Up to date VG and nicotine recommendations

Just wondering what VG everyone is using nowadays. I currently use BCV’s VG and it tastes sweet on the tongue. Don’t have a reason to switch, just curious.

Also recommendations on best nicotine? I got mine from E-cig express and its pretty alright. No issues yet.

I did notice the bottle turned red in one day however. Oxidation, I know, plus it is 100mg, so I put it in the fridge for now.



Someone said Nicotine River has quality nicotine, can anyone confirm?

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I haven’t used their nicotine but… I trust others here that have and they continue to use it and highly recommend it.I have only used My Freedom Smokes and I have no complaints however now that I have used Nicotine River for the first time purchasing flavors I intend to buy my nicotine from them.
I have used Bull City Vapor for VG and PG and had no problems with it.Now I am buying that from Essential Depot ,they have great prices.
Where do you buy your PG and VG from?

I have not tested it for strength, using a kit or anything, but I did purchase their nicotine and it is/was extremly clean an had no pepper taste (or really any taste). Very good product imho.

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