Using my tears in my diy mixs


I have no one to blame except myself and you guys!! I let myself get read into the world of mixing my own juice and here I sit, crying waiting for supplies. That’s right, I’m new, don’t have any real amounts of flavors, nic juice has not yet arrived, pg and vg are here, but what good is it without the nic and flavors!!! BWaaaHhHhhh (more tears to collect). At this rate if I wanted to use saline in my juices I’ll have plenty saved up! Maybe I can blame the vendors, yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket. Just cause I purchased at the end of one of the busiest weekends known to man, why didn’t they just put the order on the transporter pad and beam it too me? “Scottie are you ready to beam the juice to Mac”,“Aye Cap’t”,“Jim, I’m a doctor, not a juice Master”. BwAaaAhHHhhh. “Skipppper, look what I found floating in the lagoon, it’s a box addressed to someone named Mac”,“What’s inside Gilligan”,“a bunch of little bottles Skipper but I don’t know what they mean”,“Go get the Professor Gilligan, maybe he can figure it out”. NOOOOOOO, my order has taken a side trip!!!

Can you tell I’m excited, impatient, and I want to get started?? I can hardly wait to have to steep juices…we’ll see how long I can hold out, lol.



You better make a ton of shake n vapes then start the steeper batches or else you’ll be crying a lot more lol.

Just relax it’ll all come and in this time you need to make your lab. Clean your area well. Get your method of warm bath ( either a USB - ultrasonic cleaner i.e. Jewelry cleaner ) or a small crock pot

Get your method of shaking either a frother ( like a coffee frother ) But these don’t work on small bottles they won’t fit in the openings. So some ppl adjust the heads.

I use a rotary tool also from harbor freight there’s a brush attachment that goes w/ the small kit. I ordered a bunch of replacements off of eBay.

Also there is a magnetic mixer research this as this requires other materials like beakers and magnetic maybe something to think of down the road.

Bottles start buying those as well. I use a type of baby bottle drying rack to dry my bottles when I wash them

Oh and there is a Ton of reading to do here

And here

And here

And stay tuned for a Must Have Flavor list us Regulars are in the process building atm !

So you see no need to cry Nows the time to read up get use to the site and get educated !!!

Welcome to the forum :+1:


Hi Ya @Amy2,

For the warm bath, I figured a small crock. Easy to obtain (walk into our kitchen, 2nd cupboard from the right). Our USC only has that short 3 minute cycle. May get one of the no auto off and the long cycle in the not too distant future.

Frother sounds like a plan, may go find one over the next couple of days. I wanted to ask, you use a rotary tool, doesn’t that thing spin at such a high rpm as to completely make a mess? I can’t imagine using my dremel as a mixer…but maybe?!

As to a Mag Mixer…I could build one easily, but I won’t be making batches big enough (for awhile at least), to warrant using one device for only one batch at a time. Maybe if the Samoa’s cookie, snickerdoodle, or unicorn blood, is a great hit (yeah, I’ve got flavorings for those and a few others on the way, TY Bull City).

Bottles, hmm. I have some plastic, maybe 1/2 dozen in 10 and 30 ml sizes, and 8 x 30ml glass with dropper. Ya think that’s enough to start with?? I was wondering about picking up some of the bottles that look like picnic ketchup and mustard bottles to put the pg, vg and nic juice in to make pouring easier. I’m gonna use the weight measuring (gonna pickup a scale this weekend), have done the syringe method a few yrs ago. Is this a good idea or no?

Reading…I’ve done so much over the last week or so, as well as watching vids, that my wife sez if I’m not ready yet, I may not ever be ready, lol. I was making mech devices, stands, knives, wooden boxes and alot of other stuff with less prep work.

Can you suggest anything I might have missed as a beginner? I did mix a little from 1-2 yrs ago, but it was a single flavor, raspberry, and vaped that for way to long, lol.

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Sounds like your gearing up well !

You can’t go wrong with more bottles ! I suggest you look for smaller bottles in the 5-8 ml range so you can make test batches that way you don’t waste your supplies. I will use 8ml vials all day long and when I feel I really like a mix well enough I will then make a larger one. ( Just a thought any how ) especially while your getting used to flavor combinations.

As for the rotary tool Yeppers if you don’t have a nice grip on that bad boy it will make a Giant mess lesson learned hold it steady and have it over your desk if it does splash better yet i make sure to have room left over so I can do this right in the bottle and steep it afterwards. It is a dremel - like tool it is a knock off like 10$ It will spin it into whiteout in seconds thats a beautiful site to see all those bubbles no more shaking for me. Just blast it with my rotary tool and off it goes to steep :smiley:

Those ketchup picnic style bottles are cheap I also picked some up at harbor freight and online. I only put my Nic in LPDE bottles thou ! and I have a black velvet bag around it to keep light out. It stays in a drawer most of it’s life anyhow.

