Using flavors to make... cocktails?

I’ve got vodka… I’ve got milk… I’ve got TFA’s Kalua&Cream.

But I still don’t have a White Russian. :disappointed:

In two passes I very carefully dripped into about a cup of milk, what must have totaled about a ml, but it’s still not flavorful. I’ve only the small WL bottle and don’t want to burn off anymore if it can’t be done without using it all up.

I do however also have Amaretto and Irish Cream flavorings. :smile:

Anyone else tried this silliness ? Sorry… I meant using these flavorings at least remotely along the lines they were made for. :laughing:

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I’ve used Cap’s Pumpkin Pie Spice in my latte since it’s not good for anything else. LoL. And also TPA’s blueberry. I typically do 8-10 drops so 1-2 drops per oz. I know some have used it in milk and water, but I’ve not tried it in either or cocktails. Capella’s site says the same, about 1-2 drops per ounce in food/beverages. Not sure about others, but I’d think TPA and FW would be about the same while FA and Inawera would need less.

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