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Trying to make caramel cappuccino again


After a couple of months the horror of my last attempt has worn off.
This is what i have mixed
After a good shake i am getting coffee strong and a tiny bit bitter, also a bit of creamyness and sweetness.
I am thinking with a good steep the cream should develop and hoping the caramel candy will come out.
Any suggested tweaks or advice would be appreciated.


Have you ever tried, Tiramisu (Booster) - Flavour Art It has worked real well for me in the 1-2% range with caramels.


Not come across a tiramisu concentrate yet or even though about one.
Now you mention it though that sounds like something i would really enjoy.
Just had a ganders on chefs and they got the flavourart one, will add to cart. Just waiting for either a sale or mid jan before my next flavour order.


Coffee Liqueur VTA will add caramel and light cream notes without diluting the coffee.


This tpa caramel cappuccino is coffee Armageddon, if there was ever a flavour that needs diluting ita this.
I am waiting to see how this steeps. But at the moment im worried that .5% is still to strong.
Although im always up for some coffee liqueur.


Booster at 2% would be a bit strong for my tastes

@Beaufort_Batches has a strawberry latte that is very nice - I would suggest ditching the strawberries for a caramel and maybe a touch of brown sugar would get you most of the way there.


Different flavor Different company yea mix it different, Flavor Art mixes well between the 1-2% range and if you want less coffee drop it down to 0.5>. Each to there own but anyone that can stomach Caramel Cappuccino TPA at anything over a drop or 2 per 10ml may go higher I ain’t a fan of that one.


I cant get Tiramisu (Inawera) here so I use booster at 0.7 sorry I neglected to mention that .


@GuernseyNick It has become evident to me, that I SUCK at making anything coffee, in regards to vapes LOL, and I have tried. I did stumble onto, however, a really nice one in my rage over my own coffee drink vape failings. Very good …


I also 2nd @woftam ^^^^^


My first go i mixed it at 5% nearly killed me. Was like chowing down on some instant coffee straight from the tin.
Will try the tiramisu at 2% when i get it.

Both of those recipes sound awsome but i have 0 flavours for either :cry:.
I will probably end up getting more was just trying to make this dam caramel cappuccino into something nice.


I made and adaptation of the Caramel Macchato and yes it was pretty good


I mixed it (Tiramisu FA) as a stand alone at 3% and Liked it, well I think I did add a smidgen of Stevia to sweeten it up some more.


Well, like I recently said to someone in another thread about “certain flavors just can’t be subbed”… This is the flip side sometimes.

Certain other flavors just can’t be used, and you’re better just to chalk it up, and move on. :wink:
(I’ve beaten my head against this wall a few times)


I am still hopeful, will most likely end up tossing it but i will give this mix a month or 2 and probably try the same with a bit less maybe. 0.3%


With tfa caramel cappuccino, try 0.1 -0.2% first. It is very strong.


I remember someone using it at 0.15% in a mix, but I couldn’t remember who it was right now…


Same here… but it’s not our fault, you can’t even try to resemble coffe with a chemical flavour… it’s really complicated with so many molecules, somebody gets close but at the end, it’s an acquired taste that resembles it, not “THE” coffee.

Probably will end up trying to extract it from the beans… but my first attempt with ultrasonic, was a failure… :rofl::rofl: WIP


TFA Caramel Cappuccino? I remember from older forum posts elsewhere that it should be used at ONE drop per 10 ml, it’s that strong. Crazy, right? But it’s true. I remember making it with 2 drops per 30 and being happy with it. This was a stand alone mix I made. I just bought another vial of it lately, gonna try my hand at making up some more. Sounds like a little Tiramisu might go good with it. If you ever order Lotta Latte from DIYFS, you’ll be able to smell the Caramel Cappuccino in there as well. And you know, Lotta Latte by itself is pretty good, I settled on around 7% stand alone, but I think it needs a smidge of something else to help it out.


Definately dillute TPA caramel cap. Or use i drop per 30ml… My suggestions are
VTA coffee milk froth , a subtle non burnt :fire: tasting coffee dominated by a thick cream, tested at 1.25%
MF coffee, strong use .08-.17%

Ooo milky undertone would pair well as would LB fresh cream. For caramel i like Cap, FW salted VT salted and FA but go easy if you use FA it cam get to “dark” with overflavoring