DNA 167)

Sure, if you can afford it great! If you need it…go for it. Personally if I had a choice I would pick a mag mixer first.

But I’m not going too because I can somehow always find room in the steeping closet and allow time to do it’s thing.


Yup very good advice right there. I have both and the usc is only every used for cleaning attys now (sometimes bottles). Best advice if you are going to get a mag mixer get a digitally controlled hotplate version and dont skimp on the price (don’t spend 5k but don’t get the cheapest you can find either).


Thanks Emin

You said exactly what I’m thinking and why I am hesitant to pull the trigger on buying one. I always have something to vape I never run out because I really love mixing I look forward to it, and you nailed it on what else I can spend that money on like flavors which is exactly what I would rather buy. Thank you for your advice I appreciate your help …

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Can you send a link for the one that you have or the make and model thanks

Mine is not digitally controlled which is why I suggested that you look for one that is - I have overcooked mixes on mine and will likely continue to do so lol.

This is the cold stirrer i have it is ok with the right size rod - slow with thick mixes - (it is basically a computer fan in a plastic box and is a little over priced but the magnets on the inside are very strong)

Is the hotplate stirrer (and it is good but the claim of best in the item title is a bit of a stretch) - in hind sight I would have spent more on one really good hotplate stirrer but having 2 is handy

Best to have a look on ebay or amazon

I am not recomending this particular one because I dont have it. But I believe that the sh # is the rating of the stirer.

Sh4 is I think up to 5 lt sh3 is up to 3 lt (not 100% sure what else they take into account when rating

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Get 1 even if you decide not to use it to speed up steep times it’s still best thing to clean tanks and rda ect

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Coffee frother in a dremel works for me. Whisk until milky and leave for 24 hours.


A sonic cleaner is a must for cleaning attys, you’ll never get your attys as clean without one but as for steeping you can knock off a week on a months steep on a custard but that’s about it IMO of course. You’ll never beat a dark cupboard to get the best flavour, just one of those things good flavours need time to mature. Think as it as wine you can’t rush it.


Rick check this out the Norpro deluxe mini mixer, best thing I’ve ever bought for mixing coz the stir tool fits in even a 10ml bottle. £6 off Amazon


Thanks Everybody!

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@Steve-o_54 I refurb a lot of small items which are often plagued by dirt and age. Ultracsonics safely clean about anything with just hot tap water …even crusty motorcycle parts and personal protection items. I use mine equally for non-vape related cleaning, so a big enough unit to get maximum use

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Don’t waste money on a mixer 24awg make a egg shape loop twist the 2 ends together and put it in a drill !!!


Me and my wife have the cheapest ultrasonic cleaner we could find on amazon 35$ if I remember correctly. We sell a lot so putting 30ml in a flask and then moving it to another container will be to much fluid loss. We simply put in the correct amounts into a 30ml plastic bottle, cap it, and chuck it into the ultrasonic. After 15 minutes the mix tastes much better.

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Although an ultra sonic cleaner is usefull for a lot of things i just couldn’t see myself spending the money on it.
First off all i can’t believe it works wonders fro the steeping time and iain’t paying that much to find out.
Then and this is the most important i got so much stuff steeping and looking to get a spot on the to taste list i can hardly keep up already.

So i would say mix plenty in advance for your self and train your friends to order in advance aswell (hey they want cheap, delicious juice so they will learn).

I see the point of view of everybody, but I do like mine it does speed things along and besides that the wife can clean all her jewelry in it.

Happy Wife Happy Life


A usc as a steeping aid is very useful on certain mixes but totally not required.A usc to help clean atty’s,drip tips, bottles , jewelry, and everything else under the sun is without a doubt one of the best investments I have made.

The area I live and work is fairly rural but we have a couple of small vape shops that mix their own house brand juice.Both of these shops use a small USC and run their juice through a couple of 15 minute cycles.
I started out with a 3 liter that died after a year , the day it died I ordered a 6 liter so I could use it on larger non vape related items.
I find that I tend to make larger bottles now and I don’t need to rush the process but I still love having the ability to use it for testing a new mix.

I haven’t owned a hot plate mag stirrer but I am convinced they are a better process for blending.
The problem is they don’t fit my needs as I tend to make four or six sample tests at once. I can simply throw a dozen 15ml -120ml bottles in my usc where a mag stirrer is a one at a time process.

The bottom line is there is many ways to do things and what is correct for me probably won’t be correct for you.Have fun and experiment until you find what works best for you.
I would pay more attention to the thoughts from those who have owned them and beware of anyone that tells you they are not worth it when they have never even tried one.:grinning:


I used to use a mini crock pot b4 DIY but up graded when it be came the juice I made

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