User icon disappeared for anyone else?

I’m using Firefox on Android, and just closed out everything in it, rebooted, and cleared the local cache. Still did not return the user icon (aka the notifications area that’s usually in the upper right corner while logged in). Tried logging out and back in too. Still, no dice.

Is it just me? Or are others having a similar problem?

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I am using firefox as well but on a p.c. windows 10, it is a little odd tonight .Pages are a little slow loading and I have seen a couple of posts where the persons avatar is gone , it shows the name in in script but the image is missing.I have also noticed a gap between posts??? Strange


Also had a “500 internal server error” message while trying to like someone’s post.

And then (after yet another clear and reboot) a “502 Bad Gateway” error.

So it looks like there’s a few odd things going on.

Also, the previous post gets stuck in a loop, and I can’t edit it without getting the “500 internal server error”, Well, it let’s me edit it, but when I click to save the edited post, that’s when the 500 error comes.

I’m guessing I just caught things at a bad time somewhere… as now, that post is stuck in limbo, but my icon is back, and I can like other posts again. Odd.

@daath @JoJo Was there a recent interaction with the server code by chance (a module update of sorts?) that maybe I somehow got caught in the middle of…?
/scratches head


That happened on mine as well , odd!

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The server ran out of space. I managed to free up some space, but I’ll have to figure something out :stuck_out_tongue:


Anything we can do to help?


Nah, I will figure it out eventually :smiley: But thanks for offering :smiley:


This was happening on a regular basis for a while there. I believe it was caused by the entity they used for the avatars profiles. Had not seen this happen since the repair though…On a PC here too though…

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This type error will not be your end, pretty sure of that though I do not remember exactly what that error is. More than likely this will be a temporary error that will be taken care of. In case @daath has been working on something you should at least make him aware but I doubt it’s ELR since myself and @BoyHowdy are not having problems. It’s probably somewhere between you and ELR (middle man sorta speak)…

OK, see @daath is aware, but oh no, it was ELR. Refresh my memory, what’s a 500 and 502 error?


May I suggest to delete half the adaptations of Unicorn or Mothers Milk!!! :scream: That should free up a few gigs!:laughing:


I’ve been having all those same issues. Fine now. Was having the same thing happen one day last week too.

Yes, it would be nice if we could delete all the duplicates, but it’s a huge undertaking, and I can understand why we are locked off from doing it. I would be pissed if someway came through and deleted my recipes. However, I don’t make dups, I keep them private.


Bless you my child!:innocent: Now if we can show all these other heathens the error of their ways we will go far and prosper!


@Ringling yeah, I kinda knew that it wasn’t local :wink: That’s why I mentioned it here, but I also mentioned clearing the local cache to add to any troubleshooting info (either for my end, or his). :wink:

@MysticRose I liked @BoyHowdy’s post for the “funny value” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Having run a few servers over the years (from IRC to gaming servers, to websites) I also just thought it would be nice to offer the remote set of hands to bounce changes off of (read as: external point of verification), but at the same time, perhaps we should stick to a set image size/type or some such, as I’m sure that the pics that the site hosts itself eats a fair bit of room. So I left it rather open ended when asking if we could help! ;D

That said, thanks as always @daath for being on top of everything, and all you do for us!


Unfortunately the forum and ELR proper runs on separate servers :wink:

I’ve mentioned it before. At some point, after the re-engineering of the flavors, I will auto-mark duplicate recipes as private :wink:

About the space problem at hand, I’m considering several options - Hosting uploads/images on Amazon S3 storage, or simply mounting some new storage on the server itself - but that means I’ll have to modify the forum settings a bit…


Might I suggest a server fund donation drive. I know you never would ask but…
It is about my anniversary so I will lead us off with a small donation.
I still wanna delete me some unicorn though! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
@daath did we move the donate button?
Donate button is at the bottom of the page.


Unlimited hosting… :wink:

No problems here.

For people that have already donated, it’s hidden away at the bottom :slight_smile:


Hate to add to the list, but I’ve also been getting “random notifications” recently (for example, this one, where it just said you sent me a reply, but it was actually a reply to BoyHowdy).

No clue if it’s related or not, but thought it might be another “thread to pull on” in trying to diagnose things…

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Anyone else having problems getting the recipe site to load? And getting various error messages when you try to make changes to recipes once it does load?

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