Unicorn Milk Taste Test

So, I made 6 x 10ml juices a few days ago to test, and the first second one I’m tasting is the Unicorn Milk, here’s my notes:

20% TFA Strawberry Ripe
10% TFA Sweet Cream
3% TFA Dairy/Milk
40/60 pg/vg
6mg nic
by…My noob screw up, I didn’t save the creator’s name

12/8, made 10 ml batch, ran about 30 times in USC with 3 minute timer. Stopped every 10 times and frothed. Let breath once during process for 30 minutes. Into dark drawer at 7:00pm for a few days.

12/10 2:00 pm, vaped in a Crown tank with rebuilt deck (cleaned and rewicked), .30 ohms.

10 watts, some cloud, muted flavor
15 watts, surprisingly good cloud, dairy jumps out at me on inhale, slight strawberry on exhale.
17.5 watts, good cloud, things changed, weak strawberry is now on inhale, and dairy on exhale
20 watts, strawberry coming out a bit more
22.5 watts, good clouds, reasonable flavor
25 watts, like 22.5 but if I take the largest hit I can take, we get crispy and too warm for me.

I’ll vape this at 22.5 watts.

So, did I make the same mistake I did here…Buttery Nipple taste test, too much flavoring?

The taste of this juice wasn’t bad, but as it sits, I won’t be vaping this anytime soon…it’s just not there. Flavors are somewhat there, just not alot of them. I was hoping this would slap me in the face and scream VAPE ME I’m the best strawberry out there!! It didn’t.

Should I try adjusting the flavoring percentages here, or did I maybe just pick a recipe that I really shouldn’t have? Should I add another brand of strawberry to the TFA strawberry to adjust the flavor and cut the TFA strawberry by the same amt? I know taste is subjective and all, and I can’t blame the recipe cause it must have worked for someone or they wouldn’t have posted it…right? Am I choosing older recipes that might have been created before the boon of flavorings hit the market? IDK? Should I limit my recipe resources to just here for the time being?

Maybe I should try a different recipe for Unicorn milk. You got one that once you mix it, it continues to haunt you until you finish vaping the bottle?

I’m still new to the site here, but I’m learning. Is there a place within the site that might list what you folks think are good beginner recipes? I know it’s all relative, but is there a spot here that might list a few voted upon recipes that, in most cases, would produce a flavorable vaping experience for the new DIYer?

I await your input folks, thanks.


33% flavoring sounds crazy in my ears :smile: I’d say too much flavoring!


Thats what I thought too, but being a noob, I followed the recipe, but have learned since then it’s just too much. Thanks Daath.

I could be a good recipie for one person out of 1000. But I would guess strawberry should 8-10% and sweet cream around 4%. But I’m guessing here. Or it’s a recipie that’s supposed to sit and steep for 6 months.

Try this one: http://tjek.nu/r/L3R

Or this one: http://tjek.nu/r/221e

Both should be really good :smile:

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LOL, guess I’m not one of the 1,000, lol.

I was hoping this one was gonna be good, oh well, back to searching out recipes. I did locate one from here,


Butter Cream (CAP)1.5%
Graham Cracker (CAP).5%
New York Cheesecake (CAP).5%
Sweet Cream (CAP)1.5%
Sweet Strawberry (CAP)8.5%
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (CAP)1%
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)3%
by cuttwoodspy, Sep 12, 16:03

16.5% flavor, and there were alot of good reviews and it had a good rating. Looks like it was posted a number of times, so I’m gonna go thru my flavors and order up what I’m missing and give it a shot.

@daath, you posted while I was typing, lol, gonna try the clone and see what happens.


Yeah, sweet cream should really never go over 3% and it is rare to use SB Ripe over 7 or 8%.

The majority believe Cap Sweet SB is used. Take that 10ml bottle and put it in a 20 or 30ml bottle and add 50% more VG. Let it cure for a week or two then give it a try.

Dont be afraid to ask before you do the mixing, so many of us are very willing to help.



HAHAhhAaAAh, ok Ken, what time should I expect ya here at the house, and what’s your favorite meal?? I’m happy to feed ya if you’ll mix and talk.

Ya know how some of us old guys are, we gotta think we can do it until we prove to ourselves we can’t. Well, I’ve also tried the snickerdoodles and the somoas recipes I had found and neither are worth talking about, lol. The more I mix, the more I think it’s about me and not the recipe. So far I’m batting about 100, couple of grounders and fouled out more than once.

