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Well I’m pissed #BoycottVoopoo


Yeah that was pretty crappy move by VooPoo. Was looking forward to the Gene chip in that mod. Will wait for reviews to come out on the mod with whatever chip Tony decides to go with.


Yeah I have one on preorder and this just sucks :rage:


Yeah… had my eyes on that. Spec wise it’s almost exactly the squonker I’ve been waiting for.


Wow! That really sucks for Tony seems like such a genuinely nice guy. Totally agree on the #BoycottVoopoo. They won’t get a dime of my money.


Did the silicone bottle conversion on the GBOX yesterday. It’s is vastly superior to the bottles that ship with the squonker. Super soft and squishy, the pressure needed to squeeze is reduced by 90% easy, and no more pressing into that stupid metal tube. Only drawback is having to do the 510 top fill, but if it becomes too irritating I will do the magnetic back mod too. Thanks to all for the resources here provided for doing that modification, makes the GBOX MUCH more easy to use.


I would encourage you to do the magnet conversion anyway. Reason is - and it may be my own stupidity of cutting the tube too short, I’m not sure - if the tube slips off the squonk tube at the 510, you’ll only find out about it when either refilling or squonking. Then you need to access it to do a clean up. That’s happened to me twice and I was very happy to have had the magnet modification on it.


I can actually see it happening probably soon. I did like the convenience of the original loading style compared to the relative awkwardness of the top fill. I definitely hope I did a decent trim job on the tube (wow, that could be an interesting sentence if we weren’t talking about squonk bottles) but it seems secure, so we’ll see.

Question though, and probably a stupid one. Is there a trick to using the 510 fill method, regarding releasing air pressure between the two bottles? I’ve been alternating which bottle faces up to move the air from the little mod bottle to the big fill bottle, but I’m thinking there is probably a better way.


What I do works great for me. And keep in mind this (for my tastes anyway) is best when either using the same flavor or refilling with something similar, and that the squonk bottle is empty. I’ll screw down the refill bottle, and with it pointing down…510 up…I’ll squeeze as much air from the squonk bottle as I can into the refill bottle. That creates pressure making that first round fairly easy and usually about half filled. Then turn the mod over, squeeze the remaining air in the squonk bottle into the refill bottle, then using dexterity and a spell from Hogwarts, flip the whole thing upside right again while maintaining the pressure on the squonk bottle, thus keeping the air in the refill one. This allows the juice in the refill bottle to then cover the bottle opening and allowing only juice to flow. I know I made this sound more difficult than it is but it’s not hard and has gotten much easier for me over the past few weeks.


Stumbled on to this and had to laugh. It seems like a few reviewers on YouTube are jumping in posting videos about this situation with VOOPOO #BoycottVoopoo


Using the flask but other 510 fill bottles would work just as well with this method. Works great for me just keep pressure on mod bottle from step 2 to 3


Wise words from a wise member… yes I could get on with the 510 fill, and deal with the atty removal and the up and down fill rotation and all that. I’m not the laziest bastard out there. But, the thing that decided it for me already, is that I only have two of the 510 bottles. And they’re expensive! It’s a pain for me to meter out enough of a flavor for a fill or two, then wash it out, try not to waste juice, and fill it with another flavor for a fill or two. I’m not lazy, but I am cheap. I don’t want to buy a dozen fill bottles just to have enough to keep from constant bottle filling with various flavors.

So I bought the magnets today. Ordered them anyway. I’ll cut the silicone sleeve in half and glue it to the mod to accommodate removing the battery cover. Otherwise I will just leave it off.

Oh, and I just figured out why is seems to be such a mess to fill, weepy. One of the 510 fill bottles has a tear in it where it meets the cap. Should have ordered the magnets when I ordered the little bottles. Dang.


I’ve read this over and over and I don’t understand. You’re talking about the Gbox right? I can’t picture what you’re referring to.


I got a silicone sleeve to put over the mod is all I meant. It’s one piece so I need to separate it to make the removing door thing happen. Up the thread a few posts is a picture, orange and black.



I’ve read this over and over and I don’t understand. You’re talking about the Gbox right? I can’t picture what you’re referring to.

Some pictures here might help…

(link Also posted in the topic by @worm1 in a reply on Jan 25, '18 )


Ah, thanks. Had me scratching my head. Yeah that may prove a little of a pain. Bring the photos when you’re done :wink:


?click the link, read the text, see the pretty pics


Taking off the cover was a pain for me. (Tiny tight screws :grin:)
That was on my GBox S100. It died just after a battery change exactly 5 months (with less than 300 ml’s of juice through it) from the day I got it. Somebody mentioned that I might have a bad connection so I thought I would check. (They looked okay)

I wish you all better luck with yours!


Thanks for the link. I actually did that conversion weeks ago along with the magnet modification for the squonk bay door posted by @JMak642 I didn’t understand Mr Fish was talking about a silicone protective sleeve in his previous post. We good now :slight_smile:


can I just throw this in here. this works nice, a bit top heavy, but with the 3 battery mod is no problem. I can have any build I want in the rda as power not limited by single battery.