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Update: My recipes, folders, mass deletes

Hey guys,

I have been working on something that has been requested or a very long time: Folders to categorize your personal recipes.

“My recipes” is now a button on the “My recipes/favorites”-page. If you don’t want to use folders, this is the only change. If you do want to use folders, you can start right away by clicking “Add folder”, and then checking off recipes and moving them into folders, by clicking the “Move selected to”.

You can have a recipe in multiple folders. Simply go to the folder where your recipe is, then check it off and click “Copy selected to”.

The checkbox at the top (besides the “Recipe”-header) inverts the recipe selection. If no recipes are selected, all are selected. If two are selected those two are deselected and all other recipes are selected (on the current page).

If you select recipes in a folder, “Remove from folder” does what it says. If the recipes are in no other folders they appear in the main list.

If you want to delete multiple recipes, simply check them off, then click the “Delete recipes”-button. It will ask you if you are sure, and proceed to delete them, if you so choose.

To edit a folder name, go to the folder and click the name.

To delete a folder, hover your mouse over the folder name, then click the trashcan-icon. The folder will be deleted and the recipes previously in it, will show up in the main list (unless they are in other folders).

Searching searches in all recipes, ignoring folders.

Oh, and you can now export your stash as a CSV. Just go there and click the button.

I hope you’ll find all this useful!

To prevent errors, you may need to clear the cache in your browser.

Happy vaping!



I have a LOT of work to do now! Thanks Lars!!


Amazing work brother, you just make this place more and more amazing. :+1:


I can’t get to my recipes. Just comes up with a blank page when I click the button. I have cleared my cache and tried another browser (firefox and chrome).


I am having the same issue as bjhVapes

Both on iPhone and PC

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do you use flash player for the site? it just wants to keep loading and the plug-in is blocked and i dont want to enable it if its not used.

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I am having the same problem, Just a blank page, I needed to get to my recipes to mix tonight.

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It is working perfectly fine for me on a Mac with Chrome and that is without clearing any cache.

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Brilliant! Easy to use (intuitive) and navigate. Great job Lars, thank you.


Windows 10 here with Chrome and Edge, but not loading. Not working on my server windows 2012 machine either. I just get the ad on top and nothing more.

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Having the same problem as Ruber. I deleted my browsing history, still seeing nothing, but a white screen.

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What he said …


Nicely done @daath


Flash is used to copy recipes…


I am trying to figure out why recipes aren’t showing for some people. No worries - They are there! :slight_smile:


Is there anything we can do to help you? I can’t see my recipes either.


I will update flash and try to help out also.

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updated Flash and restarted, this is what I get

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I re-enabled the old “My recipes” list on the page (the new button is still there) - Just while I figure out what is going on.


Is there a way to pre-convert all CR or CR/LF to some unique string “[/]” for the ‘Notes’ field ? Or strip them all out from the ‘Notes’ field prior to the export 1 per line ?
When I import into Excel, each line feed gets added to a separate line and I have to manually open the CSV file, convert the CR/LF to “something else” and then open with Excel - to get 1 recipe per line.

This is the only way I can figure out WHY I ordered Flavorah Frosting, or whatever new flavor I just received but can’t remember WHICH recipe it’s for.

Just a thought / request …