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USA United Squonkers of America


I know you by restorerancientiron not BoyHowdy so that threw me. Big frigin fish and man i love fishing!


It helps me if i at least know there Ebay names??? So I know who they are and get treated like royalty!


I do to , unfortunately the past few months have negated my fishing to zilch. I am going to make up for it shortly though! You ever do any fishing for Reds in the gulf , I had to skip the fishing this past October but we go every year! Always ready to do some fishing , we stay around Venice, LA.

I told them you was a good to go !



Hey, welcome to ELR. I’m glad you’re here!


an option from us vendor


@Twisted_Straights I got my 20700s in the mail today. That was quick! Currently powering my Pulse BF rig. It’s nice to see that battery compartment full after using the little adapter on the 18650!

@BoyHowdy thanks again for the recommendation.


I’m a squonking enthousiast too, just noticed this thread…:+1:
DNA 40 squonker posted, have ten of these, and MANY many others…:nerd_face:


Way Cool @Inspects
Welcome to the Squonk Gang


Going to be trying out something new today for those that want to try to squonk but don’t build. The only sub ohm rda that I know of
Vandy Vape Maze


That is awesome @Inspects ! I do love the squonk cutout on the end , for myself that is the most convenient method. Curious as to the construction , would love to hear more details about them.


Let me know what you think of those cells after you had a chance to use them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


I’m very pleased!! They hit hard and the charge life is quite noticeably longer than the Sony VTC6 which I love. I’d estimate 20-30% longer.

@Twisted_Straights please pop on and let us know if/when you get good access to them again. I’m not very interested in paying more due to limited availability, but if that issue resolves itself I would certainly add to my inventory.


My limited quantity is 140 left! I usually have 2 or 3 hundred as I sell outside of Ebay as well.

Sorry For Any Miss Understanding

Twisted_Straights Martin


I may or may not get anymore as I am not sure due to price increases and lack of available sellers.


Any of you have expirience with 3D printing mods cases ?
Because it seems my buddy’s printer always messes up the casing.
Seems to be a setting with temp and time but cannot seem to get it right …


@Phill has experience with 3D printing but he has not been around lately. Maybe by tagging him he will answer.


how about this? , similar available https://www.ecigwarehouse.co.uk/product_images/p/356/ecigwarehouse.co.uk_Authentic_Cthulhu_Squonk_Genius_Adapter_7.1ml-1__03975_zoom.gif


Must resist!


I got this a month ago my first squonk box I absolutely love it


The new Pulse BF 80w is coming out soon