I think I’ll stick to one or maybe two new recipes at a time. So for the time being I’m gonna try the Unicorn clone above (I just ordered what I don’t have) and try that recipe. I’m gonna think about the Bananas Foster that I liked from Yaeliq. I’ve got some of the BF flavoring from TFA (and mixed at 10% to see what it tastes like) so I think I want to find a recipe using it. Any suggestions from anyone? I know I’ve seen mixes using it.

Thanks guys, and Ken, keep an eye open my friend, I’m gonna find some recipes here, figure out if I would change anything and ask about them before mixing.


PS, I’ll give your suggestion a try.


Sadly i am stuffed right now, we had pasties for dinner that we made and froze last weekend made with venison instead of beef, MMMmmmMMM!

Im half an old fart myself so i can relate, hehe.

Give this Snickerdoodle a try:

7.5% Sugar Cookie (CAP)
5% Vanilla Custard V1 (CAP)
2.5% Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP)

Not my recipe and i dont remember where i got it but it is fantastic.

Ive never used or seen Yaeliq flavors so i cant help you on that one, sorry.


I wouldn’t say anything about old fart or batting a 100. We have all had some pretty horrid recipies and ones we’ve chased and learned it’s just not going to work. Most won’t admit it, just say “there there, it’s ok, here’s how to fix it,” because we’ve all been there. I’m many ways I am still there.

I just try to add in my newbie experience since I hope hearing another opion helps. Or gives someone a chuckle. It has for me.

For me reading 10 opinions one will click. And occasionally I get the a’ha moment and the next mix just kicks but.

My most horrid recipie was 10% FA cherry and %10 whip cream. Omg. Worst experience ever. So bad I don’t think I will mix with cherry ever again. It was like cough sryup multiplied by 10. And oh yeah, I tested for a few days. Let it sit. Tested again then dumped.


At least it wasnt Honey (TFA) AKA Cat Pi$$ (TFA). Probably the worst flavoring that i have ever smelled or tasted. I was afraid to dump it down my drain, i went outside and poured it over the fence into my horrible neighbors yard.

@Ken_O_Where @Chrispdx

LOL, well, I guess one day I’ll be able to say something along the lines of “Back when I was starting to DIY I made this juice that was soooo bad”, “How bad was it”, “Well, it was so bad the cat tried to bury it in the cat box, it was soo bad, my teeth were just aching to be pulled…it was soooo bad, the government wanted to use my vape as a chemical weapon!”

Thanks Chris, I won’t give up, but may have to cry in my cheerios a bit…ohhhh, good name for a juice. Thanks for the recipe Ken, will try it soon and will let ya know what happens.


Holy cow. Really FA or TPA? Cherry (FA) is good at 2-3% for single flavor :smiley: If I were to try it with whipped cream, I’d do:

  • 1.5% Cherry (FA)
  • 2% Whipped Cream (TPA)

I’d probably add one or two other supporting flavors, not sure :smile:


That looks good I have v2 do you believe it would work

Im not sure, i dont use any V2 flavorings to be honest. I dont see why it wouldnt but i wouldnt have any idea on the ratio’s.

ive this Snickerdoodle a try:

7.5% Sugar Cookie (CAP)
5% Vanilla Custard V1 (CAP)
2.5% Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP)
OK thanks my mouth is watering just looking at it

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You have V2 custard? If so lower it to 4%, honestly i wont even allow that stuff in my house, Butyric Acid smells like vomit as it is a component of vomit.

Yep you are correct that is what I am thinking of

You may love it, quite a few people do. I just have an overly sensitive nose.

It was cherry and whip FA…figured I would shoot from the hip. I had been chasing few first recipies and the flavors were just so weak at 5-8% which is the recommended value for FA mixing. It wasn’t working. So I made appropriate adjustments to my existing testers and was like…hmmm rocket ship time. 10% each of cherry and whip FA and continue taste testing the others.

Well. Turned out my first 4 recipies were true shake and vapes…get’r’done in the first four days. After that flavors just drop off because they don’t merry well. Like HIcs complete tic tac. Great on day one, but my taste doesn’t work on the exact recipie 4 days later just peppermint and muted other flavors. Mixed 4 versions of it. (I’m chase Orange recipies by the way)

20 posts later. A new on slot of new recipies. And bam it all was great. I just need to stay away from certain things because I’m chasing recipies that are great day 5 through day 15. I love mixing, but because I work I only do it once a week or every two weeks.

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