Nicotine who are you considering buying from ??? Please don’t say WL or ECX …no no no

go with MFS or NN or VT

Sounds like your well on your way. Get tape, label maker whatever you’ll use to label your batches. get a notebook or make a spreadsheet on your computer if you like that better to record your batches if they need tweaking that kinda thing.

For mixing I have been using a carving knife and strapping 1-2 bottles. Cheaper than a sawzall and should only cost $20. Works pretty good when you are mixing just for yourself.

If you’re into selling your tear-juice, I have en ex-wife that prolongs her life by the tears of others.



Thanks for the input. The picnic like bottles at Harbor Freight, it sez they are acrylic…would that cause any problems with the veg, pg, or nic?

I bought the nic from MFS. Of course 2 days after my purchase, they have a special on their nic, lol. Doesn’t matter, nic is on the way. PG, VG and the first of 3 flavor orders is here. I will keep my eyes open for sales and shipping free offers from this point on.

Label maker has new batts and two new label cartridges in place ready to do their part…ok, ok, my wife does some essential oil stuff, one of the reasons i’m a little more prepared than the stark new guy, but a lot of what is ready I did prepare…I swear, lol.

The one thing I haven’t setup or actually even decided how I’m gonna handle it is the notes part…that and if the juice is really good I have to practice lying to my son and daughter so they don’t know I have really good juice. If they find out…juice will disappear…I’m a soft touch…maybe a bit touched as well.


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LOL The one’s I got were safe IDK about the kind your speaking of ? I don’t think I’d get those. Just google LDPE safe large bottles and I’m sure you’ll find some on Amazon


I have a variety of tools that like to attempt to jerk your arm off, rip itself outta your hand and go for other various body parts…but I got to thinking about it some. I have this old detail sander…the ones with the little triangle pads…I’m wondering if I just pad it with some dense foam, maybe a thin rubber pad in case of a drop or two hitting it. I was thinking I could just hold the base of the bottle against the pad for a few seconds and it should be well mix. Who knows, worth a try


I feel ya bro. For me, After a couple of yrs, things settled down. Of course the meds she takes helped her some, lol.


Cool beans, thanks again

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I can’t believe nobody mentioned a scale…

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OOOHHHH so right !!! I didn’t ask what method he will begin on. He has some experience so ??

@big_mac another place to try bottles is

pick a bottle out and click on it there will be an area that says get a free sample choose that one and then they will give you an option for a lid for that container. Anyway @LordVapor sent me here and I was able to try out 10 of their product for just the price of shipping. You can choose larger bottles too they have very nice quality products.

Oh, a scale is foremost, it’s one of the items I have to pickup yet. The one we have only measures to .1 and my reading sez I need a .01 reading…correct?

I’ve been looking at ones at harbor freight, Amazon, eBay. I have to go out and pickup a few items tomorrow and will look some more. Would like to pick one up locally so as not to delay mixing because I’m waiting on a scale to be delivered.

Now besides needing ones that measure down to .01, my understanding is I need one with a long or no auto off, Tare reset of course, and I either have to keep an eye on battery condition, or I need one with a power source, like a plug. A USB power source would be nice and since I’ll be in our home office there’s plenty of USB sources of power. Have I missed anything @CallMeTut?

Thanks for the reminder as we hadn’t mentioned it.


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Not that I’m @CallMeTut …but I use Amazon and I have prime IDK if you have it but they ship uber quick it can be to you in 2 days or less. I use this one and it doesn’t have an auto shut off and has a nice light and is battery or plug in operated.

american Weight scale

Here’s some more info

I use
it is a battery scale, but I have yet to change mine out, seems to last a long time (it’s been working for months and months without needing new battys).


This is why I like talking to people, not only am I reminded about the scale (I’ve added it to the to do list for tomorrow) but then I’m reminded about Amazon. Yes, we have prime also, received about 10 boxes from them over the last couple of days and I’m looking for the last couple of items for a couple of the grandsons. I have to place an order tomorrow anways, so might as well drop the scale into it.

Thanks @CallMeTut, thanks Amy2


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Your welcome just wanted to give @CallMeTut room to chime in to you. I can’t hog all the info giving lol not that I am trying :smiley:

night ! Amazon is great isn’t it !

I go to wal-mart pharmacy at the counter ask for about ten of the Free syrynges.they are great for smaller bottles easy to rinse out too

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Same one I have. Been using it for 4 0r 5 months now and just changed the batteries out from the cheap ones that came with it.