UPDATE on Benefits of making own one shots!

So with a little experimenting with making my own one shots so far, I dont have all the answers but here is what Ive found so far since my previous post asking for more info on personal one shots.

So i made two 15ml bottles of “one shots” out of my personal recipes for Vanilla Waffle and Vanilla Cake about two weeks ago with the hopes of answering some questions i had, which were besides convenience of using one shots; does combining all flavors for a period of time before creating your actual mix help cut down on steep time? if so how much?

So far since then i have noticed that the smell from the day of combination until now is extravagantly better, it smells like the flavors have all come together and bonded as one and its smell is delicious! Now mind you i havent tried to vape them yet as i had just put it into a mix a few days ago, these two recipes usually take 2-3 weeks to steep depending on ratios, but from the looks so far, my questions are giving the answers i thought.

I will reply with taste tests soon.


So, other than smelling better there’s no difference from steep time or is the plan to crack them open earlier?

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What is your test environment like? What bottles are they stored in? Is there a lot of air left in bottle (so that alcohols can evaporate too)?

Curious to read your follow-up and more details :slight_smile:
Would’ve been nice if you could’ve steeped another bottle in the regular way to see a side-to-side comparisson

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ive used one shot / stones / bases for a long time now and can tell you that your steep time will still be the same , the flavors need time to set in the VG this is basically why we steep , not so the flavors blend into each other … if that makes sense , anyway testing for ones self is the best way to find your answer , a lot of time people will make a stone so they can use as many flavors together and lower the over all percentage and of course time and create a better flavor out of multiple ones … @Amy2 was the first person to explain this to me maybe she can chime in and explain better


I use them to lower the overall percentage in a recipe for my needs, but convenience comes to mind as well. Steeping does not , steeping is taking place like you said when we put our flavors with our base ( vg/pg ) and allow it to bind with time. We know there’s no substitute for that :wink:


I use a one shot of my own making for 1 recipe, and have been doing so for 1 year, the longer it sits the better it gets has been my experience, i have aged it for up to 4 months. Suprisingly the steep time is the same 4 - 6 weeks, it doesnt seem to cut down on steep time but the flavor is much improved and melded together.


I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean with the above.
Could you please describe (or try to) a little better what the difference of your recipe is between a straight up mixed & an aged one shot steeped?
From what I understood from the others, I wasn’t expecting any difference.

When making a one shot essentially i am compounding a new flavoring, its a new mixture of chemicals and compounds that will react with each other and oxidation occurs due air in the top of the bottle, all these reactions are changing the flavor profile and basically creating a new flavoring. Essentially the flavoring is steeping and will improve with time just like an ejuice. I have only done this with one recipe i dont know if it works for all recipes. These are just my thoughts i could be wrong, if your wanna try it just take your favorite recipe, make a one shot let it sit for 30 days and mix and steep with it like you normally would and see if there’s any difference

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That’s gonna be a problem for me… I don’t think I’ve made more than 120ml of any recipe yet. There’s just so much to discover, so many good recipes!
I really wish there was a recipe that I could vape on and on without wanting to try something else all the time.

Thanks for your explanation though. Once I’ll settle on my recipes, I’ll sure start to experiment with it.


So my conclusion is that in my opinion, it helps keep flavor and cuts back a bit on steep time I made one regularly and used the one shot and tested them both at 2 weeks with similar setups and clean co ils and wicks, it has its perks, there’s really no cons to doing one shots…which is kinda what I was trying to find out besides steep time, which I found it does but only a tiny bit but it could have been contributed to other circumstances.

I suppose that convenience and being able to work with more or less is the main perk to a one shot and really not much else other than (depending on the person) a slight decrease in steep time.

Thank you all for your insight and knowledge/feedback it is greatly appreciated!!