Tweaking an existing liquid?

Hi there,

I am a big fan of Unicorn milk and strawberry creamy flavors so i looked at different recipes and mixed a few up. I really like the Strawberry fog recipe and Mother’s Unicorn milk. I have also mixed up the “leaked Unicorn milk recipe”. It was not so bad on my first attempts so i made a bigger batch of 200ml.
However, now after a few experiments i find that the Capella strawberry in the “Cutwood spy” recipe is a bit strong and a little artificial tasting. I also think it lacks the Graham Cracker taste i really like in the Mother’s Unicorn milk recipe.
Can somebody recommend a method to mute the Capella Strawberry? Would adding more Graham Cracker or a different Graham Cracker like the TPA version do the job?

Thanks guys, any idea would be appreciated!


First of all, how old is it? How long has it aged?


Hi Ozo,

I’ve mixed it up on the 3rd of September and tried it 2 days ago. It is in a 250ml bottle in a dark cupboard, i shook it almost every day. No heat or ultrasound stuff, just darkness and shaking.
I’ve mixed it as 70/30 VG/PG with 3mg nicotine strength. My nicotine juice is 72mg 100%PG. Vaping it in a Cleito 0.4Ohm, a Uwell Crown 0.5Ohm and an Innokin Isub apex with the 0.2Ohm coils.

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You could add a little more GC if you want or a cream but I’d be careful since you’ll be headed more toward a 60/40 unless you decide to adjust your blend of pg/vg but adding more flavor alone will increase the pg. I tend to add more vg if I feel a batch is too strong but this will effect the entire batch where you’d like to adjust only the SB in the mix. Then of course if you choose to add you’ll need to give it another week to 2 weeks depending on what you decide. Good luck.


Can you screenshot the recipe you made?

Without seeing your ingredients, I would suggest a little Graham Cracker [don’t know which you have] and I would add a little Cucumber to lighten the Strawberry.


I’ve adapted this recipe to 70/30 3mg

I’ve got TPA Cheesecake Graham crust which really works well in the Mother’s Unicorn milk recipe. This is what I’m planning to add to a 10ml test batch. I also have Graham Cracker from Capella, versions 1 and 2. I don’t have a big stash of flavors yet but i have different Vanillas, cheese cakes and creams mainly from TPA and Capella.

I don’t mind if the VG percentage goes down a little bit, this is just to make this 200ml batch vapable. Don’t get me wrong, i still think it is a good recipe and i enjoyed it when i made my first 50ml batch. I just seem to prefer the other recipe. I am not in a hurry either so I’ll give it another few weeks. Perhaps the vanillas and creams catch up eventually and take this sharpness off the strawberry.

Cucumber is a nice idea, any preference on the manufacturer?

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I prefer the Cucumber (TFA) in this type of situation…and I prefer the Cucumber (FA) when I want the Cucumber flavor prevalent.

I see your Strawberry issue, at least in my tastes. In that recipe I would have not gone above 7% with Strawberry, and I NEVER use only one Strawberry. For example, I would have used Strawberry (X) 4% and Strawberry (XX) 3%

If I had that batch on my desk to tweak…I would add 0.25% [1/4%] of all flavorings except Strawberry to lean it out, then you could adjust the VG later if needed [and the nic]. Maybe even bring the Graham Crust up 0.5% instead of 0.25%

The story will still not be told until it gets some age on it, original batch AND the test batches.

Hope this makes sense, and if not, just give me a shout…no worries, eh?


Well… if you have 200 ml, and you haven’t steeped it I myself personally would:

First: Cut it into two 100 ML Bottles

  1. To the first bottle just add 5% VG to see if it knocks down the flavor a bit, or add 2% Distilled Water.

  2. To the second bottle add like .50 Graham Cracker, shake it let it sit overnight with the lid off and test it.

Those two tests will tell you quite a bit… but that’s just me trying to save liquid.

