Unconventional Tools

As I tend to use unusual items as vape tools (I see vape tool kits as a rip off), I thought I’d see what the rest of you use.

I tend to use dental tools for combing cotton and ear tunnels to wind coils (perfect design for 2-5mm coils). What’s your odd tool?


combing cotton


Aren’t dental tools like that really expensive? I guess these must come from your personal torturing tool box?

I use a lot of my standard tools I always have in the drawer like string cutters and screw drivers and pokie tools of some kind. Bought a coil tool kit once, wouldn’t do it again.


Not too unusual, but these sewing scissors are great for trimming cotton/rayon. At 3 for $6.39, great price ,and they’re sharp! Being 4 inches long and flat, they fit nicely into a little zippered tool kit.



I got a full set last year in China, so was about £5,


Tempting to get some, though I just rely on a pair of surgical scissors: they do the job and just get thrown in the cleaner with others between tasks.


I use this tool to remove gunk from my Ni200 coils. Never thought of another use.:joy:


A personal ‘tool’? Might be why the forum doesn’t show an image - Not my NSFW piercing help thread.


They can be of course… But like most things, if you look hard enough (or make friends with a dentist), they can be had for anything from free, to cheap.

Personally, I’ve bought dental tools from both flea markets, and gun shows. Usually for about a $1 a piece.


spot on: It’s how get most of mine. The mark up for vapers is mad. I prefer to pretend to be diabetic in order to get at cost syringes. If you say ‘vape’ you’ll expect to pay 50p each rather than 4p.


I totally forgot about the china option, too. But dentist tools from a flea market… that’s some proper potential for stories to make children cry. Or adults.
I think I have this from watching the marathon man with Dustin Hoffman. Like my claustrophobia probably comes from reading Edgar Alan Poe. :scream:


Hahaha. I tended to dislike dentists after an abscess in my root canal. It’s relaxing just to have all the tools in a cup with tattoo needles on my desk.


Yeah dentists are just acceptable because they can get rid of the pain (the NHS dentists by removing the tooth without any further questions). But who doesn’t have any strange memories from dentist visits?
My first UK NHS dentist was an Indian bloke just before retirement and the practice had its last makeover in the 80s. Combined with the pain that brought me there it was one of these days you don’t forget.


I have a history with Chinese doctors: Realising that I metabolise all pain killers in minutes was fun. I learnt that lesson during an emergency circumcision - long story.


Bwaaahahaha… I do not wish to hear this story.


I was considering g this too given the report on dry burning, but unless I start using fancy mtl wire, 28/29 just too thin to bother. I want to try the alien mtl coilology stuff so maybe I’ll brush then.

I like this thread a lot.


I don’t care to recall it. Though Wifey likes the scars.


I am going through a real issue now, I’ve been to 3 private and 5 nhs dentists, bought a 3D scan. Not one of them has a clue what to do, and 6 of the 8 couldn’t isolate the issue. If I listened to the first couple I’ve had 3 teeth out for no reason

It’s not just nhs dentists, at least the ones I’ve gone to in London ( even the “high end” ones 0) are just nowhere near what dentistry is in the USA…and I say that as someone who really tries to avoid any comparisons as I have spent a fair bit of time both places and am acutely aware of how that rubs some the wrong way. there’s just no way around it- dentistry here, even with the tangible improvements in the last decade, is still 20 years behind in training, 10 in equipment, and that’s the good places.

I’ll also, while fully appreciating the nhs, say that nhs GP are more like nurse practitioners in the states.

Don’t worry there is a huge list of things England does better than the USA, like police not shooting random people.

Bottom line maybe I can thieve some tools next visit and get something positive out of it. :grin:


That’s why I get the non-emergency stuff done in Germany.They do have an attitude, too but price and the general experience are better there.
The NHS seems to be a target to slowly be destroyed and health care is getting much more expensive the next years but that’s not going to be different elsewhere.
Funny enough, people I know decided to get a tricky brain surgery done in India. Some of the best educated doctors with top equiment and a level of care that “was almost annoying” because they were constantly looked after by nurses.


Yah I’m going to Italy soon and have already forwarded scans…I was referred to hospital here because they just don’t know, but as you can imagine that’s quite a while away.

Anyway on to happier things, vaping :slight_smile:

The most extravagant thing I use is a pen with clip and leather man to make twisted wire, so I’m all ears.