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(updated) Which Youtubers do you watch currently?

There have been quite a few that popped up since the last post in 2016 so I figured I’d reboot the topic. I am currently looking for Youtube Reviewers and Talk shows because I find they break up my evenings nicely, these can be DIY or Vaping in general as I just like the company… So far I watch Fresh03 on Tuesdays and sometimes on Saturdays, but I am usually out on the town at that time. Thanks for your suggestions in advance, friends.


I watch replays of the most recent shows from DIYorDie, Fresh03, Noted and recently caught an episode of Developed. I have about an hour drive home from work and they’re usually not live then. I rarely watch at home.

I like them, but I don’t get a lot out of them. Most of the flavors they mix with are PG-based concentrates and I only use PG-free. I do pick up ideas and concepts, flavor pairings and layering ideas. Wayne talks a lot about regulations and industry topics, too.

Noted is funny sometimes, but, again, 97 out of 100 flavors they review are PG flavors. My ears perk up when the hit on one I like, and it’s funny that they have such different opinions on them than mine. Sometimes one of them will try an RFSC and that rarely goes well!


Diy or die is very informative, I’ve learned something from every video of his I’ve watched.
And Developed.
I usually have them on in the background and perk up for the good parts, like watching baseball.
And Rip Trippers when I’m in the mood.
“Alright we’re gonna RIP this mother chucker!”


Yeah, I owe a lot to him, esp. when i was getting started. I learn better from watching than reading in many cases. His beginner videos were a staple.


Developed , Fresh03, DIY or die, noted …noted get a little meh bc I don’t usually agree and I feel they leave out a lot of the best flaves…i mean seriously if your gonna do a show on vanilla MF shld be in there right . Wayne’s shows i usually watch out of boredom I also dont usually agree with him , Folkart and max savage are cool , fresh03 is diwn to earth and always welcomes everyone with open arms, Tam Vapes has a show now mixing with the ohmies its new … I think that’s all … Oh daytime franks shows as well…


That’s kinda the thing, everything is so subjective to your tastes so you can’t see eye to eye… I stopped watching Fresh because he said BB Extra is an excellent flavour and I personally can’t taste it. So I’m like, “this guy is wack!”. I also found, not sure who it was, but 3 folks discussing flavours one night and man did they ever sound pretentious and snobby about shit! Haha


There is a fellow that follows me on the recipe side that knows all of the shows and stuff to watch. I’ll see if I can’t get him to comment but I am pretty sure he mentioned all the ones everybody has already mentioned. So why did I write that sentence then? :man_shrugging:t6:

As far as DiyorDie goes I just can’t watch it. The guy just bugs me and I don’t know why.

I just heard of these other shows within the last few day’s so I guess I’ll have to go looksie

Last but not least Thank you for subscribing to Dan the Man. :tada::sunglasses::innocent:


Is he the same guy as freshepies on ELR?


Yes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. .


He’s got a couple recipes that I like, can’t really think one of DIYorDIE that I would mix again.


Yeah, I made Bronuts and another one by him because his userbase is a little fanboyish and claimed they were insanely good recipes and I hated them, lol… So I never really got the hype.


I did some research and it’s IDOT, Cheeba and NL_Nikon


I feel like I should get out more because I have not heard of any of the people being discussed. Well, except for Wayne’s world.


Oh it was flavour reviews like, “This flavour is Rich and Robust and pairs nicely with a smoked gouda and has a effervescent quality that reminds me of summers on the orchard” and they all sounded similar.


I watch the usual five or six, just to see if I can learn something new, some of them a bit pretentious, some of them not bad… but lately too many shows and lives… not for me.

Agree with @Plunderdrum when you start, probably Wayne’s vids are a must, after that, you switch to something else because you acquired your own ideas about flavour and mixing and might not agree with him, next is probably Fresh03, more down to earth and I like his short videos.
I watch a couple of shows but i usually get bored listening for more then 12 minutes never mind an hour an a half… so next is Noted and Folkarts Developed, but there again, an hour to know that DX chocolate double TFA is not the best choice?? Thank you, I knew that…

The vixens are not bad, Flavor Pro neither, but again, an hour?? Does YT pay better for longer videos and live shows??
But probably it’s just me that can’t stay there for hours (Only if I’m smoking a Pork shoulder) so I prefer short vids, quick reviews, listen to them for five minutes, if I don’t like it, move on to something / somebody else.

@Joel BB extra? Ditto!:rofl:


ASMR Vape and flavor therapy of course.

Vaping into your ears? =0

OHMs? whats that :wink:


My cat like watching these hand move ment ones.


There is a girl on Twitch named Amouranth and she does ASMR on her stream… I was banned from her channel because I would constantly tag her while she was ttalking into the ears and would say, “Can you abruptly make fart noises?” Did that for about a week straight and she got tired of it


TBH I rarely watch any of the ‘celebrity’ mixers. The one-time exception being that benefit marathon held not too long ago in which a few of them were featured in all their split-screen, clique-ish inside joke glory.

For hardware reviews and only if I’m considering a purchase, I’ll usually go over to Mike Vapes, DJLsb Vapes or VapingwithTwisted420