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My advice and it is one from personal experience, all the “unicorn milks” “mothers milks” etc recipes on here I have tried are awful…

They all taste the same no matter the steep time, over flavoured mish mash messes, I gave up after making 60ml of each of them and after 300ml of different mothers milk clones thrown away.

I now vape the following recipes:
Bombies Nana Cream by Fizzmustard
Mikes Melons by Gsxrmike04
The NEW PistachioRY4-U by [ENYAWREKLAW]

All of these are ADV for me, perfect balance of flavours.

EDIT: It is well known that Dragonfruit and Strawberry are a great fruit combo

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Thanks for all the ideas. One more thing somebody suggested to me today was to just mix another 60ml without the strawberry. There are about 180ml left so this way i could reduce the strawberry by a third. However, i would end up with 240ml of a liquid which is not really what i would like to vape all day.
I think I’ll just add some TPA Cheescake Graham crust or more of the Capella cheesecake and Graham Cracker to a 10ml test batch and let it sit for another few weeks. For my taste the graham cracker and cheesecake are too weak in this recipe anyway and i hope the cheesecake mutes the strawberry a bit. If not i can still add some new mixture without the strawberry. Or i just give it to a friend who vapes pretty much anything as long as it is cheap :smiley:

@Grubby: The recipes you posted look nice and maybe I’ll try them one day but at the moment I’m really into creamy flavors. I am experimenting with a creamy vanilla chai mix and a creamy orange citrus cheesecake kinda thing.
What you said about all the unicorn milk clones is probably true. I am relatively new to the mixing thing but if you just compare the recipes most of them seem to be variations of the “Mothers Unicorn Milk” or the recipe i posted earlier. I have a bottle of Unicorn milk to compare the recipes with but not a single one comes even close. My favorites are Strawberry fog by spectrometer (which doesn’t claim to be a clone of anything) and Mothers Unicorn milk. They are very similar to each other and i really like them both. At the end of the day I’m not looking for an exact copy of something but for an adv.

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unicorn milk, mothers milk, cutwood whatever the variation they all taste like vomit to me now, I don’t know why but I can’t vape them anymore, the only strawberry cream I vape now is @Pro_Vapes Strawberry ice cream sandwich, knocks the crap out of all of them, it’s an amazing recipe.


Im still yet to try that one, its on my very short list… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That sounds exotic…

No, what i said didnt make any sense lol “My advice” Then I gave you my opinion… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You sound like your on the same path I was when I first started mixing, just looking for a tasty ADV, keep doing your thing and enjoy it!


Vomit… that sounds a bit harsh :smiley:
But you’re not the first person saying that. I just had a quick look at the pro_vapes recipes and the first thing i noticed was that these recipes are all in the 10-15% flavoring range or even lower. The Mothers Unicorn Milk is at something like 26%. Just for that reason alone i will have a closer look. There are so many recipes with a lot of flavoring and i always thought that’s crazy. “A lot helps a lot” doesn’t seem to be the way to go…


That’s because of the particular flavorings. Pro_Vapes mainly uses the really concentrated, high quality flavorings of Medicine Flower, FlavorArt, INawera, etc. These flavorings are super potent and (most of the time) spot-on in flavor.


Thanks for the head nod @Pugs1970… it’s one of my favorite juices also. It took four months of steeping before I could even taste the UM. Even then it was on the weak side.


This was my first thought as well. I’d use some FA or FLA and go 2% with either one of them and 4% of the CAP

Just to throw an idea in without really having a clue about these things: would that be a job for an “enhancer”? I’ve only started reading about these things and some of them seem to be controversial. Just wondering what vanillin, ethyl maltol or even something like smooth or vape wizard would do to the strawberry flavor. Any ideas?

To strawberry, vanillin would make it, uh, vanilla-y, EM would sweeten it but also probably mute the flavor, smooth would take off some of the sharper notes, and I have no idea what vape wizard is or what it does. :slight_smile:

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I tried Vape Wizard. It just makes the liquid stink and adds a nasty flavor I don’t like. (I don’t like it, can you tell?)